Recent software development has made its way through each industry including the likes of Banking, eCommerce and even travel industry has been positively impacted by it. The rising trends in the app development for smart phones have made travel apps a popular way for customers to plan their vacation. Travel apps are seen to be improving every day to solve all queries or worries a traveler may have before planning a vacation.

Let’s look at the top 10 things you can do with a travel app before you go on a trip.

  • Find the Perfect Destination
  • Stay within Budget
  • Avail Best Deals on Flight & Hotel Bookings
  • Get best Food and Local Deals by Checking Reviews
  • Let the Travel App be Your Guide
  • Keep Track of Your Spending
  • Be on Time, Track your Flight
  • Find best Sightseeing Places
  • Familiarize Yourself with the Language
  • Stay Connected with your Loved Ones
Things to do with Travel App before going on Tour
Things to do with Travel App before going on Tour

We now go on to discuss these important tasks that a Custom Travel Software can help the tourists with.

Find the Perfect Destination

A lot of customers look up for ideas on where to go for their next trip. Travel apps can help in giving the ideas about famous vacation and tourist spots. The custom software development for the travel industry has brought forth a variety of features in travel apps that help you scale down your trip in accordance to the time of year, budget, visa requirements, a specific region, duration of the trip and any other specifications that you can provide in the app selection criteria. On the basis of these selections, the app fetches a list of probable travel destinations for you, customized according to your own needs.

Stay within Budget

Most people want to economize their travel plans. Another feature of travel apps is to allow users to plan their trips with minimum spending. Custom travel software development has made a mark in helping users to compare hundreds of travel sites so you can find the best rates and deals for your trip through your travel app. A user can specify their budget, which allows the travel app to present the options pertaining to flight and hotel bookings. This is a good starting point for any customer as it allows them to figure out their trip logistics within their budget constraints.

Avail Best Deals on Flight & Hotel Bookings

Whether for your flight or hotel, advanced bookings have become crucial for a reliable trip especially if you are planning a trip during the holiday season. Custom travel technology solutions offer a simple yet effective way to book your tickets. These also provide room reservation service for your desired destination through your travel app.

Travel apps allow you to be your own travel agent as they eliminate the hassle of visiting numerous travel agents, manually checking flights of different companies separately and desperately asking around to make the best decision quality and budget wise.

Get best Food and Local Deals by Checking Reviews

A personalized travel experience is the need of the day. By enjoying good local joints and restaurants at affordable rates, customers can truly appreciate the little joys in their trip. Some travel apps come up with reviews of local eateries. You can select the destination to read reviews about various places within the location. These are actual reviews of other travelers that help you get the most hands-on and honest opinion about the local joints of the location.

Order best Food and Local Delicacies by Reading Reviews
Order best Food and Local Delicacies by Reading Reviews

Let the Travel App be Your Guide

If you have not visited your destination before, or visited it in a different season, you will need help deciding what to take with you. Travel apps help in organizing your luggage and provide a checklist for you so you don’t miss out on anything essential. All you need to provide is the duration of your stay, your destination and predicted weather. You can also add any additional information, for example whether or not you’ll have laundry available.  Based on these indications, the travel app will let you know a list of required clothing and items you’ll need during your stay.

Keep Track of Your Spending

Most of the time, we set our budgets for a trip in our local currency. However, when the money is converted to the destination country’s currency, you can go completely out of budget. Another feature of custom software development for the travel industry is to show updated currency rates of countries all over the world for travelers to view and even save offline. You’ll never have to worry whether anything is reasonable enough for you in another country. This will help you to not only plan ahead but also plan intelligently.

Be on Time, Track your Flight

Instead of being frustrated about flight delays and having to wait long hours at the airport, you could track your flight through your travel app to know whether it’s on time or not. Travel apps display a live map of the location of your plane that helps you check whether the flight left on time, if there were any delays in transit or cancellations. Over and above, you can view flight histories, to check if a specific flight departures or arrives with delays very frequently to avoid travelling on it.

Find best Sightseeing Places

Your travel destination becomes your temporary home for the duration of your stay. It becomes important for you to know about the exciting tourist spots, the best places in the town and the exciting things you need to do in your trip. The custom travel technology solutions have made it possible for users to view restaurants, malls or monuments near their hotel through travel apps. You can browse menus of nearby restaurants, know any specific timing for tourist sites in nearby areas, and plan your days accordingly. It can also help you be better prepared in case of an emergency, for example knowing where the nearest hospital is located.

Explore top Sightseeing Places
Explore top Sightseeing Places

Familiarize Yourself with the Language

Many travelers face the challenge of being lost in translation in foreign land. Not everyone is good at interpreting symbols or signals in an effective manner. Knowing a few words, especially greetings can come in handy when travelling to a destination with a different first language. A basic knowledge of the local language can help you in navigation, shopping and conversing with the locals. Some travel apps come with feature of familiarizing users with some basic words for communicating with locals during their trip. This is an add-on feature that can make your trip worthwhile.

Stay Connected with your Loved Ones

Have you ever been in a situation where you were unable to properly coordinate with your friends or family who were waiting to pick you at the airport or train station while you were still in transit? Or were you ever kept waiting for them while they did not realize your flight or train had arrived? Dodge all such confusions and miscommunications with the feature of sharing your trip. Most travel apps come with a feature of sharing your traveling schedule with your loved ones.


Custom travel software development has revolutionized the way we plan a trip. All the information or help a person may need before going on a trip can be found in our smart phones. By being proactive, you can save your money and time to plan a memorable vacation.

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