Technology is among the major enablers of career growth with consistently increasing job opportunities globally and in the United States. The .NET platform is also providing numerous opportunities for resources for different sources of employment. Consequently, the demand for .NET technology in the US job market is also rising in 2024.

.NET is a reliable source for providing jobs to people all over the world. It has three top-demand programming languages under its umbrella including C#, F#, and VB.NET. Therefore, that’s the reason developers love working under the popular framework.

Businesses look for expert .NET programmers to work on their projects. So, they need a good starting point for assessing the candidates to hire. The employment types can be dedicated, part-time, or even be gig or project-based.

Analyzing demand for .NET technology in the US job market
Analyzing demand for .NET technology in the US job market

Must-have skills for .NET developers for a good career

The .NET developers have to sharpen their skills to land better jobs. Also, already working .NET software engineers aim to improve their coding abilities. It enables both resource types to excel in their careers.

In case, you are creating a job description to advertise your next hiring opportunity. Then, you require some good pointers to add for prospective candidates to apply. Here we recap some technical skills .NET developers must possess as .NET technology in the US is budding during 2024.

  • Expertise in any language like C#, F#, and VB.NET
  • Web frameworks such as ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core
  • Concepts like MVC, web services, and Web API
  • Entity Framework for object-relational mapping
  • Command over Visual Studio
  • .NET compiler platforms (Roslyn and RyuJIT)
  • Xamarin (for mobile app development)
  • Expertise in databases and SQL
  • Familiarity with web architectures
  • Understanding of microservices, APIs, and integration mechanisms
Must-have skills for .NET developers for a good career
Must-have skills for .NET developers for a good career

The dominance of .NET continues in the Tech landscape

Technology matters and it includes the right kind of frameworks with the best capabilities. Therefore, the .NET framework remains one of the most famous, reliable, and widely used frameworks among others. Even, this is evident from topping the category of other frameworks and libraries in Stack Overflow’s 2021 developer survey.

Its successor cross-platform .NET Core comes third in this study. With a slight difference in percentage, it closely follows NumPy in popularity. Furthermore, ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET hold sixth and eighth positions in the web frameworks category of the same survey.

The dominance of .NET continues in the Tech landscape
The dominance of .NET continues in the Tech landscape

Salary compensation for .NET programmers in the USA

We are living in a post-COVID world where remote jobs have become a really popular choice for workers. Especially, companies are getting more aware of servicing customers online now. That’s the reason we are seeing an increase in online products and solutions.

The concept of online ordering and delivery is turning out very prominent. Accordingly, businesses are also looking for ways to develop solutions that can help in sustaining and enhancing their existing business. It opens loads of possibilities for developers who’re receiving more work, projects, and compensation for their complete tasks.

As a result, the average .NET developer salary in the US market has also increased. Financial or R&D companies like Indeed and Payscale do extensive research to find the average salaries across the US. By March 2022, Indeed calculates the annual average .NET programmer base salary at $95,986. In terms of the median, Payscale estimates the average .NET developer wage in the US is $72,866 in March 2022.

Salary compensation for .NET programmers in the USA
Salary compensation for .NET programmers in the USA

Geographic pay breakdown of .NET developers in the US

The average .NET developer salaries are diverse in different states, cities, or zones in the United States. In some regions around the US, the programmers tend to cost higher in comparison to other areas. For example, an average .NET resource in California can cost up to $104,545 per year.

Remunerations for .NET coders in other states may greatly vary. The .NET developers with matching expertise can cost $60,000 or less in states like Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Indianapolis. Subsequently, it gives some meaning to the concept of remote hiring.

Companies requiring .NET experts can now position jobs to be remote-based. This way, they can hire a more cost-effective resource at a lesser cost. Therefore, they can save money, that they can spend elsewhere on project needs.

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Addressing the industry trends for .NET development

As time passes on, companies have become smarter about hiring the right developers. For starters, remote jobs have become quite a rage. Have you tried looking at different job portals and career websites?

The majority of jobs are now either hybrid or remote-based. This helps employers find resources from a larger pool of talent. Also, it eliminates cost complexity in hiring resources from your area. Moreover, it makes managing a lot of other aspects that businesses usually don’t ponder in remote hiring.

Upwork’s Future Workforce Report for 2021 surveyed 1,000 hiring/recruitment managers in the US. It forecasts that 40.7 million professionals in the United States will be working remotely by 2026. Earlier, the 2020 study predicted that over 32.6 million American workers will function remotely by 2025. This means the remote workforce after the pandemic will see an 87% increase.

Advantages of remote .NET developers for businesses

The .NET developers working in a remote capacity can offer many benefits including the following during 2024.

  • Greater resource pool
  • No contractual obligations
  • Cost-effective development
  • Less time to market
  • Passion for good results
Advantages of remote .NET developers for businesses
Advantages of remote .NET developers for businesses

Next, we briefly look over the rewards that developers working remote on .NET technology in the US and globally present.

Greater resource pool

You don’t work with just a few resources within your region. Remote work presents possibilities to hire candidates from literally anywhere in the world. So, you can acquire competent software developers from worldwide.

What if you are unable to find candidates within your vicinity? Stretch it out to a wider region, or even countries around you. Hence, you get the chance to work with highly capable .NET programmers as per your project needs.

No contractual obligations

Consider that you don’t have to rent out office space, and manage infrastructure. Also, you don’t have to pay out benefits that apply to your country. For instance, health insurance, fuel allowance, provident fund, etc.

Remote .NET developers are more like a plug-and-play to your project. Thus, you only hire them for the given tasks or gigs. Once they are complete, they can exit the project without having to go through any formalities.

Cost-effective development

Opting for remote .NET developers empowers you to engage the same level of resources within your budget. Even, you can reduce costs during the development. That can prove handy for marketing, sales, and promotion of your product.

This little extra money on the side can prove a great factor in helping you manage challenges. After all, risks may arise at any stage in your project. It will make you tap on the .NET technology in the US and serve your users better.

Less time to market

Going through the formal procedure of hunting for .NET resources from scratch requires time. So, onboarding remote .NET programmers save you valuable time. Their exposure to handling different projects permits you to launch products early in the market.

Passion for good results

Remote .NET developers will strive very hard to find their place within your organization. Because they have a strong passion and drive to excel in their career. That’s why they will try to accomplish tasks in the given timelines and deliver quality results.

Need customizable business solutions in .NET
Need customizable business solutions in .NET


The demand for .NET technology in the US is going to stay. Some amazing web-centric applications and enterprise solutions have the .NET ecosystem impetus behind them. Therefore, going forward, its dominion will continue internationally through 2024 and in future years.

Backed by a well-knit and thriving developer community, .NET developers continue to grow and evolve. The US market is the trendsetting place for innovation in richer and more powerful apps and products. So, with developers striving to improve their existing methods, the .NET development will remain highly sought-after.

.NET lets processes enhance through various changes in the way we perceive code. 2024 will continue in steady growth for .NET development. So, applications power-driven by .NET will keep evolving businesses.

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