Every one of us tries our hands in content marketing. Initially, it works well. Our websites get more visitors, the online branding of our businesses improves, and the conversions grow exponentially. However, things start stagnating after some time. So, we can supercharge content marketing with videos in 2024.

Once, the traffic and conversions start hardly showing any signs of improvement. We start going over our marketing plans, anticipating areas of improvement. But things look fine to us.

What can likely go wrong? That’s the same plan we have been following for years. And it worked well for a website to power online business continuously.

Then, it hits us. That is exactly the problem. Sticking to the same plan is like using the same pair of wheels every year. We have to replace them after a certain period to get better performance.

Changing a pair of wheels is easy. But when we talk about changing a content marketing strategy, it’s tough. There are many elements at play here, making a call requires deep thinking.

Let us help you with that, and tell you where you can get started. Begin with videos. There are a few solid reasons why using videos in content marketing is a great idea. We talk more about it in the next section of this blog.

How you can supercharge Content Marketing with Videos
How you can supercharge Content Marketing with Videos

Top Benefits of Videos for Content Marketing during 2024

Let us make it clear that this is not something new. Before, you get all suspicious. 85% of marketers give credit to videos for gaining attention online.

When content marketing is done right, it builds the online branding of your business. You expect people to read, engage and interact with your content. So, supercharge content marketing with videos and visual content.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

An adage

Nowadays, video has literarily taken over the value of a picture. There are suggestions that a video is literally worth a million words. Inherently, a video is more worthy than a picture.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

Troy Olson (Digital Advertising Manager) & Jeff Loquist (Search Marketing Manager) at ShoppersChoiceYouTube Blog

Some even suggest that a video is worth 1000 pictures.

One minute of a video is worth 1.8 million words.

James McQuivey – Forrester research

Videos give a thrust to this campaign in several ways. You get many advantages as you supercharge content marketing with videos. Here’s a list of a few of them.

Top Benefits of Videos for Content Marketing
Top Benefits of Videos for Content Marketing

Now, we discuss these rewards that persuade businesses and startups to supercharge content marketing with videos.

Users prefer Videos over Text

Almost, 70% of people prefer videos to text to learn about a product. In case, if you had been telling them that your product is the best. Then, it’s time that you start showing them.

Tip: Build a video content library of product videos that you can share with your customers.

High Retention

It’s tough to forget what you see in videos. Read that again. 8 out of 10 persons remember what they see in a video compared to only 2 of what they read. This can work so well for your online branding.

Tip: Start a YouTube channel, and stay consistent in producing content.

Fast Processing

Today, 90% of the information we process is visual. It takes only milliseconds to process visual content. Just in case, if a 500 words blog is transformed into visual content. Then, it will have better reception and a higher engagement rate.

Tip: Create infographics and videos using interesting numbers and graphs.

More Personal

It’s easy to be more personal with your audience in a video. Because, when they look at you, your gestures, and expressions. Then, they feel more related to interacting with a human, instead of looking at lines of text. Talk about personalization, and that too in a visual way.

Tip: Include videos in email communications with your customers.

Best ways to use Videos in Content Marketing

The kind of videos you want to share with your audience largely depends on your product or service. Moreover, they also depend on few other factors. For example, industry, target market, and buyer persona, etc.

Venturing into video content marketing depends, to an extent. Having said that, there is a particular segment of videos that are tried and accepted by companies from different backgrounds. Here’s a list of the top ideas which you can think of to supercharge content marketing with videos.

Best ways to use Videos in Content Marketing
Best ways to use Videos in Content Marketing

Next, we deliberate over these efficient concepts to supercharge content marketing with videos amid 2024.

Product Demo Videos

Right now, this video content marketing type works really well for most companies. Because it is where the show, don’t tell, comes into the limelight. For instance, you launched a new feature that none of your competitors have, make a video on how it works.

Show it to your target audience how it can make their lives better. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a single feature video. Make a full-blown walkthrough video, and add it to your onboarding emails.

Before we move to the next point, here’s some good news. 73% of users who watch videos are more likely to purchase than those who do not. Thus, utilize different ways to repurpose a video, and use it for digital marketing campaigns for product demonstration.

Product demo video example

Educational Videos

As humans, we’re always curious and looking for ways to fill in our bucket of information. Educational videos do a great job of tapping into this habit. Therefore, sharing industry information, tips, guides, resources is a great technique for educating your audience.

This will keep them coming back for more. Besides, it’s also a good opportunity to nurture your current customers and keep them informed of the latest trend. This is something that they will appreciate, and over time build more trust in your brand.

Educational video example

Screen Recording Videos

For churning out video content regularly, screen recording videos are great. Besides, the specialty of creating these videos is their simplicity. All you need is a laptop to produce the content.

Additionally, you can add screen-recorded videos to your landing pages. Also, they are a great choice to create quick video messages. Furthermore, you can use them to embed them in emails or them. As videos are more personal, these videos can build a formidable bridge between you and your audience.

Screen recording video example

Video Testimonials

Presently, every business wants to have good ratings and happy customers. Because they help in spreading the word about the brand. This in turn helps in getting more customers.

Go a step ahead, and tell people a better story. So, video testimonials and visual storytelling should be your pick. Interview your customer, asking them questions about their business and problems.

Inquire them how your product has made a change. This will build an extra level of trust with your audience. So, it is far more believable for your prospects as it’s coming from your customers.

Before you plan video testimonials, it’s worthwhile to learn about how you get them from your customers. Because it’s more relatable too for your prospective clients. As it’s no longer some brand trying to push the “our customers are the happiest” tagline down their throat.

Video testimonial example

Company Culture Videos

In the first instance, you may find little difficult to place company culture videos in your content marketing plan. But, hear us out. Your company culture video is like a welcome tour for your audience.

They get to know your business and your company internally. Currently, people have become very conscious about where they’re buying their products from. 74% of the customers look forward to buying from companies that are transparent and ensure safe working conditions.

Company culture video example

With company culture videos you can show interviews of your employees to highlight your work culture. For example, how your staff works, what gadgets they use, and how you’re trying to make a social impact. All of these put together will create a solid image for your company. Hence, this will encourage conscious consumers to get associated with your brand through 2024 and future years.

Build a Content-driven Website that captures Users
Build a Content-driven Website that captures Users

Wrapping it up

Content marketing is very effective when it’s done with a lot of planning. It generates great results on your investments, but things can come to stagnation after a certain point. This is a signal that you have to step up your strategy and try new ideas like using videos.

Videos have a lot of merits: they are personalized, more preferred, and have a higher retention rate. So, these traits work very well with content marketing. Depending on the product you sell and the industry you belong to, supercharge content marketing with videos in many ways.

As a standard, we have discussed the top types of content marketing videos that are usually produced by companies. Like your other form of content, keep consistency in making videos too. Hence, this will help you stick to your goal, and get even better results in the long term.