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10 05, 2023

How gig economy benefits resource engagement?


Gig economy has become mainstream because businesses prefer resources who like to work on part-time, freelance, temporary or non-contractual basis.

10 02, 2023

Writing an IT Services sales proposal: Steps to follow


By writing an IT services sales proposal you improve your chances of winning clients. Doing so you can better convince businesses that are outsourcing technology services to save costs.

18 04, 2022

How modern technology is transforming education sector


Technological progression is revolutionizing all industries worldwide. Modern technology is transforming education landscape. This makes teaching and learning easy.

27 01, 2022

Best tech upgrades for business to help make it global


Business innovation and digital transformation are drivers of industry growth. Make the most of tech upgrades for business to perform well on the global landscape.

18 05, 2021

Top Technologies that help your Business save Money


Work on technologies that help your business save money. Read on to find best technologies and ways to effectively use them for efficiently running business.

8 02, 2021

Start Business in Sharing Economy: Tips for Success


Many companies globally start business in sharing economy. This community-driven environment of the shared economy business model is ideal for startups.

7 01, 2021

What is App Economy? Benefits for the USA and World


The app economy is the economic activity surrounding mobile applications. It generates revenue for businesses, and tech resources creating mobile products.

10 11, 2020

What is Startup? How is Startup unlike other Companies?


People venture towards entrepreneurship to build upon ideas. Startup is vehicle for testing business viability and transformation into established company.

4 09, 2020

How is Technology disrupting Industries in 2024?


Digital revolution is enabling technology disrupting industries. This helps businesses in serving users in a better way during 2024.

30 07, 2020

7 Time Wasters of IT Work: How to Overcome Them in 2024


Whether you work in office, or do remote work, eliminate time wasters of IT work. This will improve your productivity in IT services during 2020.


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