Technology advancement is taking place across different industries in 2024. Healthcare is taking maximum information about patients to know more about their behaviors, disease patterns, and thus improve care. Therefore, IoT wearables and medical devices for healthcare have brought revolution in disease prevention and diagnosis.

Nowadays, wearable technology has become a disruptive solution in the healthcare industry.

From simple health bands to complex medical devices, wearables now offer strong support in patient-care.

Wearable devices are playing a significant role in collecting essential information about patient health.

Thus, they help healthcare providers to deliver the right treatment and take necessary preventive measures to optimize the outcome.

The IoT wearables and medical devices for healthcare are equally useful for the patients and health practitioners.

360-degree software solutions providers can deliver IoT wearable tech and smart medical solutions for healthcare.

IoT Wearables and Medical Devices for Healthcare
IoT Wearables and Medical Devices for Healthcare

Wireless Patient Monitoring

For any healthcare organization, remote patient monitoring is becoming a top priority now.

In addition, this helps them save costs and time in providing effective healthcare services.

Such wearables make life easier for medical professionals too.

For example, some of such wireless patient monitoring solution can keep a track of patient’s movement and position.

The wearable helps the caregivers to ensure the safety of the patients in a better manner.

Implementation of IoT in healthcare through the medium of wearables helps in achieving real-time monitoring of patients.

2024‘s best IoT Wearables and Medical Devices for Healthcare

The following are the finest IoT wearables and medical devices for healthcare to use in 2024.

Best IoT Wearables and Medical Devices for Healthcare
Best IoT Wearables and Medical Devices for Healthcare

Let’s discuss these in detail now.

KardiaMobile EKG

This personal EKG device by AliveCor is portable in nature.

People can use KardiaMobile EKG to save lives simply by keeping it in their pockets.

This device is capable to record EKG in just 30 seconds and pass it on to the smartphone.

It is FDA approved and can be used to detect normal heart rate, Tachycardia, Atrial Fibrillation, or Bradycardia.

Moreover, the data can be shared with medical professionals directly to get opinions and even tracked over time.

User needs to place the finger on the sensor and information will be collected in a few seconds.

Through this you don’t have to go with the messy way of getting information like using gels, patches or wires.

In October 2029, AliveCor announced getting in partnership with Huami smartwatches.

Together they plan to come up with a highly intelligent heart-healthcare platform in the arena of wearables.


The soft headband wearable SmartSleep from Philips has sensors and can be worn on the head.

This wearable lets to know more about the sleep needs of an individual and offer solutions accordingly.

For people who are looking for ways to improve their sleep, can use this wearable as a sleep analyzer.

Thus, it can help them in a great manner in terms of improving their sleep.

SmartSleep wearable can be used to monitor the sleep cycles.

So, it can help those individuals who sleep late or early, or have issues in getting enough sleep.

The wearable comes with audio tunes and can help in enhancing the duration and depth of sleep.

It is possible to log metrics related to one’s sleep by connecting an app with the wearable.

Therefore, tips and guidance can be received to get a good night’s sleep.

This makes this wearable a good device in terms of healthcare.


Smart ovulation monitoring bracelet AVA gives better insights into the health of women.

This wearable has to be used at night when sleeping.

AVA is all about tracking period cycles for women.

It provides you information about things like mensuration, ovulation, pregnancy, fertility, and women’s healthiness in general.

If a woman is pregnant, then she can use this wearable to know about her stress levels.

Additionally, females can also use AVA to analyze their sleep and weight.

Smart Hearing Aids

Since first invented, hearing aids have come a long way.

Fast forward to 2024, you have “smart hearing aids”, which have the best sensor technologies.

Some of the smart hearing aids are working in a direction to act more than just any hearing aid.

So, they can focus on specific sounds by filtering noise selectively.

Patients who face the issue of ringing in the ears, can benefit from such innovative and smart hearing aid.

Starkey Hearing Technologies has come up with its latest product named Livio AI hearing aids.

Additionally, it combines sensors and AI into wearable, to even track health metrics like heart rate, along-with helping with hearing.


Traditional thermometers are no more in the league.

Now you have TempTraq to measure the temperature of the babies.

You can do so in times of an illness, without any kind of interruptions, throughout the 24-hr cycle.

This temperature reader comes as a soft patch, and even Bluetooth sensors are embedded in it.

Besides, you can easily place this patch under the arm of the child.

It will keep on monitoring the fever of child without any hassle.

Hence, you will not have to check the temperature regularly at different intervals.

The best thing about the wearable is that it measures the temperature accurately.

This device meets the standard of ASTM E1112-00, the benchmark that clinical digital thermometers must fulfill.

Smart Stop

This intelligent device has been developed with the single aim of stopping people from smoking.

Smart Stop by Chrono Therapeutics detects the craving for cigarettes or nicotine by putting some algorithms to work.

This smart device comes with sensors that keep on monitoring the changes happening in the body.

So, this way it will deliver medicine to the users, which can help them to control their addiction.

It even comes with an application that provides information regarding ill-effects of smoking, and motivates smokers to quit it.

Mojo Lens

Using augmented reality to overlay information in front of your vision, Mojo Lens does so without stopping your original view.

Mojo Lens comes from a California based startup named Mojo Vision.

Here, the information is directly projected into your retina.

This clearly means you get to augment the things you see in the real world in different ways.

It will become possible to offer enhanced augmented reality experiences to the users.

Mojo Lens will do so by using image sensor, a compatible wearable and with some built-in image processing.

Therefore, users will have “hands-free” information available at their disposal all the time.


This is another patch that you can add in the list of wearables in the healthcare stream.

By attaching BioPatch from Zephyr Anywhere to the chest, it tracks different health parameters of the patients every minute.

If health condition of patient changes, then this patch will send message to the smartphones of the doctors and nurses.

Thus, medical practitioners can deliver healthcare at the earliest.

Moreover, such constant patient monitoring also allows the patient to know, when they can leave the hospital once stable.

Bling Smart Ring

This IoT-based wearable device comes from a Montreal-based startup.

Blinq brings to you a collection of wearable rings that is the perfect combination of function and class.

It has distinct features like fitness tracking, notifications with LED lights, and SOS distress feature.

Furthermore, this last function can send alert for you on Facebook.

Compared to general smartwatch, Blinq smart ring is light, easy to wear, and can join your jewelry collection.

It comes with 48 hours of battery life, is water-resistant, and is available in different styles and sizes.

Blinq smart rings work well with more than 150 iOS and Android apps.


Cyrcadia Health has developed iTBra, that helps in keeping track of the breast health.

The smart bra has sensors embedded in it, which analyzes the condition of the breast tissues.

Hence, Cyrcadia breast monitor can detect any anomalies in terms of breast cancer.

This intelligent bra comes with an application, which enables the continuous flow of information to the smart device.

So, this device can assist females in ensuring good health for their breasts.

Patient Identity Management

For delivering healthcare, proper patient identification becomes crucial.

Wrong diagnosis of the medical condition has increased mortality rate across the world.

Zebra Technologies based in UK has developed wearable devices, that can help with improved patient identity management.

This kind of wearable device comes with wristbands that have radio-frequency identification tags.

Such tags accompany digital images and records related to healthcare, and software which can help with image processing.

The system asks the doctors to use PDAs to check the wristbands of the patients before prepping for surgery.

This avoids any kind of miscommunication or mis-identification that can occur from the end of healthcare services.

Likewise, doctors get the up-to-date information about the patients.

Such kind of wearable can help the hospital to considerably reduce the human errors.

Digital Pill

In the case of mental health disorders, patients begin to stop taking medicines once they start to feel better.

In short, medical adherence remains the top issue when treating patients with such long-time disorders.

This is where you have the monitoring system from Proteus Digital Health.

Here, in this case, the digital pill that the patient takes comes with a sensor.

So, once the patient takes in the pill, the sensor in it sends a message to the wearable device.

From there the information is transmitted to an app on the smartphone.

Caregivers and physicians also have access to data from this app.

Thus, the digital pill assures that the patient is taking medicine regularly.

Need IoT Healthcare Tech and Smart Medical Solutions
Need IoT Healthcare Tech and Smart Medical Solutions

Final Thoughts

Wearables and such medical devices are going to stay here.

They have done well in helping with disease prevention, diagnosis at the right time, and helping take enough precautionary measures.

Emergence of technologies like Internet of Things makes the healthcare solutions more sophisticated; helps automate things and reduces human intervention.

As a result, it keeps the flow of data smoother, while protecting security and ensuring privacy.

Are you looking to craft IoT healthcare tech and smart medical solutions?

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