Technology is constantly evolving in how we perceive life in general. Mobile devices and tablets are some of the most common examples of tools that are used by us in our daily lives. Most of us are reliant on staying connected, getting information, purchasing products, and entertainment through these gadgets. As a result, many companies are now focusing their attention on releasing other trendy futuristic gadgets to gain market share.

Tech Gadgets have Come a Long Way

Gadgets come and go, what remains intact is the change and the exciting nature of consumers who eagerly await the next big thing in the market. Lately, people are more welcoming of newer trends and like trying out different gadgets to enhance their daily lives. From the time when iPhone first entered the market back in the late 2000s when it was unimaginable to have a fluent touch device to the time when other competitors have equally launched state of the art smart devices; things are definitely looking up in terms of adding value to our lives in the long run. Innovations in Software Development solutions are helping tech entrepreneurs and firms in launching smart and futuristic gadgets.

Trending Technology Gadgets
Trending Technology Gadgets

5 Must-have Cool Gadgets for your Laptop

We now round-up on some of the gadgets that we think are super cool as well as sure to grab the attention of customers in the consumer market.

  • Triple Monitor
  • Laser Keyboard
  • Touch Screen Everywhere
  • Scanner in Mouse
  • Pen Drive Key

Let us explore these five awesome smart Gadgets thoroughly that are making everyday life easy.

Triple Monitor

An idea heavily endorsed by IT geeks, Triple monitor is a delight for people who multi-task or just simply love working with various screen displays at their disposal.  You can do multiple things in parallel, for example, carry on with your work while you stream a video online and shop along on eBay.

However, anyone who likes being mobile and reliant on their MacBook pro will find this idea a bit too much as you would have to probably stay grounded to one place. Your movement will definitely be confined as you have to stay put and glare at your triple monitor.

But just as we started the conversation, this is an ideal treat for a programmer – a rather detail-oriented sort of a person who likes docking up windows/screens and working on tasks altogether. But then why refrain yourself to 3 monitors? If only wishes were horses!

Laser Keyboard

When Star Trek showed Scotty typing coordinates on a laser keyboard; it only seemed like a magical sort of affair. But now we have this option of actually having a laser keyboard for typing on the go. Although narrow laptop keyboards kind of defeat the purpose of this gadget as we constantly take along our laptop wherever we go, but this gizmo is cool stuff.

If you are opting to have an additional keyboard especially with a tablet or smartphone, it could be something to look into. And then maybe have some cool Jedi moves as you type away.

Touch Screen Everywhere

Now that touch technology is here, the bizarre world of remote controls for operating gadgets and the inability of devices unresponsive to “touch” leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. There is this constant desire to make devices have a more meaningful interaction with us. This wish can be realized by enabling the touch screen function on laptops, TV screens, monitors and every possible display.

And after all why not?

If performing functions can be easier, it adds up to the user experience. And a wholesome user experience means more interaction, higher retention and overall better sales for companies.

Nowadays, the trend for making every screen a touch device is something that is gaining popularity. Consumers want their device interaction simplified. It’s like having your toddler sit next to you and touch your laptop screen hoping for it to act like a tablet or a mobile device.

A touch screen sparks up a gadget and makes it feel new all over again.

Futuristic Tech Gadgets [Infographic]
Futuristic Tech Gadgets [Infographic]

Scanner in Mouse

Big machines such as printers and photocopiers are like Nokia 3310s. They are old, grumpy and not relevant thanks to recent technology spurts. However, think about this one – a scanner in the mouse. This app takes pictures and pretends them to be scans. As long as it serves the purpose, it seems right?

Even the resolution of the scanned image is great as some of these scanners can scan up to 400dpi. Built inside a mouse, you just have to press the scan button that is usually built on one side of it. By swiping in any direction, watch the text and images appear instantly on the computer screen. Tiny Scanner is cool and at the same time rids of big old machines to help with the scanning tasks.

Pen Drive Key

Do you ever feel scared at the thought of your pen drive content falling into the wrong hands? Now think you are a company doing business with different customers and multiply that fear by a thousand. What if the data of your customers that you had saved in the pen drive goes into the wrong hands? Not only it is a security breach but can also result in a possible lawsuit coming your way.

With a pen drive key, you can feel assured that your displaced flash drive will be good for nothing. Without entering the pin code, its data access is something next to impossible by the thief.

Tech Gadgets transforming Everyday Life Smart

As technology evolves, so does the hunger for the next big trend to take up the consumer market by storm. As the world awaits 5G technology – there will be many kinds of AR, VR, IoT concept-oriented products in the market that will be tested by customers. Already, customers are heavily reliant on their smart devices for various purposes. And this reliance will continue as a means for several devices to hit the market in the near future.

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