Google, Microsoft Bing, and YahooGoogle, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! finally have taken the step that will help website publishers in improving web search results for the end users. This is introduced as that indeed is very big SEO news of the current era. This new alliance seems strange but it will surely help users – the searchers in getting the richer and appropriate search results.

If you have ever noticed, currently all of these top three search engines even provide you with bulk of spam and low-quality content as search results against many keywords. This joint alliance and combined effort of though is not a spam killer but it will help all these three search giants – Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! to create a mutual and common vocabulary for structured data markup on web pages.

Schema.orgThis new Schema consists of a set of micro-data, from each of the search engine that will be used to enhance and populate the search results. Not only the existing data but the fresh data too will be included in this micro-data to be this schema supported. provides a standard format for micro-data that avoids many standardization hassles and questions. If you are not so sure whether it will support previous micro-formats and RDFas, it will – says.

This, while on the one hand helps these three search engines in better capturing the search engine industry, at the same time will also help the webmasters and website publishers  to better display their websites in search engine results. That will result in appropriate and better results for any user against any search keyword.

“We know that it takes time and effort for webmasters to add this markup to their pages, and adding markup is much harder if every search engine asks for data in a different way.” Google Fellow Ramanathan Guha says. “With webmaster feedback, we’ll be able to regularly publish new schemas for sites to use and, in turn, expand the list of queries with rich results,” Guha added. In the same way Bing and Yahoo! professionals also feel that this new SE alliance will help both users and the search engines likewise.

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