If you are looking for a fast, affordable and secure solution for your first venture into e-commerce, look no further than PHP! It’s a popular web development framework that powers all kinds of websites around the world, including businesses, governments and social media systems. It’s also the foundation of many other popular web page and application development platforms, like Magento and WordPress.

“Multifeatured-ness” is one of the key characteristics that sets PHP and the platforms built on it apart from other similar systems. These platforms are robust enough to handle heavy requirements from large organizations like Nike and Paul Smith, yet flexible enough to accommodate the special requirements of smaller businesses (28.7% of the world’s top 1 million websites is built on Magento according to Alexa, an Amazon subsidiary that surveys web traffic data. For more about our Magento development services click here.

What is PHP?

PHP is what IT professionals call a server-side scripting language—a computer language that is used to build dynamic web pages and applications. Without it, most websites would look dull. If you remember from around 15 years ago, many websites didn’t have a lot of interactive graphics and features. They were full of relevant content and information, but they were presented too plainly. If owners wanted to insert interactive and engaging features, they risked increasing the loading time.

PHP has been used to make web applications like Magento; CMS’s like WordPress and Joomla; and other web application frameworks, like Zend Framework, CodeIgniter and CakePHP. Most of them have e-commerce capabilities including blog platforms WordPress and Joomla. Magento, however, tops everyone in terms of number of features.

Why PHP?

Still not convinced about PHP? Let’s go through the benefits one-by-one.

1)      Robust. PHP and its spun-off platforms are high-performing and very reliable. Each has a large library of readily-available extensions and themes that can be modified to fit any kind of user requirements. If the plug-ins you’re looking for aren’t available, they can be easily custom-made for you. (Looking for custom PHP solutions? Outsource PHP application development

2)      Fast. The pre-made codes for extensions, themes and coding body segments shorten development time by half. Thanks to PHP’s ability to isolate problems areas without affecting other parts, modifying and debugging the code are relatively faster too.

3)      Wide database support. There is a wide array of support from highly stable database systems (although it may vary from platform to platform), like MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid and PostgreSQL.

4)      Budget-friendly. Pre-made tools and extensions help to economize on development and maintenance costs.

5)      Wide community support. PHP, Magento, CakePHP and WordPress have some of the largest support communities in the web development world. Most of their expert members are always on hand to lend assistance to budding programmers and even provide self-made tools and extensions for free or very affordable rates.

PHP and its product platforms can bring wonders to your online store/e-commerce business. Pop us a message if you have questions about our development services.