Staying true to its principles, Techliance is emergent as well as a consistent force to be dealt with. The continuous affirmation of this concept lies in being ranked in the best Custom Software Development firms of the world in a recent list published by Top Software Development Companies (SDCR).

This accolade is one of the many validations earned by Techliance on the basis of their outstanding performance in mobile and web-based bespoke Software Development Services since 2008.

Developing flawless software is no easy task. It requires tremendous planning right from the word go. That is why many companies nowadays prefer to outsource their solution needs to third-party companies. This way risk is transferred from the owner company to the company that they have lent their project to. However, there are also other factors to pay heed to that are highlighted in this article.

Bespoke Software Solutions help Companies run Business operations
Bespoke Software Solutions help Companies run Business operations

Is Outsourcing Economical or Cheap?

There is a myth that outsourcing is “cheap” and consequently causes quality issues in the product. However, this is not at all true. When you outsource your project, you are not throwing it to the dogs. You are carefully picking out a company or set of resources that can take the responsibility on basis of given time and factors such as project budget, work complexity, and the kind of communication model that you prefer to maintain in the software development lifecycle. All these factors play a vital role in determining the type of company you will choose for your project.

Learning the Basics of Custom Software Development

Specialized Software Development requires thought-out planning and fine execution. It is a collaboration between various stakeholders and business analysis is an important aspect that must be considered from the very initial phases of the project lifecycle. Techliance has always paid great attention to detail to their customers’ businesses. Each industry has its own norms and way of working. It is important to understand the particular industry needs and the reasons why the customer has decided to develop a software solution in the first place.

By having the right mix of understanding customer requirements, overall market, consumer behavior and the needs of a software product; Techliance is able to connect the dots before venturing off towards the development of the product. This is how Techliance offers a cost-effective product without any compromise on its quality.

Adding Business Value through Bespoke Software

The purpose of Custom Software Development is not just because you have been asked to develop a product but also addressing the primary business concerns of the client. Many times, companies opting for outsourcing do not understand why they are building something and what exact purpose it will serve. Eventually, this rift becomes greater and tends to affect the overall quality of the product. It is important to understand the business needs and how they will be served with the custom solution. Only through this means would the company be able to develop a product with a higher return on investment (ROI).

By having a thorough understanding of this concept, companies are able to differentiate the tangible benefits from the intangible ones. Obviously, a developed solution should be able to positively impact the lives of the end-users. But this positive impact should also help in expanding the business of the company.

The emphasis should be on both short and long-term returns. By addressing this aspect, companies are able to have a clear vision of the direction they want to take. This helps them in commissioning the right IT firm or set of resources for their project needs.

Factors to Review while Hiring a Custom Software Development Company

With a large number of tech companies as well as independent resources available in the hiring pool, selecting the right fit for your software project needs can be a cumbersome task. At times, it can be frustrating to even decide on simple aspects. For example:

  • How far out should the outsourced company be?
  • Does geographical location really matter? After all, thanks to the high-speed Internet and other various facilities; it is relatively easier to reach out to any company around the world.
  • What about hiring a set of specific resources that can be individually managed by an in-house PM residing within your company?
  • That may seem like the best thing but what about the cost of the PM and who will be ensuring that the PM is able to manage a remotely situated team without any challenges of communication, collaboration and conflict management?

By selecting a team of resources under a third-party company, you are getting an end-to-end solution to all your project needs. The hired company will bear out all the risks by undertaking the project contract. They will be held responsible for providing a holistic view of the project’s progress at every step of the way. They are accountable for understanding the business needs and then coming up with the best business solution in terms of the architecture, usability and overall user experience.

In fact, they will also be telling you the right set of tools and technology to use in the development of the product. Therefore, you will be less concerned about the project dynamics but will only be ensuring that the hired company is able to successfully meet its decided milestones under the fixed time and scope as decided between the two parties.

Techliance gets Ranked for Custom Software Development by SDCR
Techliance gets Ranked for Custom Software Development by SDCR


No one can know better about your business than yourself. However, a third-party company’s intervention in custom software development can be like a breath of fresh air. The reputed Bespoke Software Developers such as the likes of Techliance know about the best industry practices and what is required in the end-solution to make it a complete market success.

These are some of the important aspects that must be accounted for when you start off with the project development for your business. Choosing the right fit for your software project can make all the difference and help you get the right buzz from the consumer market. Not only does it multiply your revenue, but it can also lead to breaking into a broader segment. Keeping all bases covered has earned Techliance a mention on the press release about leading Custom Solution Providers by SDCR on PRweb.

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