With the core emphasis on Mobile Application Development, the science behind the development and programming aspects of this area is gaining popularity. As a result, several types of technology platforms and tools have become the biggest influencers in the consumer market. The core concentration of these platforms is pertaining to native (iOS & Android) and the Hybrid type of mobile applications. A major concern for both client organizations and the selected IT firms is which Mobile Development Languages are the perfect fit for the project.

To match the rising demand for Custom Mobile App Development Services, a huge number of IT companies are providing services for addressing development, deployment, and operations for customers spanning varying industries and sectors around the world.

Top Mobile Development Languages for App Programming
Top Mobile Development Languages for App Programming

A Roundup on Best Mobile Development Languages

Now we present the most popular Programming Languages for Mobile App Development by the Software Development companies and app developers worldwide. Some of these programming languages are purely for mobile app development. While others are general-purpose computer languages that are also being used for specialized mobile-based applications including Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The following are the most used mobile development languages globally.

  • Java
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • C++
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Kotlin
Best Mobile Development Languages - A detailed Roundup
Best Mobile Development Languages – A detailed Roundup

We now give a brief introduction to the top mobile app development languages that are used by the developer community around the world.


Since its advent in 1995, Java is the mainstream programming language that has been used in all computer coding areas. Its usage includes desktop applications, web services, back-end frameworks and now for Android applications. Through JVM, the designed system is promised to work smoothly with high flexibility for programmers to develop error-free code in less turn-around time.

Java is probably the most used programming language in the world. It boosted 7.1 million active software developers as of August 2018. Java is backed by a huge Developer community with a lot of guidance, help and free advice on the offer for any newcomers to join in the resource pool.


Introduced in 2014, Swift is the official programming language for iOS, iPadOS and other Apple Inc. powered operating systems. As of August 2018, there are 2.3 million active Swift developers worldwide. Swift is most popular for iOS / iPadOS Mobile App Development and immersive applications for the Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR).


Launched in 1984, Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language that supports general-purpose application domains. Objective-C remained the main language behind iOS and iPadOS operating systems. Apple Inc. replaced it with the new language Swift in 2014. Despite the revocation of the official status, there are still 1.8 million active Objective-C developers world over as of August 2018.


Labeled as the high-level programming language, JavaScript supports object-oriented, functional and multi-patterned programming. The only concern for any Mobile Development Company providing JavaScript services is that it has to be used with CSS, HTML, and Ajax.

However, the plus side is that you can build any type of Android, iOS, Windows or hybrid app through JavaScript. This positive aspect of JavaScript topples its downside and makes it one of the widely used languages for mobile app development.

JavaScript boosts overall most active developers with 10.7 million programmers around the world. This count includes coders using CoffeeScript and TypeScript though. So the actual number of pure JavaScript developers is debatable.


Broadly used for web-based and mobile app development, HTML5 is the modern version of HTML. With features including quick market deployment, multimedia support, and multi-platform functionality; HMTL5 is the new favorite programming language for Android and iOS app developers. It provides high flexibility in creating a seamless mobile application development experience for the end-users.


Apart from being the first touch-point for undergrad technology students and junior developers in their learning years, C++ has come a long way to provide low-level memory manipulation. It is a broad-based objected-oriented programming language with wide emphasis on providing the concept of inheritance and classes that help in coding programs with enriched debugging experience. Most of all, it allows mobile application development for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

Mobile Development Languages - Number of Active Software Developers globally
Software Development Programming Languages – Number of Active Software Developers globally
Source: DeleoperEconomics


Ever since its introduction in 1995, PHP has held its own prominence in the programming world. It is a server-side scripting language that was designed by Zend Technologies. PHP started off as a specific language for coding websites but is now used for other development purposes including web-based and mobile applications.

Nowadays, PHP is widely used for the development of flawless Graphical user interfaces and even creation of Facebook apps (which in itself is a huge domain for companies and their overall expansion in the digital world). It also allows image processing, CMS, creation of PDFs and other types of software development services.


Part of the .NET Framework, C# is an object-oriented programing language that was developed by Microsoft in 2000. It is a multi-purpose programming language that is used for the development of a broad spectrum of programs including server-side apps, games, mobile apps, web services, etc. Thanks to the Xamarin platform, C Sharp has been welcomed as one of the top programming languages for mobile apps for both Android and iOS fronts.


First appearing in 1990, Python remains a favorite in the programming world as the fore-runner for machine learning, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) based applications. It provides agility and a higher user experience to the customers. For the benefit of developers, Python has an English look-alike syntax which is easier for even beginner-level coders to take up for learning.

Programmers are using Python to build mobile apps through the help of frameworks like Kivy and BeeWare. With the concept of Big Data, the capability of manipulating and analyzing huge bulk of data in an interpretable format has become an absolute necessity. With time, the consumer market is shifting towards real-time data services through mobile application development. Take for example Uber, Careem, Google Maps, etc.


Released in 1995, Ruby is one of those programming languages that are favorites for beginners, as it allows flexibility in coding. Broadly used for web development, Ruby has a very strong developer community that is always here to support newcomers in any coding issues faced during their coding excursion. Ruby on Rails is a web framework that helps programmers in building highly efficient websites and web applications.

Ruby is being used for mobile app development through frameworks like RubyMotion and Rhodes. Nowadays, Ruby is not only a learning tool for newbie developers. It is also endorsed by top names in the business as it is the language used by Twitter, Bloomberg, Airbnb, and Shopify to name a few.


Although not as popular as its other mobile application development programming counterparts, Kotlin is a highly understandable language that is even compatible with Java. This is a rather new language that was released in 2011. It is slowly gaining momentum with a core emphasis on the mobile app development area.

Build mobile applications that meet success
Build mobile applications that meet success


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Mobile Development Languages – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What programming language is used for Mobile App Development?

Some of the most used programming languages for Mobile App Development include Java, Swift, JavaScript, Objective-C, HTML5, and Kotlin.

Mobile apps may seem like an easy thing to develop. However, the best-suited programming language is a difficult decision as it defines the overall user experience, app response time, and usability of the app to the consumers. This is why some programming languages always take precedence over others in competition for being chosen for coding for mobile applications.

What programming language is used for Android apps?

The official programming language for Android app development is Java. Android operating system’s creator Google has stated that Android applications can also be written in C++ and Kotlin languages.

Java is the most popular programming language that powers the majority of Android apps. Other computer languages can also be used through the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to build Android-based mobile apps.

What programming language is used for iOS apps?

The official programming language for iOS app development is Swift since 2014. Objective-C was the former choice of Apple Inc. for iOS and iPad applications.

If you are interested in becoming a core iOS Mobile App Development Company or an in-demand iOS App Developer then you should focus on mastering Swift and Objective-C languages.