There is no denying the fact that businesses globally are in fierce competition to gain control of the consumer market. As a result, majority of companies have started to battle it out by creating next gen of website and mobile apps. A number of custom travel technology solutions and ideas have been surfacing in the market. The aim of these products is to allow companies to gain a competitive edge and also benefit consumers at the same time.

This article takes a look at 10 ways mobile apps have changed the lives of travel companies and their customers for good. Travel focused custom Mobile App Development can create smart applications that resonate well with consumers in holiday season.

  • Making your mark in Consumer Travel industry
  • Increased Chances of Sales
  • Understanding Customer Trends
  • Attracting Customers with Creative Choices
  • Reaching Customers from Everywhere
  • Standout from the Crowd
  • Ease and Convenience Together
  • Integrating Social Media into your Mobile App
  • Setting up Alerts and Notifications
  • Build your Loyalty Brand
Mobile Apps can Help Travel Companies and Customers alike
Mobile Apps can Help Travel Companies and Customers alike

Let us discuss these 10 features that are helpful for both Tourism sector and their users.

Making your mark in Consumer Travel industry

Since majority of travel and tourism companies are opting for mobile apps software development, the time for making your mark in the consumer industry is now. Every 1 of 3 Americans prefer to use their smart phone for getting idea about their next vacation and using a travel mobile app to plan their trip. By creating your product app, you are gaining a greater access pool for consumers.

Increased Chances of Sales

Once your travel app is created, you are ensuring that the consumers are able to book/plan a vacation through it. You can devise several types of vacation offers to attract customers and ensure higher chances of sales for your business. The custom travel software development allows in creating mobile apps that are easy to use and interactive in nature.

This helps even beginner level type of customers to easily use the app and plan their vacation. Imagine your app being so user friendly that it even allows older people (60 and above) to use it for planning their vacation. Such type of an app helps you target a broader pool of consumers without any age limit.

Understanding Customer Trends

The tourism industry is greatly benefiting from the concept of data analytics. This implies collecting huge amount of customer data and analyzing it to know about customer trends. On basis of these trends, tourism companies are able to create tours and offers that attract potential customers. For example, nowadays a lot of people happily travel around the world during holiday season. Travel companies can avail custom travel software development features to create mobile apps that collect and analyze customer data for gaining insight about understanding customer demographics and their preferences for vacation spots.

Attracting Customers with Creative Choices

Now that you have collected and analyzed customer data, it’s time to put it to good use by creating travel schemes and tours that attract customers. For example, you know that the travelers aged between 25 to 35 usually travel with 1 or 2 children and they prefer family spots with proper accommodation. You could offer them a travel plan that envelopes all these dimensions by even offering discount on hotels that have facilities including pools, gyms and rooms with cribs. Similarly, customers also get to avail attractive tours that are marketed on travel mobile apps. This becomes a win-win situation for both parties.

Attracting Travelers with Creative Means
Attracting Travelers with Creative Means

Reaching Customers from Everywhere

Travel companies are no longer limited to a geographical boundary. With smart phones and a customized mobile app, the consumer market is global as customers from anywhere in the world can browse and book for a vacation. These travel companies also liaison with airline companies, hotels etc. to provide an end-to-end vacation that is completely planned with focus on every aspect of the vacation.

Standout from the Crowd

The difference between an average and a successful travel company is their approach with customers. By creating a mobile app that is easy to use with customizable options for the user; you have chances of developing affinity with the customer and likeness for using the app again and again. Many big names in the travel industry started off with a minimal budget but their focus was on taking slow and steady steps for providing customers a holistic experience which lead them into becoming big brand names. For example, or; these companies have very popular websites and now apps too. They have broadened horizons for customers on a global level and also created vast source of revenues for themselves through custom travel software solutions.

Ease and Convenience Together

Nowadays, travel companies are taking the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Consumers get the look and feel of how the vacation would be like from the comfort of their homes. Customized travel software comes with the virtual tours that are as good as the real thing. They allow customers to decide if they want to opt for a vacation or not. If the customer is interested, they can book the vacation online by paying securely through debit/credit card. Travel mobile apps ensure integrity and confidentiality of user information which makes the online payment secure.

Integrating Social Media into your Mobile App

Interestingly speaking, no mobile app can do much in isolation. It is very important to add social media messenger, comments, likes, photo/video sharing aspects to ensure higher retention of customers. By allowing customers to discuss vacation or tour plans through social media integration, you involve a larger crowd with possible chances of up-sales.

Social Media Integration in Travel App
Social Media Integration in Travel App

Setting up Alerts and Notifications

Travel companies can customize software development of mobile apps by creating alerts and notifications that can be displayed on the consumer’s mobile home screen. An alert can pop-up on an account where a customer’s dream vacation is on a special discounted deal. This allows higher chances of a customer opting for a vacation and ensuring the company banks on this opportunity.

Build your Loyalty Brand

Mobile software development is both an easy and a difficult task. What you need to know as a starting point is to analyze your market and understand what needs to be done. By hiring the right resources either by outsourcing your project or hiring in-house resources, you begin your mobile app development journey. Once, the app is developed; it is also important to market it properly. Some third-party companies also provide SEO/SMM plans to help you do the needful.


Technology has taken everything over – including how customers plan and book vacations and tours. By developing user friendly travel mobile app, you provide customers with various options for booking their vacations through a number of options. You will be able to create a loyal clientele and also have a successful travel business.

Are you an upcoming travel company or an already established one looking for a chance to expand your horizons? Let custom IT Services firm like Techliance help you get the most of your travel business. It can make customized travel app with latest features related to tourism industry. Talk to us today for a free quote or discussion.