However innovative, attractive and high-quality your mobile app may be, like it or not, the way you market it will have a crucial effect on the success of your mobile app. Unfortunately, bad marketing strategies can sink even the best of apps – and vice versa – sometimes subpar apps can make it, thanks to their smart and effective marketing strategies. An effective content marketing campaign for mobile app can make it the next big thing on the app stores.

As similar as mobile app marketing is to other forms of digital marketing, it still has specific nuances which a lot of marketers don’t factor into their strategy. Mobile app marketing has its own rules and audiences are expecting a different type of content to actually get convinced they want to download an app.

In this regard, mobile app marketing is very special and delicate, and you will probably need to test and tweak before you find the perfect formula for success. Luckily, you can use the experience of others to help you.

So, to make the best out of your next mobile app marketing campaign, make sure to follow these tips and tricks. An experienced Information Technology Services firm can help companies in mobile app development and mobile app marketing.

How to run Content Marketing Campaign for Mobile App
How to run Content Marketing Campaign for Mobile App

Start promoting Content before Mobile App launch

Marketing your app with the “impression -> download -> retain” funnel in mind seems intuitive, but you can also see a lot of benefits in marketing your mobile app before the launch itself. As soon as you finish the concept for your app, do research on who’s your target audience, the appeal of the app, “pitch ideas” etc.

People love the appeal of the new and fresh. Giving “trailers” and hints of your app’s soon-to-be launch can create an atmosphere of positive anticipation and curiosity. You can publish coming-soon blog posts and articles in popular industry magazines and websites. This way, you will get some traction and your brand will get recognition even before you actually launch the app.

Must-do App Store Optimization for Higher Search Rankings

Apple Store and Google Play use various factors like ratings, titles, download, etc. in their ranking algorithm. Similarly to general SEO, your app store optimization efforts can bring you a significant portion of organic users, who are more likely to be returning users.

The first thing you can do is to optimize the title of your mobile app. If you are not sure how to do that, you can consult expert writers at Studicus, who can tell you more about writing titles.

The important thing is to be concise and use appropriate keywords in title, rather than a brand name. Yes, if you can include brand name in title, then it will be good for loyalty. But preference should be given to identifying user intent, and using it in title with right keyword. Title tags and meta description must be persuasive and should entice users in clicking and navigating to the mobile app or web-page.

Choosing the category of your mobile app carefully is also of great value. It could become lost and looked over if you categorize it wrongly, but more popular categories could also bring you a bigger reach.

The important thing is to find the balance between the two goals. Place your app in a popular category of apps in higher demand, while specify its actual purpose to reach the users who are actively searching for something like your mobile app.

Must-do App Store Optimization for Higher Search Rankings
Must-do App Store Optimization for Higher Search Rankings

It’s all about Influencers

In the world of digital marketing, using “influencers” as part of your marketing strategy seems like a fresh and growing popular method. However, if you think about it, word of mouth and influencers are as old as marketing itself.

The reason for that is that people are proven to be more likely to purchase, use or promote something which is being promoted by a person they like or trust. Reach out to bloggers who review and post about mobile apps, especially the ones in your app’s domain.

Write Content more Regularly and Consistently

If you want to reap the maximum benefits from your mobile app’s blog section and attract organic visitors, you need to post frequently. This means that you will have to search far and wide to find blog post ideas for hundreds of topics, all in your niche.

All the effort is definitely worth it in the long run. If you manage to attract visitors from search engines with your content, chances are already high that they will convert. Because they are already interested, you just need to convince them to download.

Analyze the Metrics

The best insight you can receive about your content and how it is performing with your target audience is to take a look at the analytics. Luckily, everything can be properly monitored and analyzed nowadays.

So you are able to get precise info about your website visitors and their behavior, as well as social media likes, follows and engagement. Even though it seems straightforward, sometimes it can be complicated to correctly interpret what the analytics are telling you.

For example, your mobile app might have a high download rate, but a low number of active users. This can mean that your content really attracts users and convinces them to download your app, which is of-course great. But the mobile app itself is not that useful or valuable to them, to keep them engaged in using it continuously.

Make it Viral and Clickable

Finally, make sure that everything you post as a marketing technique for your mobile app is something that people will actually click on. There is no shame in packaging posts and headlines in such a way that helps attract more users.

You just need to back it up with high-quality content to match. The wonders of good content for a mobile app marketing campaign cannot be emphasized enough.

If one of your posts goes viral, there are very good chances that your mobile app will, too. You can even help it get there by using influencers or additional investment in paid ads.

Need a Mobile App to be Developed and Marketed
Need a Mobile App to be Developed and Marketed


Executing a successful content marketing campaign for mobile app can be complicated. Because you are probably surrounded by other tasks and activities before, around and after the launch of the mobile app.

Still, the marketing dimension should never be neglected. Because it is a shame when a great mobile app fails due to poor marketing. Follow these tips to make sure that does not happen to your app.

Do you want a mobile app developed and marketed? Give your mobile app the best chances of success and put it way ahead of competition. Talk with Techliance for finding all possibilities.