Nowadays, there is a growing expansion of smart devices like mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. Companies are developing mobile applications for sharing brand information with their customers. So, it brings the need to search for the greatest mobile app development tools for Android and iOS in 2022.

This article is for you if you are a product owner looking for custom Android or iOS app development. Here, you can find the tools suitable for crafting an application that would reflect your business goals. Thus, the resulting mobile app will efficiently present your products or services to your customers.

Imagine you want to sketch on a drawing sheet. What will you need to draw it? Creativity is a must, but the basic physical apparatus you would require will be a pencil or any sketch pen. Similarly, for developing an app, the instrument you need will be the development tools.

Best Mobile App Development Tools for Android and iOS
Best Mobile App Development Tools for Android and iOS

Mobile App Development Tools: A brief Overview to begin

For the definition, mobile app development tools are software created to assist in the development of mobile applications. These are primarily of two types, native mobile app development tools, and cross-platform mobile app development tools. Native mobile app development tools help in creating specialized applications loaded with top features and high-quality performance for designated platforms.

Cross-platform mobile app development tools facilitate the creation of generic apps that are compatible to run simultaneously on multiple platforms. That too relatively at a low cost and in less time. However, compared to native apps, cross-platform applications have inferior performance.

Top Mobile Development Tools to make Android & iOS Apps

Given below are some of the popular mobile app development tools available out there during 2022.

Top Mobile Development Tools to make Android and iOS Apps
Top Mobile Development Tools to make Android and iOS Apps

Now, let’s discuss these leading mobile app development tools globally and in the USA.

Android Studio

So, you are looking for a top-notch tool for building Android apps. Almost all the companies providing Android app development services would recommend Android Studio. It is an official integrated development environment (IDE) to develop native Android applications that enable easy coding, debugging, and testing.

Android Studio comes with a quick and intelligent code editor. With in-built templates, the app development process becomes much more manageable. The emulator feature provides you with a real-time experience of the developed apps that makes testing easy. Also, it has a visual layout editor to create applications’ layouts by adding various attributes.


Developed by Microsoft, Xamarin is one of the most popular mobile app development tools used for cross-platform application development. It uses the C# programming language to create apps for multiple platforms. For example, iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Correspondingly, Xamarin provides the code reusability feature. This means around 70% of the code is reusable, letting you write less code and ensuring faster development. Its component stores include cross-platform and third-party libraries, UI controls, etc., to create robust mobile apps.

Moreover, features of application indexing and deep linking are also possible in Xamarin. Although it is a cross-platform app development platform, you can get native performance in your apps with Xamarin. These all benefits are playing role in the rising acceptance of Xamarin worldwide and in the United States.


It is an iOS app development tool that consists of an easy-to-navigate interface. For custom iOS app development, Swiftic could be a reliable and efficient development platform for your business application. Therefore, with Swiftic, it becomes easy to design a custom iOS app or loyalty program for businesses.

Publishing your app on noteworthy app stores is easy. Catching the user’s attention becomes simple by sending eye-catching push notifications. Consequently, you can quickly reach customers and increase customer loyalty with the apps built on Swiftic.

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Among the premier cross-platform mobile app development tools, Appcelerator uses fewer lines of code for developing an application. So, it is compatible with the application that can run on multiple platforms. For instance, Windows, iOS, Android, or browser-based HTML5 web apps.

Appcelerator enhances the speed of the application development process. Besides, cloud capacity limits are high in it. It supports deployment in multi-region globally. Therefore, Appcelerator is an impressive tool to build mobile apps for almost all operating systems.


An open-source mobile app development tool, PhoneGap enables you to develop a single app running on all mobile devices. It also falls into the section of cross-platform app development tools. So, you can integrate PhoneGap with multiple libraries to improve mobile application development.

With the help of plug-in architecture, it can help you increase the functionality of the mobile apps. Also, PhoneGap is one of the best tools to build apps with a unique skill set. It takes relatively little time and effort during the creation of mobile applications.


The HTML5-based mobile app development framework, Ionic is widely famous for creating hybrid mobile apps. The web technologies used by Ionic are HTML5, CSS, and SASS. In addition, Ionic offers excellent tools and services to create high-quality and interactive applications.

With a single code base, you can develop suitable applications for all the leading app stores. Since it uses native SDKs and native UI guidelines, you can feel native performance in the apps created with Ionic. Likewise, the integration of Ionic with other tools, libraries, and plug-ins makes the app development methodology quick.

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Through NativeScript, you can develop interactive native applications using TypeScript, JavaScript, or AngularJS. A single code base allows the deployment of native mobile apps for both Android and iOS. It is one of the best tools to build truly native apps.

You can power the application development procedure by accessing hundreds of NativeScript plug-ins. It expedites the learning curve to design native mobile applications. Additionally, using different sign-on providers, you can ease the authentication feature in the mobile apps created by NativeScript.


Are you planning to make an AI-based app? Well, if yes, then TensorFlow could be your preferred choice. Because it is an end-to-end open-source software library used for creating applications based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Created by Google, it is a platform for dataflow programming and deep learning systems. As an open-source software platform, TensorFlow allows rapid numerical computation using data flow graphs. The feature columns construct a bridge between raw data and the estimators that help make the experimentation easy.

You can quickly train it on CPU and GPU for distributive computing. Since Google developed it, you get a massive community that constantly works for improvisations. Furthermore, it assists you with your issues while programming an app.

Scalable Native App or Cross-platform MVP
Scalable Native App or Cross-platform MVP

Final Thoughts

The article has provided you with some of the world-class mobile app development tools. As per your business requirements, you can hire an Android or iOS app development company to develop a robust application. Nevertheless, it is better to go through the merits and demerits of the tools yourself before making the final choice.

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