Imagine a world where everything is interconnected. Remember those sci-fi films where mind reading seemed something so simple with your simple requirements of food, dry clothes, thirst were sufficed by machines or devices without you explicitly asking for any of those things? Guess what? We are reaching that stage. Thanks to the concept of Internet of Everything (IoE) which allows us to bring together the idea of people, processes and data to work together for making things possible.

This term and concept are very recent and a universal set of Internet of Things (IoT) which is all about allow customization of devices or things to work for us. However, IoE systems are about creating this intricate web of everything together. Businesses understand that IoE based software development solutions will be the future of products and services offered to the users.

What is Internet of Everything - Impact of IoE
What is Internet of Everything – Impact of IoE

Pillars of Internet of Everything

The following are the four components of the Internet of Everything (IoE). These will continue playing role in the digital revolution on business, industry and other fronts; in the decade of 2020.

  • People
  • Data
  • Things
  • Processes

Let’s now have a look at 4 bastions of Internet of Everything in depth.


For starters, the first pillar includes people who are the actual actors, and the end-users for getting services. In today’s world, consumers are impatient and want instant fulfillment of their requirements. Consequently, companies are quick in bringing products and services that help aid them in banking consumers as users have very less attention span.

It is for the people in the wide consumer market that connectivity of such broad range has become evident. Imagine only a decade ago, most of us were still offline or did not bother remaining on the Internet. Now, it has become impossible to be offline.

Today it is as necessary to us as oxygen because it allows us to reach out, stay informed and remain entertained. All these factors are possible because of staying connected which is why IoE software will be the future.


Once, the user has input something on the devices – that input is useless until it is interpreted. Only then it becomes something of higher value which is usually termed as “information”.

With a huge influx of consumer data input across several IoE enabled software, it is important to correctly analyze and construe information with accurate insights. This is a crucial step as it helps in understanding user data and knowing what they require at what time.

By analyzing data, it is possible to then go ahead in providing a customizable user experience and also finding out common elements between users of with similar attributes such as age, gender, location, nationality etc.

Pillars of Internet of Everything
Pillars of Internet of Everything


Thanks to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other machines such as smart watches, users are now constantly connected to the Internet which makes them completely accessible to services. You must have noticed smart watches that detect the steps taken by users. These are popular for athletes or health conscious individuals who want to stay fit and active.

These smart devices are able to sense, record and gather data which is the impetus for carrying out the processes. So, these devices are like the carriers for allowing humans to interact and on basis of the input certain actions take place.

It would not be wrong to call these devices the foundation for IoE solutions. The common pillar between Internet of Everything and Internet of Things (IoT) is Things (physical devices).


The real enactment of the Internet of Everything software comes into motion through processes. These are the software programs that are executed for analyzing the data and then putting up a set of commands to be run every time a certain input is entered by the user.

So, this is like a blueprint of steps to do on a certain call. Imagine a flowchart with a beginning an end and in the middle are the steps you take to traverse as you go along the path.

Industry-wide Embrace for IoE

Some of the industries have already adopted IoE conceptually and practically. For example, health industry can greatly benefit from this science which is accurate, and helps to even predict an ailing patient before they reach a stage of irrevocable damage. Similarly, transportation or airlines can detect faulty aircraft or accident-prone routes.

If machines can interact with each other, then they can also send data and sense the imminent issue that is about to prevail. This in itself is a risk mitigation plan which should allow people to be at lesser risk and remain safe with minimum damage or loss of life.

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Craving for IoE incorporated Software solution
Craving for IoE incorporated Software solution


It is all about higher engagement, knowing what customers want and providing instant gratification as per their requirements. Thanks to IoE software solutions, this all becomes a possibility.

The world of technology has embraced AI, Big data, AR/VR, Blockchain and other assorted concepts. Their gathering is translated in the form of Internet of Everything. Allowing drawing on a great canvas, IoE is further re-shaping the world and taking it to newer heights.

The capability of knowing more and predicting future outcomes is the way forward. As often put: the best way to predict the future is to invent it. The world will be never the same where human interaction is greatly enhanced by devices, processes and the input by users themselves. The greater insights will continuously evolve how we perceive products and services which will become more efficient and customer-oriented.

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