The majority of companies are exploring ways to expand their business online during 2024. As one of the leading web-centric technologies, PHP resonates in helping out with exactly their needs. Therefore, we see this high demand for hiring PHP developers worldwide and in the USA.

Why you may ask? Simply because PHP allows companies to create web-driven solutions and robust websites. Programmers with command over Laravel, and other frameworks of PHP, remain highly sought after.

Every business wishes to make its web development project a breeze and one with a truly professional touch. But it is not that easy to find the right resource to fulfill all web-driven needs. Keeping in mind some important factors can make it easy to hire PHP programmers relatively.

Vital things to consider when hiring PHP developers
Vital things to consider when hiring PHP developers

Understand project needs before searching PHP experts

Most companies have an outward focus on what exactly they require in a PHP developer. However, the need for resources comes from within the hiring company. That is your project excursion.

These are some of the basic questions that require immediate answers.

  • Which kind of web application are you aiming to develop?
  • Is it a website or a web portal?
  • What does the budget look like?
  • How much exactly is its level of complexity?
  • What are the scope and timelines of the project?
  • Will you hire in-house developers or outsource the project?
  • Do you have time to experiment with fresh or junior resources?
  • Will only having senior resources helps the cause?

Afterward, you have to decide on the type of resource engagement you’ll like for the prospective applicants. Is it a part-time undertaking or are you looking for a long-term commitment? In the latter case, a developer in a dedicated capacity will suit you more.

At best, you must have answers to at least 70% to 80% of these questions. The more clarity you have, the better it is to understand the way in going about your hiring research. So, think wisely and execute a proper talent acquisition plan.

Otherwise, you will select the wrong resources. This can turn into a big disaster for your project. Unfortunately, 39% of projects fail because of wrong requirement gathering according to the PMI research.

Don’t let this fool you into becoming complacent. Be proper in your resource planning from the very start. So that the right fit makes the best product for your company.

How much does a PHP developer cost?

Some programmers and graduates mention PHP among the most dreaded programming languages. But still, PHP development remains among the fastest-growing tech careers on several job portals. For example, entry-level PHP developer was the number 1 job posted on Indeed from January 2020 till September 2020.

As per Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a PHP developer in the US is over $79,000. Though, this cost is for a full-time resource working for a company. If you are seeking a freelancer in this category, you can end up paying around $89,182 per year.

For a junior PHP programmer, you have to pay $65,000+ per year. For companies having low budgets, outsourcing web projects to offshore IT firms is a good option. A mid-level remote PHP developer can cost $3200 to $4800 per month (or $30 to $40 per hour).

5 top skills to look for while hiring PHP programmers

We can divide the skill-set of PHP developers into two areas. The first area is about having technical knowledge in core PHP or frameworks, HTML/CSS, XML, AJAX/JavaScript, etc. PHP programmers should also be comfortable with databases such as MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, etc.

They must be knowledgeable about PHP design patterns. Command over WordPress, other CMS, and eCommerce platforms is a big plus. Lastly, they need to be comfortable with tools such as Composer and PHPUnit.

The other aspect is about soft skills where a PHP developer should have good communication, collaboration, and ownership skills. Also, they should have great capability to resolve issues in the project lifecycle. Thinking out of the box to come up with high-performance solutions is great.

For many companies, hiring PHP developers can become a cumbersome process. Especially, it can take its toll if you don’t even know how to start on the employee search in 2024. This article helps you identify the areas to address and the pitfalls to avoid during your acquisition of PHP programmers.

  • Technical competencies
  • Experience & industry exposure
  • Handy for support & maintenance
  • Technology certifications
  • Communication skills
5 top skills to look for while hiring PHP programmers
5 top skills to look for while hiring PHP programmers

Now, we discuss these abilities that you must seek when hiring PHP developers through 2024.

Technical competencies

This is the biggest giveaway. Particularly, when you conduct technical interviews to gauge the proficiency of job aspirants. It’s for them to build logic for demonstrating their coding, and analytical capabilities.

Thus, a PHP programmer should have mastery of the best PHP frameworks such as Laravel. Knack over web-centric languages and technologies like HTML/CSS, MYSQL, AJAX, and XML is necessary. Also, familiarity with JavaScript (for frontend) is a big plus point.

Good command of JavaScript turns a PHP developer into a full stack developer. You can test aspiring PHP engineers with certain scenarios to see their potential. Judge their smartness in brainstorming a solution instantly.

Bear in mind that education, proper training, and experience are the main prerequisites here. The presence of some other qualities with these requisites can qualify developers for a good career in PHP. Moreover, throw some exceptions to check their problem-solving aptitudes.

Experience & industry exposure

Once, you figure out the seniority level, the budget, and various other preliminary factors. Then, it’s time to dive deep in and figure out the industry expertise of the PHP resources. Have they worked in your company’s business domain?

PHP developers with a great number of years of experience may seem like the right fit. In case, they are completely new to your industry sector. Then, they probably are not a good match for your company.

Try to assess their perspective about your domain background. Analyze the business logic they have or make on runtime about it. If they seem clueless or show hesitation, then they’re probably not what you are looking for.

Hiring such a resource will require going through excessive knowledge transfer. You will have to conduct industry introduction sessions to educate them. Unless you have the budget and time to do that, then it’s best to stay away from such resources.

Handy for support & maintenance

Most developers love to code to solve business challenges. Nevertheless, there are not many who just jump on to take the chance to provide quick fixes. They avoid product downtime with their readiness to indulge in support fixes.

While hiring PHP developers, these are the persons you must choose. Because they even offer assistance in support and maintenance of the application. Such programmers are willing to develop holistic code, that has no bugs and goes smoothly with your business.

At times, companies prefer to hire development and IT support resources together. So that both teams can work on separate streams for ensuring 100% service availability. Such an arrangement can provide 24/7 uptime for the web-driven solution.

Nonetheless, as per budget constraints, this may not be a possibility for you. That’s why opt for hiring PHP developers who think with a 360-degree vision. As they develop code that is efficient and written with the best programming and business practices.

Technology certifications

Numerous companies don’t consider it one of the best criteria to evaluate but then think about it. The majority of PHP developers are computer sciences or IT graduates. So, they probably also have been working for quite a while in their respective traits.

How do they stay prevalent and up-to-date? The answer lies in technology certifications. These are the additional courses, workshops, and even exams, other than IT or CS degrees. Programmers can take them up to learn more about industry trends, practices, and new technologies.

Nowadays, this is quite an industry norm for senior IT resources to take up various certifications. Thanks to this, they can remain abreast with the latest technological advancements. So, this is an additional feather in their caps that you can look out for once hiring PHP developers.

Communication skills

Sure a savvy PHP resource is the best thing that could ever happen to your project. What if they are extremely poor at communicating their tasks and/or progress? Any impediments in team communication can affect the whole project.

This is a must-have soft skill for PHP developers or any resource in your team. They should have the capability to effectively communicate whether it’s verbal or written. Likewise, they should be thorough team players with an emphasis on transparency and collaboration in all their tasks.

A Microsoft study discloses that collaboration has grown 50%, increasing productivity to 25%. Specifically, this is a huge game shifter in the business sector globally and in the United States. As it allows people to work together and raise the productivity bar without any other excessive efforts.

Outsourcing a web project to an IT company may be better

Companies hiring PHP developers should brainstorm on this question. Whether acquiring a few PHP programmers can serve your purpose best? Or you need a PHP web development company for this project undertaking.

Going the second route saves you from hassle, as such companies already have available PHP resources. You can interview their PHP experts and choose the best. Proper utilization of such resources enables you to reap the full benefits of your project.

Even, you can augment PHP specialists as your team extension. Rather than freelancers, these remote dedicated PHP developers can better align with your in-house team. Also, they can communicate well, both within the team and with clients, as they have prior experience.

Let’s face it! The communication gap is one of the most difficult things to deal with. Particularly, when hiring PHP developers or contracting an offshore IT service provider for any type of web development.

Remember that web development companies have a previous track record of working on different projects. So, they have more likely to build your product in a better way than individual PHP developers. You can ask them to show the kind of PHP applications they have been developing.

Credibility, dependability, and marketability are some other important aspects that you can’t ignore. Check how long the prospective IT firms are in the business. Don’t forget to verify their expertise with the portfolios, case studies, project samples, and client references. Analyze the testimonials of the previous clients to judge their experience with the IT solution providers.

Bonus tip: Get to know prospective candidates more

Technology companies and digital businesses shortlist profiles of job applicants on certain criteria. Therefore, do 1-on-1 research during resume profile checking. Additionally, it’s best to thoroughly check the organizations, products, and projects they have worked on.

Just in case, you spot something that doesn’t add up, then it’s best to inquire about it. You should not move ahead with a candidate profile if you identify red flags during your interaction. Try learning about them through developer-specific portfolios.

So that you get to learn more about their specialties, strengths, and capabilities. Usually, most IT resources prefer sharing very generic details. They highlight their career extensions with the companies that they have worked for.

On the other hand, the focus should be on individual narratives. Talk with them about the tasks and work they did for the companies. Instead of getting into the bigger rosy picture that is often discussed even during interview rounds.

Craft web-powered solutions to modernize business
Craft web-powered solutions to modernize business


Every company or individual wants to make the most of every penny spent. They look for some smart ways to get maximum returns on their investments. Sometimes, they get oblivion of some basic things and do not get the desired results.

The demand for PHP development will continuously grow internationally and in the US. This enables companies to consistently go about hiring PHP developers for their project needs. In the event, you are a company that is looking to outsource its PHP development project requirements.

Then, you can get PHP resources by following the tips in this article. When it comes to PHP development, the above-mentioned are the things that many businesses and individuals ignore. Hope after reading through that you don’t commit the same mistake.

Running conducive research that helps you find genuine and committed PHP programmers is a challenge. That’s what quality IT service providers are here for. They are driven to provide outstanding business solutions and technology resources to companies across the globe.

Do you want to build a web-centric solution to modernize business, to better serve online users? Techliance has a diverse pool of PHP developers that match your project budget and requirements. Talk to us today and we will handpick the best PHP resources for your project needs.