takes online learning to the next level.
Pronounced “Social”, is an interesting experiment developed at Microsoft’s FUSE labs. It sets up as a social network that allows people to find and share interesting web pages, videos, images, or news; bring together a hodgepodge of searched & chosen contents; and cooperate with each other using rich media sharing.

Who is Aimed at?
The social network targets students in the first place. However, all MSN users and FaceBook registered members can use it, too. Please note that is built not to keep up with your mates, play games, or take quizzes but to help primarily with research and learning. The Microsoft Authority states that in no way the social networking site intends to follow Facebook or Twitter.

How Does it Work?
Type in a search term in, and like a normal search engine, it will display results as videos, images, web or news. The results closer to your searched term can be pulled into your feed, shared, and used to develop rich contents. This will enable you to have a scrapbook-like space with the best answers to your questions.

What makes social?
Turns out, any queries made within the social network are public.
Your queries are made public only to enable other searchers to discover relevant and rich posts that you have created under the same or similar searches. This is going to save new searchers a substantial amount of leg work as well as help them consider things that perhaps would go unnoticed earlier.

What’s a video party?
Video party is the main method of direct communication on This is a video chat that anyone can simultaneously host or join with multiple friends. This particular feature allows users to work together in a live environment where they can create and edit rich posts at the same time. Users may add IM chat in an interface, too. To sign up for, users can either use a Facebook ID or Microsoft Live account.

What Next? isn’t competing with any of the existing social networking websites. It is too early to state how successful the effort will be. However, it can be predicted that the technology is going to end up being integrated into Bing thereby influencing search by social results.
So folks! If you haven’t signed up for yet, now is the time. It’s free, and quite open for all to use. Visit and get yourself on it!