Being a custom Software Development expert requires consistency in project delivery across multiple disciplines. Real Estate Software industry is projected to reach $12.89 Billion by 2025, and real estate CRM solutions are a primary factor in this statistic. In a recent press release from SDCR about top real estate CRM software and the solution providers, Techliance is one of the top IT companies in this list.

Property Management System is Need of the Day

Professional realty firms and agencies also require guidance about market trends. They need to stay constantly up-to-date about house listings and pricing. This may be a tedious task especially for an agent situated at a different location who is not in touch with the real estate market of another region. Just like how Information Technology has taken over other business areas by storm, the real estate sector has also embraced Real Estate Software Development solutions by taking the help of CRM software that provides instant access to consolidated information that is easily interpretable through various formats.

Statistics prove that the Real estate market is dictated by buyers and sellers. By 2013, only 9% of sellers sold their homes without the help of any professional real estate services. While 88% took the help of realty firms for their home transactions. The market dip witnessed in 2008 had almost been recovered by 2013 so the need for hiring professionals to do this job grew all the more in the Realty sector.

Real Estate Software: Wanted Features in a Custom Solution
Real Estate Software: Wanted Features in a Custom Solution

What is a Real Estate CRM Software?

Realty CRM Software is a unified contact management system for storing and maintaining all information pertaining to sellers, buyers, and property under one centralized database. The real estate industry is heavily reliant on collaboration between various stakeholders.

CRM software for Property management should also have the capability of providing real-time statistics in report format to help stakeholders gain valuable insight into various market trends and movements. The direct and indirect communication requires a platform that is able to record all information that is easily accessible for further action and correspondence.

Features of Real Estate Software and Realty CRM Solutions

The holistic Real Estate CRM Software and custom Realty solutions should certainly have the following features:

  1. Contact Management
  2. Calendar
  3. Task List
  4. Reminders
  5. Manage Listings and Buyers
  6. Lead Capture
  7. Mobility
  8. Activity Plans

As part of Real Estate Software Development Services, Techliance has expertise in providing a robust solution to the customers that works seamlessly without causing hindrance in their day-to-day tasks.

Packaged Real Estate CRM Software

Some of the note-worthy CRM software in the Realty market, according to the press release about the Real Estate CRM Software and Solutions Vendors by the Top Software Development Companies (SDCR) are as follows:

  • Zoho
  • Salesforce
  • Real Geeks
  • BombBomb
  • RealtyMX

To earn a mention on this PR regarding top-notch CRM software and service firms is an achievement for Techliance. It complements the honor of getting ranked among leading Realty Solutions Providers on SDCR. The acclaimed B2B rating firm has compiled a list of Top 15 Realty CRM Software that covers all the big players in the CRM Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or packaged software for the Real Estate vertical.

What makes good custom Real Estate Solution?

The development of a flawless Realty CRM solution begins with the analysis of the market trends. Nowadays everything is digitized, so the Real Estate Development Services are based on providing solutions that can be integrated with other existing software applications for the customers. Stakeholders are virtually connected with each other. It is important to understand that the relevant parties must be able to access each other’s public information through a standardized portal. With a reliable CRM solution, this functionality becomes a possibility.

The latest trend is to have an online Real Estate CRM solution that can be accessed by relevant users with means of a username and password. LDAP and SSO features are a necessity especially if you want to accommodate a large database of users that can access the portal on the basis of their rights and permissions on the application. You also may want a web-based solution that has a mobile app version available for users who want to explore CRM features on the go.

It is also important to have credibility associated with the information. The Realty CRM solution must have a security protocol in place which should only allow access to sensitive information to authorized parties only. This way, stakeholders are able to freely input their contact information, as well as information about their property without putting themselves at any potential risk of identity theft. Any IT savvy company would do a thorough market analysis and then propose a prototype based on the set of features you want to accommodate in the CRM solution.

Real Estate in Real-time is the only way

Another important aspect of the Property management system is to provide users real-time conversions, and property rates. Nowadays push notifications are also another way of alerting users about various features on the Realty CRM software.

The most important functionality to keep in mind for these products is that they should continuously update the database information to ensure that the provided data is accurate. This pertains to online listings, consumer database, and the market pricing for the property.

Techliance ensures to provide top-notch Real Estate Software Development Services by keeping all these factors in mind.

Realty Software Solutions make life easier

The overall intent of Real Estate Software Development Solutions is to make the life of end-consumers easier in their estate searching, buying and selling needs. This means the set of users are hybrid with real estate agents, realtors, buyers, sellers, and attorneys etc. who will all be using the Realty CRM software for performing a variety of functions.

Real estate CRM solutions are a databank with a huge bulk of information pertaining to properties. This makes the life of realtors easy, as they are able to match buyers and sellers as per their requirements. Therefore, it is important to have a flawless CRM architecture that can store and then readily allow access to the required data to the user without any performance degradation of the software. Similarly, the real estate information has images and content both; which should be downloaded as well as uploaded on the CRM without excessive wait time for the user.


Techliance has served many real estate agencies and companies. It has helped them successfully expand business in the United States and across the world. By accounting for the market trends, industry practices and insight into how the realty estate sector works; Techliance is able to provide accurate Realty software solutions that help serve the business needs of property management companies. Hence, best United States Software Development firms like Techliance can help in crafting scalable Real Estate technology solutions.

Salt Lake City hailing firm Techliance is ranked as one of the top IT companies providing real estate specialized solutions in the market. Look no further than Techliance if you are an upcoming or already established realty company desiring a custom Real Estate Software solution. Connect with Techliance today to discuss your bespoke software solution idea.