Customers nowadays gauge the credibility of your business with your online presence. This is why majority of businesses now are online and also providing services of similar nature. For this very purpose, many web-based technologies have come in the market. PHP web development has seen a steady rise in its popularity with 60% dominance on the Internet which in simple words means that more than 20 million websites are created in PHP. This is a clear evidence of preference for PHP development as it is considered a primary web programming language hands down without any sort of argument.

Taking a glance at PHP history, it would be amazing to know that it was initially built as a non-programming language that evolved into a programming one with each of its new version released in the market. The reason behind its vast fan following also has to do with the fact that its construct is relatively similar to C language. This in turn is a very encouraging for aspiring new comers to take up the language and groom themselves as dedicated PHP developers.

As an advice to new comers in the field, it is always better to select PHP web development project according to the needs of project that you take up as your assignment. You must also analyze its suitability against the complexities of the project. For instance, if your project is for a medium sized business then you can go for CakePHP development. However, if you are in need of something bigger then Zend framework development is the best idea.

PHP web development is an aspiring field where many companies are offering off-shore PHP development and consultancy services. You can hire a dedicated PHP developer with the proper know-how about the language for constructing code without any complexities. Some good practices of dedicated PHP developers include:

PHP web development

  • Using PHP functions in code asPHP development offersmany time saving functions like usort(), file_get_contents(), etc.
  • A dedicated PHP developer must acquire adequate knowledge of scripting that is key behind rapid and standardPHP programming.
  • It is always recommended to keep a record of essential code snippets which helps in saving time.
  • When you are working in a team or your project is attended by more than one PHP web programmer then you should use a version indicating system for codes. This practice is more useful when live version and development versions differ from one another.
  • Always ensure that your code is not over bundled or clumsy. You must develop an organized way of programming the code.

PHP web application development

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