Globally, websites and mobile apps are an indispensable part of today’s everyday life and professional work. Nowadays, businesses rarely commence developing a website or mobile application without design. That’s where design tools help in visualizing mockups and sketches in 2024.

The first and foremost step of any design is to draft the ideas and place different elements on one page. In case, you want to draw the wireframes for your mobile app or website. Then, many design tools make the process quick and easy.

Realize that design works as a blueprint for the actual application. Today, the importance of user-centric design for any modern application is more than ever. A proper layout improves the customer experience manifolds.

15 top Design Tools for implementing scalable UI/UX
15 top Design Tools for implementing scalable UI/UX

15 best Designing Tools to draw robust websites/apps

Here are the leading design tools in the tech industry internationally for prototyping websites and mobile apps during 2024.

  • Figma
  • UXPin
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • InVision Freehand
  • Justinmind
  • MockPlus
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD
  • Mockingbird
  • Pencil
  • OmniGraffle
  • iRise
  • Axure
  • Pidoco
  • ForeUI

Now, we briefly discuss these chief designing tools ruling the technology sector worldwide and in the United States.


This is one of the powerful and free-of-cost cloud-based tools. Figma tends to have many features that work splendidly with both individual designers and teams. The actual process of wireframing in Figma is quick and straightforward.

According to their specifications and requirements, android app developers can include the UI components, create artboards, and add shapes. Also, they can even add some prototyping if they want. Figma is one of the premier design tools that stand out because of its team collaboration opportunities.


One of the absolute favorite design tools of many designers is UXPin. This tool is highly recommended to those who are in the learning stage of wireframing. Its rich feature is quite challenging for many designers but the effort that is spent on learning it pays off.

UXPin allows the users to start the wireframing process with a built-in library of user interface (UI) elements. They can be directly dragged and dropped onto the canvas. One of the topmost benefits of this tool is that it offers high-fidelity wireframes. So that users can have a flow and functionality without spending tons and tons of time on the primary components.

Adobe Photoshop

It is one of the prime design tools that can handle almost everything. From digital painting to photo editing, Adobe Photoshop can fulfill all the tasks effectively and efficiently. A multitude of graphic designing professionals gives utmost importance and priority to this tool.

Amongst the advantages of using this tool for wireframing includes its ability to create high-fidelity mockups. That too without any need for switching design systems. Adobe Photoshop remains among the evergreen design tools in the arsenal of designing professionals universally and in the USA.

InVision Freehand

One of the primary wireframing tools is InVision Freehand, and it is worth trying. This is among the ideally suitable choices if you either want to create or markup your wireframes. Furthermore, with it contribution and revision become easy.


This tool is easy to learn, and users throughout the globe enjoy using it. Justinmind empowers users to create a wireframe that works as a prototype from the very beginning. This highly versatile tool has interactive prototype elements (dropdowns, text inputs, and so on).

Justinmind is one of the easiest design tools for creating and sharing realistic wireframes. This can save time while working on any specific project. It makes Justinmind a phenomenal tool for anyone willing to get real and in-depth feedback on their wireframe designs.

15 best Designing Tools to draw robust websites & apps
15 best Designing Tools to draw robust websites & apps


This is a wireframing tool that adds notes and documentation to every element in your design. Alongside, MockPlus gives users room to create and save documentation. So, the tasks are linearly assigned to the designated members in time.


The sketch is one of the powerful and lightweight designing tools for wireframing purposes. Its interface is simpler and intuitive than many other wireframing tools. Therefore, designers use the sketch tool for creating wireframes quickly.

That too with an amalgamation of artboards and vector design shapes. When you download the Sketch application, you will notice that there are no built-in components. Thus, users have to design their components as a part of their wireframing process.

Adobe XD

Remember that Adobe products are well-known for their feature-heavy components. Likewise, they also stand apart because of their easy-to-use process of creating wireframes. The moment users open the Adobe XD tool, they will find many interactive onboarding lightboxes. So, this free-of-cost tool enables designers to make unlimited prototypes.


This wireframing tool allows for a seamless transition. Mockingbird has a drag and drops feature that allows you to link numerous mockups together. This way users can see how mockups complement one another and, if necessary, they can rearrange them.


It is a free wireframing tool that enables users to create diagrams and GUI prototypes. Pencil project by Evolus has a multitude of useful features. For example, built-in stencils, and inter-page linking that helps designers come up with innovative wireframing designs.


Next up, OmniGraffle is an award-winning and easy-to-use tool. This plays a major role in producing graphics, diagrams, mockups, and more. Also, it offers ultimate customizability to the designers.

So that users can tweak every detail of their design. The latest edition of this tool offers a new layout engine. Thus, it means your design process is much more varied and rapid than ever before.


The stakes for designers are a little higher in this world. Consequently, multinational companies have to ensure that they get their development rights at the first end. iRise specializes in web development for many businesses.

This tool stimulates the workflow processes and behavioral patterns of people. It does so by amalgamating the input of all stakeholders in one order. As a result, there is a website prototype of how pages and applications should work.


It is one of the fully interactive designing tools available in the market. Axure gives absolute freedom to designers to design, create, and test prototypes and wireframes. Furthermore, a drag and drop feature of this tool allows users to assemble the wireframing easily.

And that too without any need for coding. Designers can share all the projects with the developers. So, different people can simultaneously work on the same projects.


Just in case, remote access is a pivotal feature in your designing process. Then, Pidoco is a useful tool for you. This wireframing tool assists users to come up with clickable prototypes and wireframes.


It is a tool that is particularly designed for creating UI prototypes easily and rapidly. ForeUI caters to the different specifications and needs of different clients. This tool offers multi-platform functionality as well as impressive usability testing.

Create a performant user-facing application
Create a performant user-facing application

Wrap Up

All the aforementioned design tools are highly recommended for creating wireframes. However, which tool is ideally suitable for you depends on your experience. Also, the way you want to work on your procedure of designing mockups or prototypes.

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