Nowadays, mobile phones are not a luxury, they have become a necessity. Smartphones have become a medium for everybody to look for learning, playing, entertainment, and even work in 2023. People want to spend their time on the mobile application categories reshaping world today.

The virtual world has been in our reality for the past few decades. But people have only started noticing it recently, due to restrictions to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, when we have no place to go out, we surely have mobile phones as companions.

Today, businesses can make mobile apps for serving users in a better way. So, many mobile applications are worth their development in a situation like this to aid individuals in a better way. People don’t need the virtual world for wasting their valuable time. If we realize the importance of it, there is a lot to climb on.

Best Mobile Application categories reshaping World
Best mobile application categories reshaping world

Top types of mobile apps transforming world

Arguably, mobile apps can be the best place for learning too. In recent events, the use of a few mobile applications are changing the world into something we hadn’t imagined. Businesses and users both want to know the best mobile application categories reshaping world through 2023. Here are some of such sectors, where mobile apps will keep serving humans now and in the future years.

So, let’s see the mobile application categories reshaping world for the collective good of everyone.

Food and Grocery

Fundamentally, food is the quintessential factor in all our lives to survive. Sometimes, everyone gets a little craving of eating food from outside. So, it would be fun if food can come to us rather than us going out to have it.

Food ordering/delivery apps like Doordash and Uber Eats are already doing the needful with their services. They have already set a standard in the food delivery industry in the virtual world of the United States. In contrast, you have Instacart and Walmart Grocery to deliver necessary groceries from the virtual cart to your home basket.

And there is always a place for new startups in every niche. If we talk about the UK, then Mr. Cod which is developed by Techliance is a good example. Thus, you stand a chance in the food/grocery delivery sector. As people will get used to the comfort of ordering food and grocery from home.


Primarily, education is among the top priorities for every individual these days. Now, due to smart lockdowns owing to COVID-19, stepping outside and gathering have become a problem. How can we stay behind in learning due to these reasons?

Remember that it is the age of technology and digital transformation. You can’t stop learning, otherwise, you will leave behind. So, education has to resume regardless of the situation. This is where eLearning and blended learning come calling.

The virtual world understands the significance of learning. Hence, educational apps like Google Classroom and ClassDojo have been very encouraging. Also, video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet are playing a part here. Online education apps like Udemy and edX are helpful as well.

Technology is also revamping disabled learning for differently-abled persons. Techliance-powered SigningTime is a great illustration of this use case. Similarly, new players in this category can shape the world of education in every way possible.

Top Types of Mobile Apps transforming World
Top types of mobile apps transforming world

Medical Care

Prescriptions come along with taking care of health. Earlier a medical store was more convenient to pick up medicines while we were on our way. But what about now, when we can’t step out thanks to COVID-19?

Isn’t it that we might need medications on our doorstep? This is where pharmacy delivery services come to the rescue. These days, many pharmacy delivery applications like Amazon pharmacy and SingleCare are making our lives easier in difficult times.

Similarly, online healthcare services and telemedicine apps are also handy in this regard. For example, Teladoc and Doctor on Demand are telehealth apps that are revolutionizing medical care. As always, there is room for new entrants to make a foray here as well.

Developing countries like Pakistan are also riding on the bandwagon. Digital healthcare solutions and telemedicine applications like Marham are good examples. People are embracing online medical care solutions due to COVID-19.


It was different when the majority of us indulged in physical activities before the lockdown and our health was in check. Today, the picture of being healthy isn’t the same anymore. As we seldom move from the bed and work desk.

How likely aren’t we prone to gain weight? Of course, we are very probable to put on weight. That’s where fitness apps encourage people to walk/run a few miles or do some exercise. Mobile apps like Google Fit, Apple Fitness+, and Fitbit are the right step here.

These applications need to motivate an individual with some sort of reward. They can inspire people to share the fitness activity with others. For that apps like StepSetGo and Strava are setting up a mark with their contribution to improving health.

Don’t we think living healthily is essential? At present, IoT wearables, medical devices, and fitness trackers are also becoming necessary. New businesses can also cash on the potential in this market.

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Sometimes the brain requires stimulation to keep the world running. We can’t work or do learning all the time. The human body and mind need rest to relax.

Therefore, you need to spare some time for entertainment in your life. Some apps are already ruling in the entertainment sector. For example, YouTube, Netflix, and TikTok.

Adding some more apps to this list isn’t any harm. Techliance has also created some apps like Group Travel Videos and Carets in this vertical. and it can only attract many viewers and not distract them.


The Coronavirus pandemic has put us in a difficult position to not meet our close friends. Moreover, it has been just annoying to not go outside. But staying in touch still makes sense to continue sharing the world and colluding at least for some time.

Developing applications for social networking to meet old friends or make new connections can turn the difficult times less burdening. Well, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram are already making a difference in connecting people. You can also launch a social media app to bring people closer.

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In today’s busy world, people need some mental relaxation too. So, if they get some interesting game, then they can’t take their hands off the application. But it’s different that kids can form an addiction to the games. But as long as they know the limits, it’s still a nice play.

Maybe learning games can be more impactful. But either way, PUBG had taken a stand. The most popular games are Call of Duty, Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, and Free Fire! etc. Maybe you can even choose Need for Speed or Candy Crush if fighting is not your genre.

Bring a world-moving Mobile App
Bring a world-moving mobile app


Globally, businesses doing mobile app marketing spent $74.6 billion on user acquisition in 2020 according to AppsFlyer. This increased app installs by 33% as compared to 2019. A spike of 30% per install was seen.

The coronavirus pandemic effect is widely seen in economic activity, as the spending of consumers is a dependent variable. The uncertainties of economic activities persist with the COVID-19 situation worldwide. Nevertheless, its impact on the mobile application market has been positive.

Amid 2023, the situation has improved internationally with easing lockdowns and the opening of cities. Likewise, mobile applications have proved their essence in the lives of consumers. They have increasingly started to use mobile apps in their daily routines.

Another perspective on this is the data security in mobile apps. Recently the surge in the use of the applications spread awareness of data security. Because this is a big concern due to the growing cyber-attacks.

Hence, the technology industry has a lot to develop and secure in the virtual world. The recent events of data breaches and privacy policy violations leave a lot of questions in our minds. But if this has a way out, then mobile applications can shape the world in a way we can’t imagine.

Businesses and startups desire to find the top mobile application categories reshaping world to venture into profitable niches. This is your turn to come up with a world-moving mobile app. Contact Techliance now for more details about quality mobile development. Get going through a 1-week free trial.