Information Technology and Computing have paved the way for various inventions that are now an indelible part of our lives. As a result, our mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, laptops are a source of constant ease in our daily routine. We excessively rely on these devices for information, entertainment, connecting with others or even playing games. As a result, we have Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as essential elements in the world of computing. Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning remains an important consideration for companies that like to benefit from latest technology trends in the decade of 2020.

This reliance is the reason there is continuous innovation in technology. Devices are getting smarter, so are the software programs. Take the example of Siri and Alexa. These are our personal assistants who not only provide us valuable information but interact with us in real-time.

And then imagine the volume of queries and responses they provide to a huge number of users simultaneously without any interruption, or halt in the interaction. This seamless behavior and responsiveness make the software so impeccable and a marvel for users. Technology is changing us for the better but this reliance makes more sense when we look at the behind scenes and find out that AI and ML are the dominant factors in driving the show.

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning - What is the Difference
Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning – What is the Difference

Often the terms of artificial intelligence and machine learning are used interchangeably. While, both are closely related, but AI and ML are not the same. A complete Information Technology Services Company uses latest trends like AI & ML to provide best solutions to smart businesses to keep them ahead of the competition. We will now take a closer look at Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning differentiation and help you derive distinguishable meaning of both terms.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Remember those cool science fiction (sci-fi) movies where you saw robots, or androids interacting with humans? That is what artificial intelligence generally is implied to be. However, for now we are quite far off from having a human-looking robot talk to us.

For now, actual devices communicate or interact with us through artificial intelligence (AI) in a way so that the interaction is more natural or human-like. For example, chatbots, and Google Maps, etc. These apps or software aid us in our operations by providing us a very close semblance to human-like interaction.

What is Artificial Intelligence
What is Artificial Intelligence

Integration of AI with other Concepts

For Artificial Intelligence to really work, there are a lot of other concepts that are part of this big fish. For example, there is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) that can help in providing simulation for users to get a look and feel of the product without actually interacting with it in “reality”, through the use of immersive technology.

The Big Data or Data Analytics is another such concept that greatly aids in AI-built devices. So, any data without being interpreted is not useful. That’s where you apply these concepts to extract information that can benefit us. For example, knowing that there is a traffic jam in your route to your favorite restaurant and suggesting an alternate route can be a vital information rather than just having your app suggest you a route that causes 20-minute delay to your destination.

Nowadays, the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is also a much talked about discussion. AI plays an integral role in elevating IoT as the way devices communicate with each other and give users a customized response in accordance to the user behavior is the next level of personalization in products.

So, we might be a long way off from having human-like robots sitting and walking among us. But still, Artificial Intelligence is dictating a lot of our daily lives’ decisions nowadays. Be it taking the route to a destination, the dress we would like to order or the sofa we want in our living room.

What is Machine Learning?

No, this isn’t the Matrix! Machines are not coming to attack us and we certainly don’t want to go head to head with them. In a debate between Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning, we often just shred down to the very basic level of devices that we use for performing various functions.

On the very elementary level – the construct of these devices is primarily machine-like. So, by definition, these machines are used for performing operations. Any kind of programming, coding, or development of these machines require communicating with them in their own language where you jot down lines of code in machine language.

What is Machine Learning
What is Machine Learning

The primary concept behind machine learning is to allow machines or devices to learn from data or past experiences without being explicitly programmed to do so. Therefore, all the interactions, data or information is meant to be stored and then be efficiently utilized in making smarter decisions over the due course of time.

Predicting the Result with ML

In a way, Machine Learning can be termed as subset of Artificial Intelligence. However, it is also about utilizing structured or semi-structured data in a model for generating accurate result or predicting future outcomes.

The most common example of machine learning comes in form of smart algorithms that are usually coded for identifying patterns and better decision-making. Google search algorithms, Facebook auto friend tagging suggestion etc. are some of the examples that can be quoted for machine learning. The more information these tools have, the better they get overtime. So, the driver behind them is more data that makes them get more efficient over passage of time.

So, machine learning (ML) is all about identifying patterns that can then be used for further purposes. At times, you want to know spending patterns of consumers and their preferences so that you can offer them appropriate products and services for a higher sale. That is where ML can come in handy and help you in getting accurate results over a certain period of time.

Need the AI and ML enabled Software solutions
Need the AI and ML enabled Software solutions


In today’s connected world, it’s all about precision and constant reinvention. Artificial Intelligence at one hand, leverages you in creating a lot of innovative products and services to capture the market. Whereas, Machine Learning enables you to get more accurate results and predict patterns over a certain period of time. Both of these concepts if implemented correctly, can be very useful for a higher ROI.

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