Modern socializing is all about staying in touch via numerous apps and messengers. Is there a real need for round-the-clock communication or do we exaggerate its importance? So, that’s where digital detox can help us in balancing our virtual and real lives in 2024.

Think about it, we reduce the time for sleeping and doing sports just to keep up with virtual reality. Whether you want to admit it or not, this also affects your work and life balance. Without adopting some healthy practices of digital detox in our lives, we risk ending up burnt out and unmotivated.

The digital revolution has transformed our lives. Moreover, businesses have evolved thanks to the connected nature of websites and mobile apps. They are serving users in a much better way for the collective benefit of both sides.

But still, we must dedicate a period in a week to old-fashioned offline activities. Believe us, it won’t disappoint you. The era of digital detox is knocking on your door and you have to open to it and embrace it.

Tips for Digital Detox to balance Real-Life successfully
Tips for Digital Detox to balance Real-Life successfully

What is a digital detox?

The term “detox” which was traditionally used for body cleanse, is now used for mental cleanse as well. It makes perfect sense if you realize that your physical state heavily depends on the mental one. Want it or not, but your brain is always reacting to excess information.

You may not see it right away. But with time, you feel constant fatigue and apathy towards everything. Digital detox is not something most doctors prescribe.

Have you lost interest in hobbies? Do you have no mood for watching a movie? Can’t your nerves handle work as it seems to go over the roof?

These are all potential consequences of information overdose and signs that you need a digital detox. If you want the numbers, check out the screen time on your favorite gadget. So, it will tell you about your addiction to digital devices and apps.

Imagine that your brain has to switch on every time you need to focus on anything. For example, looking at the colorful photos of travel vacations of your friends. Or you’re surfing through dashing profiles on some dating sites. These actions take a lot of energy and attention, so that’s why you need to digitally detoxify the brain.

Best ways to do a digital detox to return to real life

Worries aside, you can change it by incorporating some basic tactics of digital detox during 2024.

  • Identify reasons for a digital detox
  • Choose suitable digital detox strategies
  • List the tasks to perform without gadgets
  • Try some digital detox apps
Best ways to do a digital detox to return to real life
Best ways to do a digital detox to return to real life

Now, we discuss these approaches that can assist you to digitally detoxify now.

Identify reasons for a digital detox

It’s good to look for articles online for explanations of why social media and 24/7 engagement with technology harms people. However, you must analyze your status quo. Thus, think of what bothers you and see how you can fix it.

What part of the day is the most intense with the use of the phone? How much time do you spend in communication via emails, SMS, and chats? What sacrifices are you willing to make to improve your wellbeing and yet be on top of things?

These are all individual characteristics and nobody knows you better than yourself. No doubt the benefits of a digital detox are countless. Yet, these digital detox instructions are diverse and at times too sophisticated.

You may not be as involved in your virtual life as others, yet certain modifications are needed. Compared to a blogger you might just be an average phone addict. So, all you need is less virtual and more live communication.

Your digital detox tactics don’t have to be painful and shouldn’t take much effort. It is much more simple than mastering a new craft. Take it easy and find out what digital detox guidelines you are comfortable with. In the end, you do it for your own sake.

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Choose suitable digital detox strategies

The existence of a thousand and one rule doesn’t mean that they all can work for you. Your lifestyle is unique and some digital detox tips will be pointless. Thus, pick few tactics and try to follow them.

If they’re uncomfortable for you, move on to other ones. For instance, take the recommendation to go to a black and white screen. If you work at night, that idea won’t work well for your eyes.

You need light and as much color as possible. So, disregard this digital detox rule and do something else. Worry not, as there are plenty of suggestions that you can consider.

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List the tasks to perform without gadgets

There must be a dozen things you do offline. Choose the most interesting ones and list them all in your planner. Then, include them in your digital detox plan.

So, you can take a break from your phone or laptop without missing out on something. Regardless of your location, there is always something you can do without your phone. As an example, you can take a walk and enjoy nature on your way to work.

The more you practice this tip, the easier it gets. Since you learn to make time for things that you can do by disconnecting from gadgets and apps. Moreover, you will start enjoying your break from the virtual world.

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Try some digital detox apps

This may sound funny at the outset. But your smartphone can give you a hand with implementing the digital detox strategy. Today, your beloved devices have several features that can aid you with reducing their usage.

In case, you want more than your phone’s generic functions. Then, you can get an app like Flipd, or Forest. They serve as your screen time tracking assistant.

Build an app to stop mobile addiction
Build an app to stop mobile addiction


Balancing all the spheres of life isn’t an easy task and there is no master plan for it. Because every individual has different needs. Luckily, there is an abundance of digital detox solutions for any of them.

For sure, you cannot create a comprehensive plan right away. As it takes time and you will hit a few bumps on the road. Eventually, you will make your strategy to digitally detoxify more workable and efficient.

In the end, life is about enjoying and not suffering. It doesn’t matter if you work in a virtual world or you have a job where you face people daily. Presently, most of us have no skills of creating harmony between all the activities in life.

Some famous sayings convey this vibe. You need to love what you do and then you will not work even one second of your life. The same applies to any digital detoxing activity. You do not have to follow the ones you hate. Hence, make a choice and enjoy it. Does it sound doable?

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