Mobile apps continue to boom globally and in the United States, as developers try their best to impress users. The development of mobile applications during 2024 is growing thanks to emerging technologies like edge computing and 5G. However, businesses must also know about the reasons for mobile app failure to overcome them.

Today, mobile applications are functioning as the front doors to business operations. Together with websites, they are truly powering how modern businesses work. More and more users like to interact with brands through their mobile apps and sites.

Businesses put in the effort to develop mobile apps, that they want to perform well with users. Unfortunately, they can even end up failing. We do not want you to join investors who release smartphone applications that do not do well in the market.

Top reasons for mobile app failure - How to avoid them
Top reasons for mobile app failure – How to avoid them

Biggest implementation issues causing mobile apps to fail

Here are the biggest causes of mobile app failure during planning in 2024.

  • Poor market research
  • Lack of originality
  • Insufficient capital investment
  • Not learning from other app flops
  • Using wrong platforms
  • Inadequate testing

Below we discuss how to avoid them to create an app more successful and popular.

Poor market research

One of the top causes of a mobile app failure is poor user demand. Lack of market research makes things more difficult for a mobile application to get fruitful. For instance, you can’t build an app keen to support an audience that has no interest in it.

To sidestep such disappointment, you need to find out what is in demand now. So, determine your target audience and conduct thorough user research. Thus, you can develop a product that users will want.

Lack of originality

When creating a mobile app, it is quite challenging for businesses and developers coding to find a novel approach. It’s evident with the thousands of mobile applications in the popular app marketplaces. They feel and look, all the same, aiming at the same audiences.

Attempt developing a product with an original idea. Yes, it can turn out difficult to build. Nonetheless, it will set the mobile app apart, gaining millions of users who’re fed up with the same thing.

Insufficient capital investment

A mobile app can fail due to a lack of resources and capital investment. The obstacle often arises because of financial constraints or poor planning. Remember that developing a mobile app is pretty costly these days.

Companies inject thousands of dollars to build even the most basic of applications or MVP apps. With mobile apps growing, you will also need additional resources for maintenance and adding new features where necessary. Therefore, businesses and developers must have a solid plan, both monetary and overall, to meet mobile app development needs.

Biggest implementation issues causing mobile apps to fail
Biggest implementation issues causing mobile apps to fail

Not learning from other app flops

One of the secrets to mobile app success is to analyze why other applications were unsuccessful in the past. Learning from their mistakes can save you from mobile app failure. So, confirm you do not repeat similar blunders with your new creation.

You can also look into the successful applications to see what you can pick. It is the only way your product will stand on its own. Accordingly, your app can turn profitable in a noisy Apple app store of course.

Using wrong platforms

Another top reason contributing to mobile app failure is using the wrong platforms. By January 2022, Statcounter finds Android as a globally controlling mobile operating system (69.74% share), and iOS following (29.49% share). Statista aggregates research that Android leads the mobile operating system market worldwide (around 70%), and iOS has about 25% share.

This visibly implies that Android has more users. Android alongside iOS dominates the international mobile OS market share. Subsequently, it’s advisable to build mobile apps targeting these platforms that will bring in more users.

Inadequate testing

Releasing a mobile app with several major issues is a recipe for disaster. Beware, one crash can stop users from using it ever again. Thus, ensure quality by proper testing to keep away from mobile app failure.

Test and re-test the application to avoid bugs that can make the mobile app crash interfering with the user experience. So, always conduct intensive testing to safeguard it is as market-ready as possible. Investing in mobile app security is one of the ways to validate you have a highly functional application.

Wrong practices triggering unlucky mobile apps disasters

These are some erroneous aspects that can prompt mobile app failure through 2024.

  • Very few or too many features
  • Bad user experience
  • Complex to use
  • Improper monetization strategy
  • Not solving real-life problems
Wrong practices triggering unlucky mobile apps disasters
Wrong practices triggering unlucky mobile apps disasters

Next, we deliberate over these issues to show their harmfulness.

Very few or too many features

Some developers will churn out a mobile app with too much or very few features. In addition to considering mobile app security, you must find the right balance regarding available features. Decide the number of features to include after scrutinizing the application’s usability with the devices people will use.

Bad user experience

Bear in mind that a successful product offers immense value to its users. You are better off not developing a mobile app if it will not offer an exceptional UX. Examples of poor user experience include the following.

  • A sluggish application that keeps lagging
  • Strenuous registration process
  • Extensive load times
  • Challenging to access

It implies you must practice design thinking to craft a useful mobile app. Consequently, you can understand the unmet needs of the target users in their daily lives. By taking care of these, you will come up with a mobile application that puts users first.

Complex to use

Nowadays, every business desires to introduce a fancy mobile app. So, in the quest to this, some developers create applications that users find too complex. Realize that it is the incorrect approach to take, that can go wide off the mark.

People want to use a mobile app easily without having to rack their brains for hours. So, get rid of unnecessary stuff within your mobile application. Make sure it has features your audience finds appealing.

Improper monetization strategy

Most businesses are wrong to believe that simply building a mobile app and marketing it will bring in a fortune. So, developers must have in place a viable monetization plan for the mobile application they want to release. Because it is the premium way to earn some good cash out of the application.

Aim to make your mobile app self-sustainable. App monetization enables businesses in making money through either direct or indirect means. Direct monetization can include any of these methods.

  • Fremium
  • In-app purchases
  • Paid downloads
  • In-app subscription
  • Partnerships
  • Advertisements

Not solving real-life problems

Even the finest mobile app concepts will not do well if they are not resolving real-world challenges of the users. No one will go through the trouble of downloading an application and using it if that provides no value. When planning for a mobile app, pay attention it offers solutions that add value to what users are doing.

Your mobile application must deliver a good bargain for their money, time, and other resources. Evade the mistake of developing an application for personal reasons other than professional ones. Hence, your application will attract a large segment of users. Moreover, it will remain in hot demand in the future too.

Build mobile applications that meet success
Build mobile applications that meet success


Google Play and the Apple app store remain two of the most in-demand digital distribution platforms. So, the growth of both platforms shows that the market has an insatiable appetite for top-notch mobile applications. Thus, it can motivate you to develop an innovative mobile app yourself.

Recall that you must design a mobile app that makes its mark in a market full of millions of applications. Also, get it a standing that competes with even many more mobile apps that are underway. Reading our article, you can gain valuable insight into the top reasons mobile applications fail.

You also get tips on preventing mobile app failure. Hopefully, you will incorporate these tactics in your next mobile app project. Also, we will appreciate your feedback on social media if you find them beneficial.

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