In recent decades technology has reached on its boom, world saw various new gadgets in previous years. Ranging from Tablets to Smartphones there are several techno devices to talk about. Coming towards the mobile development platform, Nokia’s Symbian was a name that along with BlackBerry OS remained hot for quite a long tenure.

Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android development platforms captured attention of the world in last 5 years and marginally snatched the mobile market share from Symbian, BlackBerry and other mobile development platforms. Broad changes were noticed in recent years that changed the mobile app development sector all together. While iPhone is the widely-and-wildly-loved Smartphone, Android based Smartphones on the other hand are famous for the usage of open source development technology along with availability of affordable apps. Microsoft also entered into mobile development sector in recent years and tried to capture market share which somehow couldn’t be done as it was supposed to.

Various researches and surveys around the globe have already proved that peoples’ love for Smartphone has been increased marginally and it will keep rising in upcoming years. These trends helped mobile app development industry to generate quite handsome revenues. Recent strategic alliance of Microsoft and Nokia has opened a brand new chapter in the history of mobile app development.

Microsoft and Nokia expect to create a new global mobile ecosystem; to compete the most famous Android and iPhone mobile app development platforms – to talk in simple words. By this new alliance Windows Phone technology will be adopted by Nokia as its principal Smartphone strategy. This again opens a new horizon for mobile app developers. Demand for Windows Phone mobile apps will marginally increase now; giving a chance to mobile app developers to provide quality Windows Phone app development services for earning lucrative amount.

This can really be proved as a new mobile development trend setter strategy. To be successful in this new alliance Microsoft and Nokia should adopt particularly 1 main thing from each Android and Apple development environments: Consistency from Apple and Affordable rates from Android. We at Techliance understand the changing industry trends and train our teams according to the needs.

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