A leading B2B research resource ITWebFirms has listed Techliance in top IT Service Providers in the USA and India. This is yet another milestone for Techliance that has been successful in sustaining its repute in the IT market with flawless delivery of web and mobile app development solutions to customers across the world. Being recognized for IT Management & Consulting services adds another accolade in Techliance’s portfolio.

IT Management services refer to an ongoing 24/7 responsibility for monitoring, managing and overseeing all IT systems within a business. On the other hand, IT Consulting services involve advising firms on how to best use IT to achieve their business objectives.

The mentioned IT Support Services are primarily used to manage the IT infrastructure of an organization with regards to specific guidelines, policies and procedures. These services are offered by Techliance through the use of their expertise and technological skills to create a comprehensive strategy for management and digital transformation of your organization. As a result, companies are able to automate their operations and implement the latest technologies.

Why Use IT Support Services by Techliance?

A report in 2018 revealed that more than 66% of businesses have already hired at least one IT support service provider. The demand for the IT Support Services is continuously increasing and is estimated to skyrocket in the 2020s. Hiring the IT support service providers allows businesses to be relieved of the responsibility of running the day-to-day tasks and can instead focus on innovation and transformation of the business.

Managed IT services provided by Techliance include repairs, upgrading or installing systems or software on an ad hoc basis. IT Support services focus on the prevention of these issues before they disrupt the working of the business. Managed IT services help online businesses to remain open 24/7.

Today, no business can afford the risk of relying on break/fix maintenance services because they are overly reliant on a reliable IT system. The introduction of Custom IT Management Services has therefore greatly benefitted businesses by discovering and fixing problems before they can negatively affect their business. A well maintained and proactively serviced IT system will always run better than the alternative.

Use the IT Support Services by Techliance
Use the IT Support Services by Techliance

Different Aspects of IT Support Services

Two broad ranges, in which IT Support services are divided, are IT Management and IT Consultancy services. These various aspects in which IT Support services facilitate business operations are as follows.

  • Security Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Networking and Infrastructure
  • Data Analytics
  • Software as a Service
  • Communication Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Consultant Services

Let’s see how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) help companies by offering custom IT Support Services.

Security Management

A developing area in managed IT services is security. Techliance believes in providing impenetrable security management to customers to prevent any possibility of a malicious attack. They provide security management with a range of security and risk prevention services including software patching and maintenance and application compatibility. Today, keeping your virtual data secure is much more important than physical system security. Managed security services work with firewalls, virus protection, intrusion detection and security audits to make sure your data is kept safe.

Cloud Computing

Custom IT Management Services cover a range of business functions, from network, application, system, payroll, server, backup and recovery solutions. However, one of the most common examples of these presently is cloud services. The introduction of cloud computing led to the evolution of managed IT services to include cloud services. Managed cloud computing involves the maintenance of your operating system and new software programs, with which your employees can always have access to the up-to-date software tools.

Techliance has also started providing cloud-based solutions to its customers. Managed service providers can focus on providing public cloud services unified with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services. AWS allows a business to automate cloud management tasks such as change management, provisioning, user access management, incident monitoring, and backup and restores.

Networking and Infrastructure

Support for Networking and Infrastructure involves everything from onsite infrastructure to networking through an outsourced infrastructure. This can include wireless and mobile networking and remotely managed services such as remote printing. Remote monitoring and management are often included in managed IT services and involves the remote monitoring and management of servers, desktops and mobile devices. Techliance offers networking and infrastructure services to its customers as well.

Data Analytics

The subject of the Data analytics involves the monitoring and recording of various data to use for planning more effective and useful solutions. As business technology becomes progressively complex, Custom IT Consulting Services offered by Techliance can relieve your company of the burden of analysis. The process comprises of observations of data for the investigation of patterns. Techliance will then couple and transform the key aspects of the findings of the data to make it manageable for your team. In this way, your company can plan for upcoming trends more effectively and devise relevant strategies and steps to meet your aims.

Software as a Service

As part of SaaS managed services, service providers offer companies software applications for the subscription which are owned and hosted by the service providers themselves. After subscription, all software and security updates are remotely installed, keeping your staff up to date with the latest versions without any hassle. With SaaS, your team can enjoy the latest, fully functional and completely safe state-of-the-art software programs on any device with no trouble of in-house software installations.

Communications Services

Managed IT services with regards to communication include data, voice, and video. Data communication services involve the sharing of data across various platforms. Voice and Video managed services make one-on-one and multi-party conversations and conferences possible for businesses from literally anywhere. With Custom IT Management Services, your company can be in collective sync.

Technical Support Services

One of the most commonly provided IT service by the managed service providers includes varying levels of help desk and technical support. These levels cover a number of aspects, from desktop program assistance to help with hardware and software issues. Desktop and technical support service providers aim to solve any issue your business may have by getting a full understanding and using the best possible technology at hand.

During the business operations, employees may come across issues regarding any particular system. Managed IT support services offer a remote support center that employees can contact for assistance on any given issue. Techliance also provides top-notch technical support services on industry standards.

Consultant Services

Custom IT Consulting Services contain both advisory and implementation services. Such services can include business process automation, digital risk management, systems integration and implementation and ERP services. Businesses hire IT consultants to support them with IT advisory in order to meet business objectives or overcome problems. They can achieve this by developing new IT strategies, using different approaches to solve issues and making tactical or operational changes.


IT Support services ultimately lead to reduced costs, round the clock system monitoring, operational efficiency, minimum downtime and most important of all, allow the management to focus on running the business rather than the technology. As the number and capability of existing IT management and consultancy service providers grow, there is no doubt that in the future companies of all sizes will be making use of Information Technology Services for varying parts of their business.

Following top quality standards has enabled Techliance to be rated as 9th on the list of top 10 IT Management & Consulting Support Companies in USA and India. Being included in the top rankings for IT Support services by ITWebFirms means that specialized IT Management and Consulting services of Techliance are widely recognized by the clients in the industry. Offering next-level managed IT solutions has Techliance being equally liked by the B2B research firms.

Techliance is Ranked in Top 10 IT Management & Consulting firms in USA by ITWebFirms
Techliance is Ranked in Top 10 IT Management & Consulting firms in USA by ITWebFirms

Techliance has received another distinction that sets it miles apart from its competition. If you are looking for outsourcing IT Support Services for your company, then look no further than Techliance. Contact us today for a free quote or discussion pertaining to your business needs.