Currently, the majority of businesses have now decided to go online either through websites or mobile apps. Consequently, the demand for software development has increased. Need of the day is to develop code that’s efficient, reliable and ensures that the business requirements are correctly met. Programming languages are the driving force behind digital presence in 2024.

There are a variety of programming languages available that help suffice the requirements of software application development in 2024.

Now, it is time to highlight those programming languages that are hot and prevailing in the industry.

These are necessary for various website development solutions as well as mobile apps projects.

Best Programming Languages in High Demand
Best Programming Languages in High Demand

Developers’ Top Programming Languages in 2024

Top 10 programming languages as per the 2020 CodinGame annual survey of developers and human resources professionals are the following.

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • C++
  • PHP
  • C
  • Kotlin
  • Objective-C
  • Ruby
Developers Top Programming Languages
Developers Top Programming Languages

Furthermore, we have another full-on article covering the mobile application development languages that are popular globally.

Reasons for Popularity of Chief Programming Languages

First-of-all, the reputation of programming languages depends on certain factors that are given below.

Reasons for Popularity of Chief Programming Languages
Reasons for Popularity of Chief Programming Languages

We now briefly elaborate these features of the famous programming languages of 2024.

Ease of Use

Let’s face it, no language can be popular if it’s not easy to learn.

The simplicity factor of a programming language is based on its constructs.

Some development languages are too complex and coding is too difficult.

For newbie developers, learning a computer language is a daunting task.

Consequently, they want something logical and easy.

The programming languages with English-like constructs such as Python or C++ are widespread because they are easy to learn.

When the learning curve is higher, it is easier for programmers to adopt and continue.

Developer Community Support

We all know that application programming is complex process.

Thus, you want all the help you can get.

At times, you just want an expert-level advice from someone who rescues you out of a problem.

Imagine you are in middle of mobile development procedure, and your code is constantly giving you errors.

With a large programming community support, your chances of getting viable tip for resolving your conflicts are higher.

The popular in-demand languages always have a larger developer base.

So that it’s easy for you to connect with them and get answers to your coding problems.

Open Source

Nowadays, the emphasis for majority of computer languages is the open source factor.

It encourages people to explore the programming languages because it’s free and readily available.

You will notice that the current demand for such languages is higher in comparison to other languages in the market.

Programmer Resource Pool

This is an addition to your developer community factor above.

As the broader the resource pool, the higher your chances are of getting expert-level programmers within your price range.

This will help you in getting the custom website and mobile application development solutions in less cost and time.

So, if you opt for an in-demand language, then you will be able to select resources as per your requirements.

Code Efficiency

There is no point in opting for a programming language if it doesn’t produce efficient code.

At last, you want the mobile app and website to offer best user experience to the customers.

If they are slow and not responsive, then it makes the entire excursion of mobile programming and web development futile.

So, that’s something that you probably should not have embarked on in the first step.

Hence, this is where your technology stack matters.

Which computer languages was used on the front-end (client-side)?

What programming language was implemented in the back-end (server-side)?

Which database platform was used to information storage?

So, all these factors combine to give out a complete picture.

How efficiently the code works in loading screens, conducting searches, retrieving data and submitting forms?

Simple to Debug

Implementation of software development life cycle is not easy.

There are so many stages to pass before the product reaches the go-live stage.

For instance, you want to ensure that the code can be easily debugged.

Some computer languages make debugging a cumbersome task.

But, it needs to be easy so that the code is debugged without any hassle.

All members of our list of programming languages, provide little to no-problem, and short time for debugging the code.

Continuous Upgrades

There are some website or mobile development languages that continuously upgrade and progress in terms of their existing features.

This means that the founding companies look after these programming languages and offer complete support.

So, they take ownership of their products by providing a well-planned road-map for continuous improvement.

Moreover, this also allows greater breadth for the developer community to grow on the enhanced feature-set.

This includes various upgrades in the existing tools, APIs, kits and several components under the language domain.

Such languages allow developers to grow and explore further dimensions of programming.

So, that’s how software systems evolve as well.

Because they can ultimately have greater expanse with the possible programming dimensions.

Need valuable Software Solutions in Leading Computer Languages
Need valuable Software Solutions in Leading Computer Languages


The world is silently waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to be over sooner than later.

Some programming languages have been prevalent for over 2-3 decades.

While some are relatively newer in the technology arena.

However, the reasons for their popularity are based on the factors that we have narrated to you in this post.

As a result, this is important to understand the benefits of programming languages in the digital era.

Mobile apps and websites are considering dynamic trends like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and AR/VR in solutions.

Such concepts add in the special advantages for enabling businesses to stand out from competition.

Therefore, any languages for mobile and website programming, that enable multiple dimensions for businesses, are always welcome and in-demand.

The overall impact of your mobile or website is dependent on the programming language you opt for.

Make sure that you pick the perfect as per your business requirements, time and budget of your software project.

Are you looking for viable technology advice and desire Software solutions in chief computer languages?

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