The most powerful invention of the last decade is the smart phone. This device has opened a portal for businesses to capture their target audience through mobile apps. Similarly, fashion brands are also paying great attention to detail in creating custom fashion technology solutions. Not only these mobile apps play a huge role in a brand’s success in the market but they also help the customers in getting best deals from various high-end brands as well.

We now present the top 10 ways a mobile app can benefit a fashion brand and its customers. Fashion focused customized Mobile Application Development provides smart eCommerce apps that assist consumers in the buying decisions.

  • Higher Visibility to Clientele
  • Higher Chances of Sales
  • Targeting Customers through Demographics
  • Creating Offers and Discounts for Customers
  • Offering more Convenience
  • Creating Alerts & Notifications
  • Global Reach Effortlessly
  • Build Brand Recognition
  • Integration of Social Media into Fashion App
  • Build a Steady Customer Base
Mobile Apps benefit Fashion Brands and Customers
Mobile Apps benefit Fashion Brands and Customers

Let us discuss these 10 leading features, a mobile app can present to a fashion company and its user-base.

Higher Visibility to Clientele

Mobile apps help fashion brands in providing a higher visibility to the clientele. You have just launched your summer collection and want to showcase the items to customers. What better way than creating awareness about it through your product app? On average, people spend 2 hours daily on their mobile phone in the US. So you are likely to raise a lot of awareness towards your brand by allowing customers to know about the latest collection and also have a lot of people buy items as per their liking. Through the feature of product catalogs that can be easily browsed through a smart phone, you can allow customers to view products. This is easily possible through custom fashion software development of a mobile app that is easy to use and navigate.

Higher Chances of Sales

On a similar note the higher the visibility, the higher are the chances of sales. Fashion brands or even independent fashion stores rely on churning of items. This is the only way they can ensure a steady flow of income and revenue. By showcasing your product to the right audience, you allow customers to make possible purchases as well. Through custom software development of mobile app, you can allow customers to click on items so that they can be added in an e-shopping cart for purchase. You can also showcase similar items to the ones a customer has selected for higher chances of an up-sale.

Targeting Customers through Demographics

Thanks to the concept of big data and data analytics, fashion brands are now able to collect customer data and manipulate it to their advantage. A part of custom software development for fashion industry is pertaining to development of mobile apps that allow collecting consumer data and understanding what demographics are customers from, what type of products they like and how often they make a purchase. This data is very helpful in creating products that are likely to be a hit for customers in a particular location. A lot of big fashion brands are paying extensive focus on development of such apps to enhance their existing sales.

Targeting the Fashion Customers through Demographics
Targeting the Fashion Customers through Demographics

Creating Offers and Discounts for Customers

This is a two-fold advantage for both brands and customers. By retaining and analyzing customer information, fashion brands are able to come up with various offers and discount schemes for customers. For example, just before the Holiday season; a fashion brand can create a discount on jewelry items to ensure that couples prefer to make purchase of such jewelry to gift to each other. On the other hand, customers are likely to use a fashion brand’s mobile app and be open to making a purchase on an item that has a special discount on it. For example, buy one diamond ring and get a 25% discount on diamond earrings.

Offering more Convenience

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to make an online purchase from your favorite fashion store at the comfort of your home? Thanks to the concept of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, fashion brands are able to allow consumers a virtual environment for trying on product items. This helps in higher visibility of the product on the customer and promises a higher chance of sales as well. Similarly, majority of software development of mobile apps include safe online payment feature. This ensures that the highly confidential information of the user remains secure without any chances of it falling into wrong hands for misuse.

Creating Alerts & Notifications

Fashion brands can also add the feature of alerts and notifications in their custom fashion technology solutions of mobile apps. This feature allows pop-ups to be displayed on the home screen of a user’s mobile phone, every time a relevant offer or product item that holds a customer’s interest is available or goes on sale.

Fashion Brands create alerts and notifications for Customers
Fashion Brands create alerts and notifications for Customers

Global Reach Effortlessly

Many fashion brands are now eyeing the entire world as their domain. Thanks to mobile apps and certain shipping stores, the concept of reaching out to customers on a global level has become a possibility. Similarly, a customer residing on other side of the world can access a fashion brand’s mobile app to view products and make a purchase as per their liking. They no longer have to go abroad to visit the brand’s store to actually buy a product nowadays.

Build Brand Recognition

A lot of independent fashion stores and designers don’t have the means or budget for publicity. However, a flawless mobile app can be a good starting point in an effort to gain attention of customers. A simple yet easy to use mobile app does not cost much, especially if you have done your due diligence in hiring right resources for software development. Some third-party companies also offer SEO/SMM services to generate the necessary buzz through social media platforms for your mobile app. This ensures that prospect customers download your app and also use it to make purchase of product items.

Integration of Social Media into Fashion App

Mobile apps are no longer standalone products. You can include many other features to make it more engaging for customers. By integrating in-app messaging, comments, likes, photo sharing capabilities – you allow customers to broadcast your products to others. By sharing the content, the word of mouth becomes a literal possibility for your brand.

Fashion Brands integrate Social Media into Mobile Apps for better Traction
Fashion Brands integrate Social Media into Mobile Apps for better Traction

Build a Steady Customer Base

Brand loyalty is earned over time. This is only possible if you have a persistent plan that is executed by development of a custom fashion software development of a mobile app that understands the market and helps you deliver a product which is well received by the customers. A mobile app that can be easily used and navigated for purchasing product items with minimal clicks is an ideal recipe for success. If the overall customer experience is high, you are likely to develop a steady customer base overtime.


To sum it up, fashion brands can benefit greatly by creating a mobile app which allows them higher visibility for capturing their potential market segment. Similarly, the consumers are also able to gain advantage of various discounts and schemes at the comfort of their homes through a personalized shopping experience. Fashion sector related App services can streamline experiences for apparel businesses and shopaholics.

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