Today, thousands of businesses globally outsource their IT projects. So, you are very likely to come across brands that need your long-term technology services during 2023. Therefore, writing an IT services sales proposal to clarify the deal as best as possible is good practice.

Based on a GSA-UK report from 2020, 70% of businesses plan to increase their outsourcing. 23% of them are doing this to improve their in-house customer experience. While 95% of leaders believe digital transformation will play a significant role in 2021 and future years.

The United States is experiencing the same trend just like the developed world. Many brands are outsourcing IT services to expert dedicated developers to meet client demands. Because the costs of maintaining in-house teams are increasing day by day.

Writing an IT Services Sales Proposal - Vital Steps to follow
Writing an IT Services Sales Proposal – Vital Steps to follow

What to include while writing an IT Services sales pitch?

A sales proposal is often referred to as a business or a project proposal. Its role is to convince a potential customer or client that your business is the right fit for their needs. In this case, writing an IT services sales proposal helps influence potential clients that your services are exactly what they need. There are several points a successful sales proposal should cover.

  • How well do you understand what your client needs?
  • Why is your business the best choice for them?
  • What are the values of working with your business?
  • Why should they accept your sales proposal offer right now?

Covering these points will bring you a step closer to closing a contract with a lucrative client who will use your IT services long-term. Failing to address any of these points may cause the reader of your sales proposal to back out. So, they will look for IT services someplace else.

What to include while writing an IT Services sales pitch
What to include while writing an IT Services sales pitch

Effective ways of writing an IT Services sales proposal

These are the essential steps in writing an IT services sales proposal for a potential client in 2023.

Let’s look into the process of writing an IT services sales proposal for prospective businesses.

Keep your sales proposal to the point

The clients you are pitching your IT services may not be familiar with everyday IT terminology and abbreviations. So, you should use a common language to explain your IT services. Thus, you will be able to communicate your services and ideas to as many clients as possible.

Use short sentences and paragraphs, as well as bullet points and numbered lists. Rely on storytelling to iterate your unique selling points (USPs). Using unique visuals and keywords which people are familiar with is also a good way to get your points across.

If you’re thinking, “I want someone to write my paper“. Or you want to have your sales proposal documents and papers proofread and formatted by a professional. Then, consider outsourcing these tasks to an expert.

This is a good practice if you are writing IT service sales proposals for various clients. You can expand on and differentiate these documents a bit. Moreover, explain the terms your potential clients aren’t familiar with during the pitch meeting to ensure everything is clear.

Outline the benefits your clients get

Clients love to work with companies that can offer them something unique. In that sense, you can think about what your IT company’s unique selling points or USPs are. Nowadays, businesses and startups choose outsourcing partners who offer the most advantages.

  • Do you offer on-site visitation of one of your IT agents once a month?
  • Is website auditing or a database maintenance service something you offer as an extra?
  • Do you provide free or subsidized technical support?

You can think about what your mission statements and business culture are like and play those points in your favor. In case, you pitch your IT services to companies that identify with your company culture. Then, finding common ground in terms of business collaboration will be much easier.

Effective ways of writing an IT Services sales proposal
Effective ways of writing an IT Services sales proposal

Give clients multiple service options to choose from

When you sit down to pitch your IT services to a company, they’ll want to see some options. Coming to the table with only one type of service you can do for them is considered lacking. Instead, you should develop 3-5 packages and write different services into each plan.

The more services you can offer, the higher the price point will be. This will ensure that you can cater to everyone, small businesses, startup-companies as well as large corporations. So, companies of all sizes can find something interesting in your IT services portfolio.

Remember that there is nothing like a one size fits all formula in the technology sector. Giving your prospects different packages will also keep them from looking at other IT companies. Since you’ll present them with all the services they’d ever need.

Highlight your case studies or social proof

If companies see that you’ve worked with other brands previously, they are more likely to ask for your IT services. Social proof is an important part of pitching your IT services to corporate entities through 2023. In turn, they will trust you with their IT infrastructure, thus outsourcing IT tasks to you.

Also, reach out to satisfied clients and ask for references or testimonials. You can officially use these during writing an IT service sales proposal in the future. If you have video testimonials of clients on YouTube, then include the links in the document to show your endorsements.

Include several short case studies or examples of brands you’ve worked with and what you’ve done for them. Make good use of numbers and metrics which are easy to understand and work well in your favor. You can elaborate on specific examples during a sales meeting to get extra points. Hence, you come closer to sealing a contract with a client.

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Make it easy for clients to contact you

Once you’ve pitched your IT services to a client, they may want to take some time and consider their options. You mustn’t lose touch with them in the meantime. Forward them your IT services sales proposal via email. You may hand it to them on a USB or CD/DVD, and print it just to be safe.

Include up-to-date contact information for your representatives which they can get in touch with during your working hours. You can go further and ask for a follow-up date for a future meeting. Thus, you can officially reconvene and hear their decision on whether to hire you.

Alternatively, emailing your IT services proposal to your prospects is also a practical approach. This will ensure that clients know how much you charge for each package of technology services. Henceforward, they can analyze the available options and make a decision.

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Avail exclusive Technology services


Efficiently, writing an IT services sales proposal is all about anticipating what prospective clients need in terms of IT assistance. This is why creating several package deals at various price points is a good idea within 2023. Also, you can create several IT service proposal templates.

Furthermore, change the essential elements in your IT service proposals to effectively pitch your services to different companies. Remember to follow up on the IT service pitches you have made. Henceforth, you’ll have a better chance of signing contracts with clients in need of IT outsourcing.

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