These days, the demand for professional websites with good web design is on the rise globally and in the USA. Especially with the growth of online businesses and the warm embrace of modern tech-savvy users. Companies must prevent web design mistakes for making better websites that efficiently serve customers during 2024.

A well-designed website supports business progress by making a positive impression on potential users. It converts them into customers and convinces them to perform the desired actions. On the other hand, making mistakes in designing a website can degrade your best efforts.

When you are creating a website on your own, then you’re like to commit several web design mistakes. Therefore, seek help from professional designers and programmers for developing a website with quality. This will ensure you will sidestep basic web design mistakes easily.

Common web design mistakes to avoid for better websites
Common web design mistakes to avoid for better websites

Worst web design errors to overcome for quality websites

Even many skillful designers make elementary web design mistakes sometimes. Thus, it is important for everyone, not just beginners, to understand how to avoid such errors. Below is the checklist you need to follow as you design a website in 2024.

  • Not limiting usage of fonts and colors
  • Disregarding mobile responsiveness
  • Missing strong call-to-actions
  • Too much or not adequate content
  • Inconsistent logo design
  • Poorly built or irrelevant images
  • Very large visual sizes
  • Overlooking the budget
  • Not secure website
  • Excluding cross-browser compatibility

Here, we briefly discuss these web design mistakes that businesses must prevent.

Not limiting usage of fonts and colors

The first step in achieving a clean, professional, and trendy website design is limiting the use of colors or fonts. Always remember that 1-2 colors are sufficient. Using too many and different tones results in a cluttered and unpleasant webpage.

Next, avoid the use of various font styles and sizes. Again, the use of 2 styles is adequate for fonts. One for the headlines and the other for the body text.

Ensure that you select the standard font size as well. Keep the header to a maximum of 55 pixels. Also, keep the body text to a maximum of 18 pixels.

Disregarding mobile responsiveness

In several industries, users prefer to browse websites or make purchases using their mobile devices. This simply states the importance of web designers to prioritize mobile-friendliness, which they do not do. Aside from fonts and colors, spacing is an issue that designers must address to ensure website compatibility with multiple devices.

Moreover, images make up the majority of the website’s backdrop parts. Realize that mobile phones are very thin than other devices. So, change the image alignment to make it seem excellent on them as well.

Otherwise, the website will appear cluttered. You should bear in mind that some features aren’t available on mobile devices. Accordingly, look for some alternatives that can work on smartphones.

Missing strong call-to-actions

Businesses must make the call-to-action (CTA) stand out and easy to detect. However, having a lot of CTAs can confuse the consumers. Use powerful CTAs to convince website visitors and direct them to specific actions that you want them to perform.

You can show a strong CTA as a prominent tab on the website. Though, the most important thing is to have at least one compelling CTA. Don’t go for basic CTAs like “Contact Us” or “Click Here” please.

Use the action buttons like “Instant Download”, “Free Trial”, “Immediate Estimate”, and “Limited Time Offer”, etc. Overall, keep your main CTAs as appealing as possible. Add urgency in your CTAs with strong action words to encourage users for conversions.

Worst web design errors to overcome for quality websites
Worst web design errors to overcome for quality websites

Too much or not adequate content

The layout and length of content have a considerable impact on the overall look and feel of a website. A lot of textual content without purpose can get overwhelming. While a lack of content may make you appear unprofessional.

Long-form content performs better with both users and search engines. Properly arrange your content with headings, paragraphs, bullet lists, photos, videos, design components, and other features. Just stay away from lengthy blocks of not informative plain text.

Inconsistent logo design

Today, it’s pointless to have an inconsistent logo that doesn’t match the website or business message. Contracting the same company for designing the logo and website is useful. You can opt for WordPress web development services for your next project.

Keep the logo colors you use compatible with the branding of the website. Don’t pick any random hues or make casual judgments about what will and won’t look well. Ensure the logo is designed with a high-quality resolution, and remember it must have the ideal size.

Poorly built or irrelevant images

We all know how valuable graphics and images are in website design. Properly designed images can help users better understand the marketing message. In contrast, poorly created visuals can confuse visitors.

Unfortunately, many businesses continue to ignore the importance of pictures, opting for irrelevant and low-quality images. So, you should stop clogging up the website with too many photos. Because this will divert users’ attention away from CTAs and reduce sales.

Tip: Challenges in Website projects and solutions

Very large visual sizes

No doubt, quality is supreme when it comes to producing visuals. But recall too big images have large file sizes. They are heavy on your web servers and are a concern for your website hosting bandwidth.

We also need to take into account the users accessing websites on mobile devices. Yes, the usage of smartphones is increasing worldwide and in the United States. But we can’t brush off the people possessing feature phones.

Overlooking the budget

Setting the wrong budget for a project can turn into the most costly error of all. When businesses overlook budget estimates, project expenses rise unexpectedly. Dealing with expenditures that exceed the budget gets costly to both the project and the company’s finances.

This can become a concern particularly for small to mid-sized businesses and startups. As a result, it is vital to avoid such budgeting costs. Take essential measures to control project spendings to make it feasible and successful.

Not secure website

Always keep in mind that your website must avoid displaying a major warning message such as “not secure”. In case, a notice like this appears every time a visitor comes to the website. Then, it will become more vulnerable to cyberattacks seemingly.

This will also detract from visitors’ interest in your website. Furthermore, it impacts the SEO performance of websites. Installing an SSL certificate on your website is the solution.

Excluding cross-browser compatibility

The design, which includes information, necessitates creativity that you can achieve at any time. Once, the development process is over, it’s critical to evaluate the website’s design compliance with several browsers. This assists in determining potential problems in the user experience as well.

For instance, which CTAs aren’t functioning as expected, what improvements are required, and more. One of the most commonplace website project blunders that many developers make is failing to perform browser compatibility checks. They believe that as the website is functional, so such checks are no longer necessary.

Nevertheless, it is not a good strategy and may negatively impact the website’s efficiency. Hence, always test the website and make sure it’s bug-free. This enables you to circumvent any performance issues after the website launch.

Make a website with bug-free design
Make a website with bug-free design


Nowadays, a website is every company’s most valuable asset. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep it uncluttered and the one that guests will remember. But to achieve so, you’ll need to evade these web design mistakes as soon as possible.

Don’t worry, these website design pitfalls are simple to bypass and correct. So, we’ve made it simple by listing above the design flaws and how to avoid them. Act upon our suggestions for solving errors in your website design projects.

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