The article is written to illustrate the importance of Zend as one of the primary solutions for PHP Development. The article also discusses the three main components of Zend development along with their specific features for its users. The underlying idea is to highlight the importance of Zend in providing a complete solution for web-based application development.

Zend development - PHP framework
What is Zend Development?

Zend, as one of the leading PHP solutions providers, is now able to provide its Zend Development Solution to those who are software developers looking for a reliable, high performance environment for developing new products.

What can they do for you?

Zend is already supplying its solutions to over 40,000 companies around the world, with many leading brands taking advantage of Zend’s all encompassing products.

 The Development Solution provides three core components to its users.They are:

Zend Studio

Zend Development Studio

    • Zend Studio:

      this allows the professional grade PHP-IDE (integrated development environment) to help the developer create and maintain code more efficiently. It further allows team collaboration as well as a problem solving mechanism.Further an application can be geared towards Cloud. Zend Studio will allow the developer to run applications in a consistent PHP environment via In addition, an integrated AWS Toolkit will allow the developer to access Amazon Web Services.Zend Studio has evolved from Eclipse, one of the leading open source projects’ benefitting the developer with a reliable and standardized environment as well as over 1,000 Eclipse plug-ins.There is also a test-lab/production environment, which allows the developer to detect and debug any problems before the application is released.

Zend Server - Cluster Manager PHP Architecture

    • Zend Server:

      this is a fully functioning enterprise-ready web application server; allowing the developer to run and manage PHP applications Zend Server provides a pre-integrated and tested solution designed to assist in removing usual issues faced with PHP infrastructure. The native installer (RPM/DEB and MSI) includes a certified PHP distribution as well as Zend Framework. Connectivity to all common databases, Java, a scalable and PHP-integrated download server, Apache Web server, and MySQL database is also included as part of this component of the Zend Development Solution. Applications’ performances are further boosted by code acceleration; full page caching and data caching.Consequently, a developer will be able to optimize the performance of any application. More importantly, for the developer, this product allows the speedy diagnosis of any problem with the application prior to launch. Zend Server’s Code Tracing produces, much like an aircraft’s black box, a real time record of all activity, allowing for later analysis or diagnosis of any issues arising.

Zend Developer Solution

    • Zend Support:

      this component of the Zend Development Solution provides the well-established and proven technical support of Zend. This enables the developer to feel comfortable in relying at the IT help for assistance. At all times the developer will have the reassurance that any issues that arises, either at Enterprise or Standard level, will be dealt with as quickly and as effectively as possible. Such assurance covers the installation, usage, problem diagnosis, configuration, product defects and, if necessary, any upgrades.Further guidance is provided by Zend ‘How To’ service, answering many of the basic questions that a developer may have.Standard maintenance updates, as well as PHP security and critical bug hot fixes are also provided.