With the growing demand for smartphones and tablets, more and more brands are investing in mobile apps. A research by App Annie predicts the total number of mobile app downloads will touch 258 billion by the end of 2022. This trend encourages the code quality of mobile apps, with proper measurement and improvement.

Think about all the routine activities you perform on your mobile. Do you realize how often you use mobile applications? Be it the social media apps or shopping apps, we often use these convenient and quick applications.

A well-designed mobile application has become more of a necessity for startups and established organizations. Even retailers have started to embrace this trend. But, only launching a mobile app in the app market is not enough.

You need to ensure that your mobile app offers a smooth and great user experience. The fast loading speed, easy navigation, neat user interface, and clear design are some of the significant features of successful mobile apps.

Well qualified IT firms implement effective factors in mobile application development services to ensure the code quality of apps.

Code Quality of Mobile Apps - Tips to Measure and Improve
Code Quality of Mobile Apps – Tips to Measure and Improve

Why does Code Quality matter?

In essence, code quality affects the overall software quality. The portability, security, accuracy, maintenance, testability, and the overall performance of a mobile app depends on its codebase.

The app codes need to be readable, comprehendible, testable, secure and reliable. Code testing is especially important for brands that are planning to release a security-critical application.

Manual programming and testing are prone to errors. In fact, studies suggest that programmers are unable to detect 50% of errors in their software.

That being said, it is necessary to check the code quality of the software to find the possible bugs. Taking care of important factors results in good codebase, and in return, a quality app development overall experience.

Characteristics of Code Quality to Evaluate the Mobile Apps

These are the key aspects through which you can measure the code quality of mobile apps and improve its performance.

  • Reliability
  • Testability
  • Security
  • Reusability
  • Maintainability
Characteristics of Code Quality to Evaluate the Mobile Apps
Characteristics of Code Quality to Evaluate the Mobile Apps

Let’s discuss these important traits of code quality that play role in assessing and enhancing performance of mobile apps.


What are the chances the app codes you have developed will fail? Make sure that a poor-performance app is as good as dead in the app market. To attract your target audience, you need to come up with a reliable code that functions appropriately.

Basically, the reliability of code determines how long your system can operate accurately. Reliability testing analyzes how quick your app loads when it is used by a large number of people.

Another important aspect is regression testing i.e. identifying the total errors that show up when you introduce changes to the mobile app. The more errors and defects occur, the lower the reliability of the app will be.


Is your mobile app testable? How many tests do you need to assess the quality of your app? How easy is it to observe and control the testing?

Testing is an important part of the mobile development process. Every mobile application needs to be thoroughly tested for security, reliability, portability, and maintainability.

Note that the structure and complexity of the software are the major components that affect the testability of codebase. In order to enhance the testability of code, consider using the Cyclomatic Complexity technique.


Even popular platforms, such as Facebook, have reported data breaches and security issues. There is no denying the online world makes our confidential data more vulnerable. We disclose our personal and sensitive information to brands to make online purchases.

Users install mobile apps that they find secure and reliable. Security has become the primary concern for users. That being said, determining the security of an app is the perfect way to measure its code quality.

It is not challenging for hackers to break into a mobile app and fetch customer’s personal information if the app developer has used weak codes. Checking the security of an app is as simple as scanning the software for possible vulnerabilities.

If the mobile app has already been deployed in the app markets, then consider releasing the updated version with security updates. Ensure that users are updating to the latest version of the app to enjoy secure shopping and browsing experience.

Usually, the security of the mobile app cannot be gauged before the software is released in the app stores. But considering that mobile development is a consistent procedure, you can check the vulnerabilities after the app is launched.

Keep introducing security updates to make your mobile app convenient and 100% secure for users.


Can you reuse the code of the Android app in the iOS app? What percentage of the codebase can actually be reused?

The loose coupling codes have a high reusability rate. You can use a static analyzer to evaluate the inter-dependencies of the codes.


Quality of the code is also determined by its maintainability. How easier is it for the developers and brand to maintain the codebase?

You can assess the maintainability of code by testing its structure, intricacy, and consistency. There is no specific metric that could evaluate the maintainability of the code.

You may rather need to run the codebase through several complexity tests.

Want to Create a Mobile App having High Code Quality
Want to Create a Mobile App having High Code Quality


You need to perform these tests to determine the quality of the codebase of a mobile app. These can unearth several findings that can play role in improvement of your app.

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Code Quality of Mobile Apps FAQs

What is code quality?

The code quality means whether the written source code is high-quality code (good code), or low-quality code (bad code).

What is high-quality code?

Source code that functions well, follows consistency, is testable, and comprehendible; is considered a high-quality code. It is also known as good code, and it remains useful for a long time.

What is low-quality code?

The code that is not easily understandable, cluttered, and inconsistent; is considered low-quality code. It is also known as bad code, and it does not last long.