The next logical step after technological advancement in the world is AI taking over during 2023. Thanks to ML, IoT, AR/VR, blockchain, and other digital technologies. The threat of AI replacing web developers is a hot debate worldwide and in the United States.

Remember that AI is an enabler for faster, more efficient, and more productive web development. It catalyzes to ensure that development speeds up. In no way does it detriment the human resources who are working in coding but allows them greater time management.

We cannot deny the power of AI taking over. ChatGPT and many other AI tools are good examples. Therefore, points like AI replacing web developers and the safety of creative fields from AI invasion are debatable topics.

Will AI replace web developers?
Will AI replace web developers?

Table of contents

  1. Is the nightmare of AI replacing web developers right?
  2. Valuable takeaways of AI, web programmers can never ignore
  3. Focus on the massive outlook of AI for web development
  4. 7 powerful advantages of AI-driven website builders
  5. Quickly automate code with epic Github Copilot
  6. How can AI transform the best web technologies?
  7. Is the future of programmers sure fire with AI invasion?
  8. Time for developers to exploit AI than fear the change
  9. Conclusion
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Is the nightmare of AI replacing web developers right?

2023 is here and we are just constantly talking about the most trending topic, will AI replace web developers? Who could think that something like that could bring a profound difference in the way we envision our daily tasks? However, the latest AI tools like ChatGPT have brought forth the fear of the replacement of humans.

This famous AI-driven web application is even coding for free. Eventually, there may come a time when even web and app development will be completely carried out by AI. Then, what will happen to developers?

Yikes! Here we’re figuring out if the threat of AI replacing web developers and menial jobs for typical chores is real. For example, stacking or piling up items in a humungous warehouse, self-driving cars, cashiers, or factory workers.

It is something more meaningful, and perhaps powerful too. Because AI is not just doing ordinary jobs but rather getting to a more sophisticated thought process. A world economic forum research forecasts AI to cut 85 million jobs worldwide by 2025.

That’s a shocking revelation for sure. But the replacement also means it is going to create 97 million new jobs. Hence, we are in the midst of an AI revolution – fearing and looking forward to in anticipation.

Is the nightmare of AI replacing web developers right?
Is the nightmare of AI replacing web developers right?

Valuable takeaways of AI, web programmers can never ignore

  • AI technology is the rave around the world especially after ChatGPT was launched to a great reception by users.
  • To a certain level, AI and robots can displace human beings in some career fields.
  • For menial and repetitive tasks, AI is a huge time saver for companies.
  • AI allows automation in some web development tools.
  • Website development is greatly aided by AI tools that enable efficiency and productivity.
  • But replacing web developers is not possible yet, as human intervention and supervision are constantly required.
  • AI is still unable to work on complex problems and code without any errors.
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts the job prospect of web developers/designers to grow 23% from 2021 to 2031.
  • So, web development is one of the safest professions to opt for.
  • Nevertheless, any website developer should keep enhancing their soft and technical skills to stay prevalent in the industry.

Focus on the massive outlook of AI for web development

Come to think of it, web development is not just about endlessly coding; there is more to it. First of all, web developers are artists in their true right. They transform designs into realistic web applications.

Fundamentally, they breathe life into the visual designs by finding the right tools to code. Web development is a great touchpoint between programming and artistic capabilities. As it is a literal midway between the two.

That’s why a lot of developers opt for a career in web programming. Because it helps find the balance between development and design. Also, it’s a lot easier in programming than working in backend technologies.

7 powerful advantages of AI-driven website builders

A website builder is an easy way to create your website without ever having to code. Is not this what AI is also attempting to do too? So, then what’s the fear all about?

In that context, the industry is already flooded with some amazing website builders. For instance, WordPress, Weebly, Webflow, Wix, Shopify, etc. These website builder tools are already developing awesome-looking user interfaces.

Website builders are an ideal option if you are in search of the following.

  1. The quick development of websites
  2. Easy start without having to code yourself
  3. Don’t have to look for web developers to do the job for you
  4. Content management
  5. Simple setup
  6. Free and premium options
  7. Limited templates but enough to start the tasks
7 powerful benefits of AI-driven website builders
7 powerful benefits of AI-driven website builders

If website builders are so awesome then everyone should be using them instead of hiring web developers for the job. Wait a minute, that is not right. Because website builders provide you with the cushion to get started.

Nonetheless, when you want to customize and add components, then you need the expert touch. Moreover, these website builders have a lot of plug-ins that affect the performance of your website. Just like we mentioned the free opportunity is there but the paid option has the good stuff you need.

You are down to the predicament of going for the paid option. But still, you face the risk of using a paid template that may already be used by someone else. Why not just go for custom website development?

Quickly automate code with epic Github Copilot

Web developers can work more productively as AI allows them to perform tasks faster. Likewise, they can use the freed-up time for other activities such as planning, designing, brainstorming on solutions, etc. Let’s take the example of some powerful instances where AI fosters more productivity in web and app development.

GitHub Copilot is an AI tool built by GitHub and OpenAI. This cloud tool enables programmers of JavaScript/TypeScript, Go, Python, Ruby, and Java languages in autocompleting code. The feature works like a charm in IDEs like Visual Studio, VS Code, JetBrains, and Neovim.

This tool is great for some, while not so awesome for others. Well, the reason is simple: it’s AI-driven so the accuracy may vary. Its primary intent is to have ease of use which it caters to.

Furthermore, the tool can tackle all the simple algorithms that help you get more effective. But as the complexity increases: it gets to face a certain level of challenges and limitations. That’s where the developers can get code that can possess errors.

Programmers can encounter suggestions that may turn out inaccurate or even wrong at times. The core point is that it’s great for reviewing your code and it acts like your literal copilot. So, it helps you get a second perspective that can prove a great time saver of course.

Quickly automate code with epic Github Copilot
Quickly automate code with epic Github Copilot

How can AI transform the best web technologies?

While we talk about AI replacing web developers, it’s important to know the skill set that web developers usually have. As they need to master these to become proper website developers. Here are your go-to web technologies.

You also must have a thorough command over UI/UX disciplines. Properly communicate your thoughts to other team members or even clients during design & discovery workshops. Understanding of graphic designing and hands-on prototyping capabilities are ideal.

Let’s take a look at the set of web technologies and their capacity for automation.


One such language that has always held its own ever since the concept of websites came into being is HTML. All web applications always need HTML for their programming. Now, the importance of HTML is increasing because of the growing demand for web-driven solutions.

Website builders are automating the usage of HTML in a clear way for getting things done. As automation exists – it leaves an open room for any AI tool. Frontend developers may have to customize modern web-centric products with HTML5 for modern business requirements.

How can AI transform the best web technologies?
How can AI transform the best web technologies?


When we talk about HTML, the conversation automatically moves over to CSS. As it helps in providing a more established way of designing through HTML. You can automate a simple web design through CSS while using a no-code/low-code website builder.

In case, you consider the complexity or a very professional design for a website. Then, automation in the current state of web design is not a possibility for CSS. Although automation will happen in the upcoming future.

Website developers always have to intervene and make essential changes. Just yet, AI is not very precise so human intervention is a must to oversee the changes. This way the necessary updates enable the website to keep the look and feel as per the business needs.


AI is also automating the generation of basic JavaScript code. Some use cases include title, metadata, and FAQs generation for websites. Besides, you can even get code for featured snippets and other rich results through JSON-LD by using AI tools.

What’s more ChatGPT and some AI website builders let you code entire web applications. But completely relying on AI tools can turn out a mistake. You would need to oversee the generated code to ensure it certainly works.

While generating new code through AI, the overall gelling of it with your existing code becomes a challenge. You can only overcome this test if you have front-end developers. They can make sure that the code is fine, and works well together.

Is the future of programmers sure fire with AI invasion?

The simplest answer is yes, as web development will not get obsolete in the future. In reality, it is one of the safest professions as long as web developers keep their skills relevant. Just continue earning new programming languages, understanding web development techniques, and the latest trends in the tech industry.

Internationally and in the USA, the field of AI and robotics is immensely progressing. Where the outlook of robots and IoT has become a lot more than performing menial tasks. AI-built graphic imaging and designing tools create realistic images as per the description given by the users.

This implies that AI has thinking capabilities. So, neural networks and deep learning systems can delve deeper to understand the narration. Thanks to large language models, they can perform tasks according to the users’ needs.

Above and beyond, the AI invasion has its costs and dependencies. At day-end, there are many concerns that only human web developers can take care of. Examples are error handling, customization, updating systems in real-time, etc.

Time for developers to exploit AI than fear the change

AI is becoming an ultimate prelude and game changer. But is it everything we fear as the eventual human intervention will be further minimized? The answer is no.

People are the driving force behind AI-driven products and tools. Especially, these smart applications need the constant supervision of web developers. AI can’t completely take over without the price that business owners have to pay to get independent of human resources. The risk to bear in case something goes wrong is also a factor that they have to account for.

As a web developer, you have to focus and embrace the change. Instead of worrying, It’s time to learn new skills, acquire talent, and keep yourself up-to-date. The latest technologies like AI will help you remain dominant in the market.


This is not just AI that’s changing our world’s technological landscape. It’s complete revamp built on the new set of principles. The time for adaptation has come for businesses and people to transform and upgrade for the better.

Web developers need to learn communication, project management, analytical and problem-solving skills. Accordingly, they can prove handy for introducing new AI-driven tools to their companies. People skills enable great website programmers to have a fine balance between soft and technical skills.

There is no need to worry anyways. It’s time to pull up your sleeves and work towards better solution-building. Collaboration with expert resources and the right AI tools is key.

Do you want an intelligent solution that can make your business top-of-the-line in the market? We at Techliance understand the importance of embracing technologies like AI. Talk to us today to get the best solution that’s a fine balance between technology and humans.


Is AI a threat to web developers?

AI is more of a complementary factor for web development. As it allows easier, more efficient, and more productive overview for developers. At the current stage, AI is not a threat to web developers, but rather an aid for higher productivity.

Will web development be still a good career in 2030?

The growth rate projection for web development for 2030 is 13% by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The good news for the career prospects of web developers is the latest forecast for 2031 of 23% by BLS. Also, website development is one of the safest careers to opt for as it offers growth, flexibility, and job security.

Is it the end for web developers?

Of course not, as web development is a profession that AI and any other technology are less likely to overtake. Globally, its market demand is steadily increasing, with a constant emphasis on businesses becoming online. So, the need for web developers will continue growing in the years to come.

Which professions will be replaced by AI?

Some professions that are in danger, as AI technology takes over the world are the following.
– Customer service
– Receptionists
– Bookkeeping
– Data entry
– Retail services

Can AI write its own code?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes, as AI can write very simple basic code as per the given scenario. For example, it can write an algorithm for counting vowels in a string of text. However, as complexity increases; AI cannot pass the trickier levels and is not a reliant coder of problems.

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