Pre Hypertext Processor (PHP) and Active Server Pages (ASP) are two well known sources to develop different kinds of web applications. A considerable number of programming languages experts think that PHP and ASP can be interchangeably used. They also believe that both these means for developing web applications are capable of developing web applications with the same kind of functionality. Despite these similarities, some noteworthy differences exist between these two.

Whether you are going to hire a php website development and design company or want to outsource your project for .net application development, you need to keep certain aspects in mind before hiring a website development company for your project.

Here are some aspects or differences that you need to keep in mind before deciding anything about these two services:


When it comes to costs of php or development, you will certainly find a humongous difference between these two. For ASP, initial as well as ongoing maintenance and debugging costs are needed. And it doesn’t end here as added ASP libraries come with a price tag, while php is a free source.


PHP is compatible with different platforms and easily run on Windows IIS and Linux Apache platforms. On the other hand, only some newer versions of ASP are capable to run on other platforms. PHP is indeed the best option for those need maximum compatibility with different platforms.


PHP’s developer community is fairly larger than ASP’s developer community and another nice thing about PHP community is that they are quite active in developing new php libraries and reporting bugs. Furthermore, php developers also contribute in many different open source projects. These days a wide range of open source projects have been developed by making the most of PHP.


When it comes to speed, ASP is not as fast as php. So php is the best option for those who want to develop applications that perform multiple queries or which are accessed quite frequently. No doubt, php is a lot more efficient programming language in terms of speed.


Use of IIS is officially required for, but most developers are aware of the fact that it’s quite notorious for different kind of vulnerabilities. For this reasons, a considerable number of website administrator are not willing to deploy it for their websites. On the other hand, Apache, on which php runs, is fast and it also has a very good track record. Apache can run on different platforms as well.


Considering all these aspects, php is, indeed, the winner in terms of speed, price, and platform compatibility and developer community. But these days, your platforms are not just limited to and PHP, as you have plenty of other options. Java Server Pages aka JSP and Ruby On Rails or ROR are also gaining some ground as popular website development languages.

However, to reap the full benefits of some programming language, you need to hire the right kind of web development services.