Technology is shaping our perception. 2020 is here and new mobile development trends are being incorporated by companies on a mass scale. With the new year just started, some prevalent trends in the IT industry will remain dominant.

One of our previous blog posts had focused on the mobile application development trends in 2019. Let’s take a look at the application development trends for 2020, and see how they will shape up this year and the coming decade.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain
  • Reality becomes Augmented and Virtual
  • Big Data
5 Mobile Development Trends to Dominate the Tech Sector
5 Mobile Development Trends to Dominate the Tech Sector

We now dive into the details of these mobile development trends that are running supreme in the tech market.

Reality becomes Augmented and Virtual

The concept of bespoke mobile app development is to provide engaging user experience. Especially retail industry is hugely reliant on customers to get a look and feel of the product so that a potential purchase becomes a possibility. Hence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality become hot in the trending application development areas of late.

These two technology facets are widely popular in the gaming and video arenas. However, they are gradually taking up other areas in the industry by providing ways for users to interact with the product at the comfort of their homes.

AR and VR will have huge impact on the way we perceive the world around us. They have wide application in variety of ways even to the extent of providing huge benefits to the medical and surgery fronts.

Artificial Intelligence

Remember Captain Kirk talking on the communicator to his team in Star Trek? People from that era were just simply blown away from that kind of technology being in palm of Captain’s hands. But now thanks to customized mobile development powered apps and tools, communicating through virtual assistants on your phones is something we all do without any sense of awe and wonder as our past generations had for Captain Kirk.

We have chat-bots who replace 24/7 resources required for communicating with website visitors and the photo filtering apps on social media platforms that make you look younger, older or even use different gimmicks to just please ourselves. There is AI strongly but silently embedded in our lives.

The future of AI will continue to grow in various areas including cyber security, algorithmic trading strategy, content distribution on social media, static image recognition, processing patient data to name a few ways AI will continue to grow.

Artificial Intelligence - One of leading Mobile Development Trends
Artificial Intelligence – One of leading Mobile Development Trends


We have only touched a fraction of blockchain up till now in terms of crypto-currencies and smart contracts. Being the most secure form for keeping data exchange information away from potential threats, Blockchain has immense future in the world of mobile development ideas.

2019 witnessed the concept of decentralized apps making it a viable area for app developers to explore on their own. As a result, users and providers got a direct platform to interact for their data exchange. The same idea will also pave way for many apps in finance, trading, healthcare, media and games industries.

Internet of Things

What started off as an intricate system of wires and phones has now become an indispensable part of our lives. Internet has become a necessity that is extensively used in our daily routines. What’s more interesting now is the fact that machines of simple apparatus nature have started responding with each other.

The future of IoT systems is vast and dependent on human requirements. As a result, specialized mobile development services are being availed for developing IoT apps in the market. The objective of these apps is to facilitate users in their daily routine operations and create simpler user experiences. Some of the industry verticals that will be impacted by IoT include the following.

  • Automobiles
  • AI-powered devices
  • Health care
  • Security systems
Internet of Things - One of main Mobile Development Trends
Internet of Things – One of main Mobile Development Trends

Big Data

A decade ago, huge amount of data seemed meaningless except for number crunching resources. Now when you look back, you just want to laugh at the naivety of the mindset as data has the most relevance especially if properly analyzed.

Biggest advocates of big and real-time data are apps such as Uber, Careem, Google Maps etc. that have the capacity of providing instant service to the user on basis of their requirements. The suggestions and instructions to the users are nothing short of convenience while aiding the users through their daily routes.

2020 is also expected to continue on same lines where a variety of big data and intelligence applications will continue to surface in the market. The primary objective of such bespoke mobile application development products will be to utilize huge amounts of data and provide valuable insights to the users. A lot of travel and eatery applications are also making use of analytics to help provide customers a highly personalized experience.


They say that now is better than before and the future for tech industry remains bright and promising; all thanks to vast technical advancements that are positively impacting our daily lives all for the better. Most of these trends will also go hand in hand, for example: IoT and AI combined will provide extensive ease to consumers in their day-to-day errands.

Do you Need a Trending Mobile App to Transform the Tech Sector?
Do you Need a Trending Mobile App to Transform the Tech Sector?

The market is constantly buzzing with newer inventions where bespoke mobile application development calls out for ways to inspire, lead and capture audience through continuous innovation. It all starts with talking it out loud about your ideas, brainstorming and figuring out your business needs.

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