Bullying on the internet is a new spin on an old dilemma. While definitions differ, online bullying is described as the deliberate and persistent harming of others through electronic media. For example, text messages, emails, and social networking sites, to name a few.

Cyberbullying is more common in schools, but a few adults are caught up in the chaos as well. Online bullying has almost as much of an impact on a target as physical bullying. Moreover, its victims experience both immediate and long-term consequences.

Nowadays, technology has a role to play in reducing online abuse. IT firms can develop personalized anti-bullying web solutions and tailor-made mobile apps, for both general and official use. Various software applications are also available that enable deterrence against online bullying.

Monitoring Online Bullying - Best Tech Tools to use
Monitoring Online Bullying – Best Tech Tools to use

Tech Tools to prevent Cyberbullying effectively in 2024

Many user-friendly applications make people comfortable during 2024. Whether they are doing official work or spending leisure time. Besides, some apps have been created to aid in the prevention of bullying among children and elders alike.

Let’s see how these apps help in monitoring online bullying and stop its consequences.

Net Nanny for Smarter Communication

One of the first inventions to be in widespread use is Net Nanny. The software protects children from cyberbullying by tracking their communications and alerting them of any unsafe interactions. Also, it includes a Net Nanny Social ad that assists with tracking all of a child’s social media behaviors.

Parents can block unsafe and specific applications that must be restricted to protect their children’s welfare. There are several parents globally whose children show a reluctance to go to school. To clarify, bullying is one of the major reasons for it.

Although there can be other reasons behind their reticence. For instance, feeling academic pressure, and information overload, etc. It could be a red flag that they are experiencing bullying at their academic institutions. So, this is an extra reason for parents to be mindful of their online activity.

Tech Tools to prevent Cyberbullying effectively
Tech Tools to prevent Cyberbullying effectively

PhoneSheriff for more Control

One of the technological tools that parents can use to track their children’s online activities is PhoneSheriff. Parents can quickly see what their children are doing, sharing, or communicating on their computers. The program has additional filtering options, and parents can select which activity their children participate in.

They can still exclude certain websites and applications that they do not want their children to use. The app is one of the better anti-bullying IT solutions you can choose for your children. Because it allows you to monitor their location using the GPS tracker on the software.

Mobile-Spy for tracking Online Activities

Meanwhile, the Mobile-Spy app allows parents to track their children’s online activities without focusing on a children’s activity log. You will access messages on your child’s smartphone from common apps. Additionally, it will include snapshots of what your child is doing on the device.

Parents can effectively block inappropriate apps that can expose their children to cyberbullying. They will watch their children’s screens in real-time. However, if you want to set time limits, Mobile-Spy is not the IT solution.

Qustudio for Large Devices

This is a technology that fits well on most large electronic devices. It can assist parents in blocking problematic websites, as well as removing offensive content from online searches. The software will notify you if there is any unusual behavior on your child’s account.

This app will also alert you of any new contacts your child has on social media. The software assists you in limiting your children’s internet use to a reasonable amount of time. Likewise, in the case of an emergency, the app has a panic button. This will notify you of your child’s precise location at a given moment.

When compared with many popular anti-bullying IT solutions, it is very comprehensive. This enables you to keep track of your children’s cyberbullying. That too regardless of how many there are.

Want a customized Anti-bullying IT solution
Want a customized Anti-bullying IT solution

Making custom Anti-bullying IT system for better Results

As people increasingly migrate to the digital world, technology can also be a driver of negative phenomena, such as cyberbullying. Online bullying has at least as many consequences as physical bullying. Which, if not easily monitored, may have a negative long-term impact on a victim’s life. Using technologies to fight against digital bullying is a perfect way for parents to protect their children from cyberbullies.

Increasing social media platforms are growing the chances of online harassment as well amid 2024. Businesses can create specialized anti-bullying IT solutions for greater control. This can also help companies in saving their employees from cyberbullying.

Do you need a bespoke anti-bullying IT solution? Techliance can team up with you to bring your idea to reality. Together we can play role in protection against digital harassment worldwide and in the United States.