Microsoft has just released an open source package manager [Nupack] for the .Net program. Microsoft corporate VP for developer division Scott Guthrie says in a blog post that with the release of this new open source package manager; search, installation and use of .Net libraries in some project would become a lot easier. .Net project types that include MVC and Webforms of ASP.Net have been used in the development of the Nupack.

Nupack - Open source package manager for .NET


However, it has not been revealed whether Nupack is an open source package or not, as open source software is something that Microsoft is not known for.  But now in this Nupack case, it seems that it is an open source package indeed.

According to software giant’s open source approach, the developers are encouraged to develop open source programs work under its Windows OS by making the most of its different toolsets and proprietary languages. In this way, they lock in the users and developers to purchase their highly priced software.

The Vole is working with the very aim of making the Nupack the simplest and easiest to incorporate Open source libraries that exist within the projects of .Net. Guthrie has promised that Nupack will support all the coming version of Visual Studio.

Guthrie says that NuPack tools for clients will include complete integration for Visual Studio that will make it insignificant for those developers who use .Net libraries for easy installation and finding of them in the project they work on.

“Today’s releases further evolve and enhance the Microsoft Web Stack.” “All of the capabilities work with .Net 4 and 2010 and do not modify any existing files that ship with it — they are all additive and safe to install on your machine,” Guthrie adds.