In modern times, data is everything globally and in the United States. Because it is essential to protect user data in 2024 as ever. Governments, companies and, individuals are all working towards one goal, i.e., data security.

2020 and 2021 were the years when the world was battling the catastrophic damage of COVID-19. And its third, fourth, and subsequent waves are expected to continue wreaking havoc in near future. Even during these testing times, cybercriminals didn’t go easy on the cyberworld.

This goes to say that cyber attackers won’t stop no matter what happens. This is why you should protect user data by all means. Moreover, you must hold the privacy of your online assets intact at all costs. This is where DevOps and IT support professionals come to your rescue.

How to protect User Data - Top strategies to follow
How to protect User Data – Top strategies to follow

Guidelines for Safeguarding Customer Data during 2024

Back in 2020, there was a 58% increase in cybercrimes in the healthcare industry alone. And this is insight about just one sector. So, it is very important to protect user data in all business markets.

Are you wondering how will you protect user data? Well, there are several tips that you can employ to safeguard your business information. Here, we discuss the top tactics that can help you shield against cyber threats.

Next, we deliberate over these points in detail.

Create Data Backup

First-of-all, data backups can save the day for you in case of a disaster. The most important question asked here is, “how frequently should I back up data?” Well, a simple answer is – it depends upon your willingness to protect it.

Are you willing to back up every hour of your work? Or are you satisfied with backing up after the work is done? Those who are stuck in between this hour-day game tend to rely on automatic backup systems.

Automatic backup tools like cloud create a backup as soon as you perform a task. That way, you don’t have to worry about backing up every hour. Anyways, something is better than nothing. So, having a data backup process in place is necessary.

Guidelines for Safeguarding Customer Data
Guidelines for Safeguarding Customer Data

Utilize Data Encryption

By encrypting your data, you can protect it from the eyes of cyber-fraudsters. You can use disk encryption to create an invisible container inside your hard disk. This will allow the automatic encryption and decryption of data while storage.

Email encryption is another way where you can protect your confidential emails from hackers. Hackers can catch emails containing bank statements, company contracts, and sensitive user information. But, email encryption tools encode your message as you send them.

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Shield Data against Malware

Remember that malware injections don’t need permissions from you before affecting your system. Malware can install on your devices in many forms. For example, trojan horses, spyware, worms, and scareware, etc.

In case, you install an application or download a file from an unsolicited website. These viruses get downloaded automatically and compromise your system. So, you must have an anti-malware system in place.

It can run regular checks ensuring your system’s protection. These days, the majority of anti-malware software available can automatically quarantine anything that seems suspicious. So, it does not allow malware to make changes to your computer.

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Install an SSL Certificate

Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates or their forerunner Secure socket layer (SSL) certificates are obligatory for all online businesses. They are used to protect websites from cyber threats. A security protocol uses Public Key Infrastructure to protect your data while it gets transferred from one computer to another.

It facilitates Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) encryption that converts the plain text format into an encrypted form. You can buy cheap SSL certificates from prominent SSL providers or service aggregators. So, get your TLS/SSL certificate today and install it on your website domain.

Automatically Update CMS

We know how difficult it is in the mix of doing a business to fetch time out to install updates. Many startups and small businesses don’t even update them once. But, this puts their website’s existence at serious risk.

An outdated CMS software is an easy target for hackers. They can easily break through and steal your data. So, remember to keep “Automatically Install Updates” on.

CMS software updates contain security patches that counter the latest threats posed by cyber cheats. They create a protective shield around a website and make it impenetrable. This is why you must always keep your automatic CMS updates activated.

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Go for WPA instead of WEP

Once data is sent over a wireless network, it is prone to interceptions. If the wireless access point is not protected appropriately, just about anybody can access the data. So, while transmitting data, you must use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) instead of a Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP).

You can use WPA for the storage and transfer of data as it appropriately configures wireless access points. Thus, use WPA to protect your network through 2024. It will keep cybercrooks at bay.

Use Web Application Firewall

Keep in mind that a Web Application Firewall (WAF) guards against threats from unknown sources to harm your system. It does not allow viruses and malware to enter the system and cause damage. Firewalls placed between a computer and a network govern and analyze the data that comes in and goes out.

Without a firewall, harmful and malicious traffic can creep into the system, and steal or damage data at will. Firewalls are of two types, namely software-based firewalls and hardware-based firewalls. Experts suggest that hardware firewalls with a built-in presence in the system are much safer than software firewalls.

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Delete Unnecessary Files

This is one of the most overlooked data protection tips in the modern world. Humans tend to store things for future use. But they forget that the hackers will get access to all sensitive files from the past in case of theft. So, it is better to delete the unused sensitive files right away instead of keeping them on a laptop/phone.

Devices are prone to theft which is why you must keep them clear of any sensitive data. Store your data on the cloud so that you don’t have to carry your devices everywhere to access it. Moreover, deleted files are never deleted permanently, so it is recommended to overwrite the files after deleting them.

Secure your Online Business from Cyberattacks
Secure your Online Business from Cyberattacks


Remember that data is everything amid 2024 and the future, just like the past. Your data speaks for your identity, your culture, and demographics. Even bank accounts of your company and users can be compromised if your data is in the wrong hands.

Hence, it is best to stay updated with the latest cyber threats posed by hackers and other cybercriminals. That way, you will be able to identify cyberattacks and take the necessary measures to repel them. Follow the tips mentioned above to protect user data and give yourself a good chance against the bad guys.

Do you want to guard your online business against cyber threats? Connect with Techliance for discussing options for user data protection. Together we can secure your website from information theft.