Worldwide and in the USA, cryptocurrency is a trending concept. Everyone understands the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the way crypto mining works. So, many people are taking interest in earning money with Bitcoin in 2024.

Others who are new to investing in crypto, are aiming to know how to efficiently spend their money. People are embracing crypto mining as a way of making money online. Additionally, some people are taking crypto trading as a side hustle.

In case, you have a data center, then you can invite others to join pool mining for cryptocurrency. You can start an online business if you have enough computational infrastructure for Bitcoin mining. Firstly, you must understand how crypto works.

Earning money with Bitcoin through mining or trading
Earning money with Bitcoin through mining or trading

What is a cryptocurrency?

An alternative mode of payment, cryptocurrency is digital money, which you can use for online transactions. Also known as crypto, this virtual medium of exchange works in the form of digital coins or tokens. Four main types of cryptocurrencies are payments, utility, security, and tokens.

Major cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Ripple, Binance Coin, etc. The blockchain is a digital ledger that contains records of ownership of a cryptocurrency, coin information, and transaction details. This decentralized and encrypted system of blockchain works as the backbone of a cryptocurrency.

What is a cryptocurrency?
What is a cryptocurrency?

What is crypto mining?

In a nutshell, crypto mining ensures that you can add new blocks of records for cryptocurrency to the blockchain. Moreover, crypto miners must solve mathematical problems to verify each new block on the chain. Crypto transactions are encrypted to secure the data within the blocks.

These blocks of records are immutable and ultimately unchangeable after creation. Nobody can modify the blocks or the data kept within the blocks after its addition to the chain. The process of crypto mining is necessary for creating and distributing cryptocurrency that allows people to invest and trade it.

The majority of crypto transactions (like Bitcoin transactions) depend on a network of computers. On the other hand, crypto miners are humans that own sophisticated technologies necessary for verifying cryptocurrency transactions. When crypto miners validate blocks of transactions, they earn coins as a reward.

So, many people are trying to become crypto miners as long as they have the right equipment. Emerging trends like stablecoins and security tokens like NFTs are revolutionizing crypto. Likewise, innovations like Web3 and the metaverse are opening new horizons for cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Some challenging aspects of Bitcoin mining to consider

By now you understand how crypto mining works. You may think if it’s something worth considering to make cryptocurrency on the side, while you work your day job. However, there’s a lot of concern surrounding crypto and not just for investors.

Bitcoin mining is relatively safe and reliable in many countries around the world. Because cryptocurrency trading is completely legal in these jurisprudences. Though, the upregulation of cryptocurrencies brings some dangers as well.

Due to its legal nature, anyone can do bitcoin mining. But you might feel curious if it is a viable source of earning money with Bitcoin. Here are a few testing aspects of Bitcoin mining to keep an eye on during 2024.

  • Power consumption
  • Crypto-jacking
  • Financial volatility
  • Chances of profit
  • Self or pool mining
Some challenging aspects of Bitcoin mining to consider
Some challenging aspects of Bitcoin mining to consider

Let’s discuss these challenging aspects of Bitcoin mining briefly.

Power consumption

Cryptocurrency is not as sustainable as many people think. Just because you don’t print cryptocurrencies on paper, doesn’t mean that they are not harmful to the environment. Crypto mining requires excessive power consumption to work.

The network of computational devices for Bitcoin mining must remain on and running at all times. Many crypto miners run their systems all day, using tons of electricity. As more people start crypto mining, the overall energy consumption globally and in the United States will increase.

Unfortunately, some countries are banning crypto mining because of the requirement of high resources. As different countries begin to enact initiatives to help minimize global warming. So, many companies and Bitcoin miners have to re-evaluate their use of energy and the amount.


Cryptocurrencies are not safe from hackers. While the blockchain is secure, your crypto wallet is not. Thus, crypto-jacking is becoming more common every day.

Hackers can earn money using the computing equipment of other people in a process known as crypto-jacking. They hijack the personal computers of others to mine cryptocurrency. Cryptojacking occurs when hackers install software on mining computers and use them in the background to mine cryptocurrency.

The process doesn’t use the totality of the overtaken computer’s resources. Because running in the background means they’re less likely to be caught. Therefore, ensure you utilize a reputable app exchange platform and thoroughly vet the apps you trade on.

Financial volatility

Cryptocurrency is volatile, which is why many investors avoid it at all costs. Nevertheless, there are many cases of people getting rich from crypto mining and investment in cryptocurrencies. So, many people believe they can quickly prosper by investing in crypto.

Regrettably, too many people don’t consider how volatile the crypto market can become before investment. So, they lose thousands of dollars fast, instead of earning money with Bitcoin for a profit. While crypto miners are not always also cryptocurrency investors, they can lose money on crypto.

People spend hefty amounts on electricity bills to mine cryptocurrency, without knowing whether they’ll earn enough to make a profit. Eventually, there’s no guarantee of returns on investments. So, investing money in necessary technology and electricity can prove the wrong choice if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Chances of profit

Many people mine crypto because they earn cryptocurrency for a task well done. Because mining is computational, miners can help add new Bitcoins to circulation. They can verify transactions while mining to ensure blockchain integrity as well.

As a crypto miner, your computer produces a string of characters known as a hash. You are paid with cryptocurrency if your computer solves complex computational problems before anyone else’s. Crypto miners earn 6.25 Bitcoins every time their computer solves a problem first.

The issue with this is that the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fluctuate dramatically throughout the day. So, you have to learn when is the right time to sell your Bitcoin for gaining a profit. Just in case, you’re a savvy investor, then you could earn good money as a crypto miner.

Especially, if you don’t worry about the volatility of cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, becoming a crypto miner is not worthwhile for those who have a low-risk tolerance. Particularly, if they aren’t willing to spend hundreds of dollars on electricity tariffs each month.

Furthermore, your computer must be the first one to solve a hash. But the odds are extremely low, in particular as more people start mining. While it’s possible for any machine to successfully mine Bitcoin, many miners walk away with nothing.

In contrast, successful crypto miners invest loads of dollars in high-power machines. The ones which are capable of finding new blocks in the chain, producing trillions of hashes in a single second. Inopportunely, the average person can’t afford this technology.

Self crypto mining or pool mining

After hearing all this, you might think Bitcoin mining is not safe or a reliable way to earn a living. Yet, some people still have an interest in taking on the risk. Investing in computational equipment as well as bringing on a new team to manage is beneficial.

Finally, it’s up to you to decide if Bitcoin mining is right for you. Mining difficulty continues to increase every year. Once, crypto mining was a viable option for anyone with any CPU or GPU.

Nowadays, it can end up costing you money due to a high electricity bill. You can improve your odds of success by joining a mining pool. Subsequently, you share a piece of the reward when one of the computers in the pool mines a block.

Set up a Technology-driven Business for generating Revenue
Set up a Technology-driven Business for generating Revenue


For earning money with Bitcoin, you have to make a solid plan. Bitcoin mining costs you money, and these costs continue to increase. Investment in trading Bitcoins instead of mining Bitcoins can turn out more profitable.