Sun Microsystems’ Java and Microsoft’s .NET framework have been two of the most popular programming language platforms from the last two decades. Attrition for dominance between Java development and the Dot Net Development had started from the days of Desktop based solutions. It escalated with the emergence of mobile apps. Cloud computing has only intensified it further.

Java has held the edge in this dominance over the years struggle due to its platform-independent nature and open source applications. Microsoft has made significant improvements in the .NET platform to increase its appeal. This has led to programmers again consider .NET framework viable for programming tasks.

If you are particularly interested in custom Dot Net Web Development Services, then this article will provide you valuable insight into the technology platform, its various programming languages, its latest trends and its usage in the IT market.

Dot Net Development: Resurfacing of Web-based and Mobile App Solutions in .NET
Dot Net Development: Resurfacing of Web-based and Mobile App Solutions in .NET

A brief history of .NET Development

When we talk about technology platforms for web and mobile app development, Java and .Net platforms automatically come as contenders for being the most used technology platforms used by developers in the community. Although Java has always been the top contender, with recent strategies employed by Microsoft, the .Net platform is also gradually re-surfacing in the market.

Often described as the best Microsoft built development framework, .Net has remained in the market for over 2 decades. The reason behind its unfaltering popularity is backed by the patronage of a huge Developer community which makes .Net enjoy a 15% market share.

Leaving behind its proprietary technology history, Microsoft is now repositioning the platform to be written and run from anywhere. It also is going through a state of re-invention so that .NET Web Development has started to gain momentum in the market.

Overtime the .Net platform has spread out its wings to launch several programming languages in the market including:

  • VC++
  • VB.NET
  • C#
  • J#
  • JScript.NET
  • Many other third-party Programming Languages

Mobile Application Development with .Net

A few years ago, the .Net platform was completely sidelined for the development of custom mobile and web-based solutions. As the IT industry started paying more heed to the end-consumer market, the need for products to be more responsive with higher consumer reach became the focal point for product development. As a result, the concept of desktop and standalone products became obsolete. The legacy .NET Web Development Solutions could not accommodate these trends which is why the interest of the Developer community shifted away from the .Net Platform.

However, now Dot Net development solutions have started to keep up with the market demands by providing web-based and even mobile app development solutions. It has taken a while for .Net platform to emerge once again in the market as the Developers are also re-learning the .Net platform to develop products and mobile apps that are built under it.

The database that allows the creation of mobile apps through .Net is called the Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL) which provides the name, type, dimensions of the screen, version of the browser and type of browser. This database can be easily integrated into any other .Net project.

It has been concluded that the custom .Net Mobile App Development Services are sturdier and more robust than their counterparts. Also, the products have a higher user experience. This is an added advantage for businesses to invest in the development of .Net-based solutions.

Big Data and IoT through Dot Net Development

The concepts of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are huge. The IT industry has been greatly influenced by these areas where the demand for large amounts of data and analytics is a vital aspect for all types of businesses. Not only does the Big Data concept help in analyzing the data but it also allows in making well-informed business decisions and overall direction for the company in the long-term. As part of Custom .NET Software Development Services, many companies are providing big data and IoT solutions based on the ASP.Net platform.

Dot Net Platform is considered very reliable in creating robust applications that provide a seamless user experience. When a huge amount of data is required to be input, analyzed and presented in an interpretable form, .Net comes out an emergent force by providing the ideal platform for developing high-performance, flexible IoT and big data solutions to companies.

With the rapid evolution of the tech industry, the concept of interoperability is the next in-thing. As a result, .Net web development allows creating apps that can be easily integrated with IoT devices.

Big Data and IoT solutions through Dot Net Development
Big Data and IoT solutions through Dot Net Development

Wide-array of Products and Solutions

Bespoke .NET Development Solutions are accommodating the widespread of areas including inventory applications, booking systems, dynamic websites, mobile apps, supply chain management solutions, custom CRM systems, and XML web services.

Dot Net framework is being adopted by every sector and industry around the world because it provides the highest assurance of security in the developed solutions. To further this argument, the information security framework of .Net has been adopted even by many Government organizations and private enterprises. In case of suspicious activities like infinite loops and memory leaks, it destroys all such activities and can restart itself.

Happy .Net Developers Community

A technology platform is only revered if the Developer community feels strongly about it. This is the result of the various features provided by the .Net platform. It also allows rapid and efficient growth of business applications through reduced coding time. Consider working on a large application with stringent delivery timelines.

In such situations, Microsoft Dot Net Development remains a favorite as it allows an easy web development model with a faster turnaround time for coding. It provides continuous monitoring of applications, pages, and components. With configuration built into the system, you do not have to register components. This is the reason custom .Net development solutions are not just easier to deploy but also allow common tasks as form submission, client authentication, and site configuration without any hassle.

Promising Future for Dot Net Development

Thanks to Custom .NET Software Development Services in the market, the future for the .Net family looks very promising. Recently, Microsoft has announced its efforts for enhancing ASP.Net by making it modular and more effective. This will encourage more developers and businesses to use the .Net platform for their products.

With features including the WYSIWYG editing, drag and drop server controls and automatic deployment, Microsoft.Net Development platform is a force to be reckoned with.

Promising Future for Dot Net Development
Promising Future for Dot Net Development


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