Gone are the days when cell phones were used only to make and receive calls. They have, indeed, turned into mini computers these days and allow you to do almost all the stuff that you can do with a fast and robust PC. Mobile application development is becoming immensely popular for the current boom in the smartphone market, and a considerable number of web developers, around the globe, are developing apps for smartphones like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows and Nokia phones.  Every day, you hear about some new smarter and better mobile applications for mobile games, web browsing, emails, videos, internet faxing and social networking.

I have no qualm to say that smartphones like iPhone, BlackBerry and Android have become a craze or to say an obsession these days, and the same is true about application development for these smartphones. Considering this Smartomania, a large number of companies are paying utmost attention to develop business and other type of applications for smartphones. Mobile web development, mobile game development and other application development in .NET and Java are gaining ground these days. For many companies, it has become difficult to meet these increasing demands for mobile application development and they are looking for outsourcing their iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other mobile application development projects to other countries.  Certain elements or aspects are important to consider when deciding about the kind of mobile application development one needs to have:

1. There are different applications for different platforms and one application can’t work when used on the other platforms. These platforms are totally different from one another and they can run only those applications which developed with technologies compatible to them. If an application is developed for BlackBerry or Android, it can’t run on iPhone or Windows mobile. That’s why it’s important to pick the right platform for smartphone applications development.  iPhone applications development, Android and BlackBerry applications development are some popular options these days.

2. You need to keep your targeted customers in mind when deciding to outsource your mobile application development project to some company. These will be your target audience who make it easier for you to decide whether you need to develop a cell phone business application or they are your individual customers who will use this mobile application. It would make it easier for you to determine the technology and design for that application.

3. Timeframe and cost of development is another important aspect of mobile application development. You need to determine the cost and the right timeframe for the launch of your product. You need to do some research on the other similar products available in the market. It will definitely help you determine the right price and time of launch for your product. You need to make sure that the development would be done within the given timeframe when choosing an application development company to outsource your project. Proper scheduling is, indeed, the most important aspect when hiring an offshore company for your project.

Proper planning and consideration to these three elements can help you make your offshore mobile application development a real breeze.