The majority of people have this misconception that data security for mobile app is a feature or a benefit. Well, in reality, it has become a bare necessity. One little slip-up or break could cost your organization not only a huge number of dollars just as a lifetime of trust. This is why information security should be considered as a priority, right from the moment you start writing the code of mobile application and should not be an afterthought. Therefore, mobile apps and data security must go hand in hand in the decade of 2020.

Today, in this ever-changing world of technology and online platforms, the role of mobile applications has evolved in converting more difficult tasks into simpler ones. We tech-savvy people love to explore more and more advanced features in their mobile apps.

So, what needs to be done as an app developer is, try developing a useful and trustworthy mobile application mainly by keeping all the mobile app security issues in mind. Quality focused IT firms deliver mobile application development solutions that safeguard data security.

If you develop a mobile app that is not up to the mark in regards to security, then users will refuse to download or use it. Computer hackers are the main threat to developed mobile applications. They can have un-authorized access to personal and essential information of the mobile app users and can spitefully utilize it.

Mobile Apps and Data Security - What Developers must Learn
Mobile Apps and Data Security – What Developers must Learn

Stats that Mobile App Developers should consider

The following are certain statistics that mobile application developers should take into account.

  • According to several sources, it is said that about 43% of cyber-attacks are found targeting small businesses as they are most vulnerable in regards to mobile apps and web apps.
  • Gartner forecasts that worldwide spending on information security is expected to reach US$ 170.4 billion by 2022.
  • Around 4.1 billion records were exposed to data breaches in the first quarter of 2019.
  • More than 24000 malicious mobile apps are blocked in the world every day.

As a result, mobile app developers must consider these mobile application vulnerabilities and security threats while developing professional mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

We now debate over few basic data security issues for mobile applications, that any app development company needs to know, and their solutions for success in 2020 and future.

Data Security Challenges in Mobile Apps

These are the common information security problems that affect mobile applications nowadays.

  • Insecure Data Storage
  • Communications Security Breach
  • Not trusted Inputs
Data Security Challenges in Mobile Apps
Data Security Challenges in Mobile Apps

Let’s discuss these data security issues concerning mobile apps in brief detail now.

Insecure Data Storage

You should be familiar with Starbucks’ versatile mobile application. Here the customers just need to enter their usernames and passwords once when triggering the payment action of the application. They can use it over and over, to make boundless buys without having to re-input their login credentials again.

This may appear to be incredible when you talk about user-friendliness. The clear content likewise discloses clients’ geo-location following purchases. With this data, close at hand, unauthorized people will also have the approval to sign into the Starbucks’ shop. Frequently individuals employ the same username and password across multiple accounts. This implies that there is a possibility to bargain extra client accounts.

As a portable application engineer, you should concentrate on structuring applications. Important data like usernames, passwords and credit card numbers are not stored right on a gadget. If they do, they should be kept safely. The information should consistently be put away inside an encrypted information area. And the application ought to be set apart to refuse continued reinforcement.

Communications Security Breach

Another significant challenge is communication security breach. There are times when IT support engineers do not actively look into implementation of transport layer security (TLS) and its forerunner secure sockets layer (SSL). Often the regular execution of TLS/SSL gets defective.

Occasionally the communication security authentications are not confirmed and TrustManager is broken. The absence of legitimate TLS/SSL is a solicitation to aggressors to misuse your application.

Not trusted Inputs

Mobile applications acknowledge information from an assortment of sources. The nonappearance of adequate encryption gives assailants simple access to functions and use cases.

Security choices on validation and approval are made dependent on the estimations of these information sources. So, invaders can sidestep your security arrangements due to distrustful input.

Certain ways Developers can ensure Data Security for Mobile Apps

Given below are some measures that can help in providing information security for mobile applications.

  • Use high-level Authentication
  • Data Encryption
  • Write highly protected Source Code
  • Careful usage of Libraries
  • Source Code access with least privileges
Certain ways Developers can ensure Data Security for Mobile Apps
Certain ways Developers can ensure Data Security for Mobile Apps

We now deliberate over these methods that can improve data security for mobile apps.

Use high-level Authentication

You can use standard authentication to create a mobile app that is free from hackers. You must be aware that most security breaches happen due to weak authentication. Thus, maintaining strong authentication becomes extremely important during app development procedures.

A mobile app developer must design your application having hard security codes written in a hard-alphanumeric format. This sequence must be renewed every three to six months. After all, this is one of the best ways to stay away from hackers.

Data Encryption

Mobile app developers love to prevent unauthorized access to their mobile apps by offering encryption concepts while developing a mobile app. Now for those who do not know what data encryption is actually?

Data Encryption is the essential technique for changing the important records or private information of the clients into hash-codes. This way encoded information can’t be checked by any other person without decoding.

Every single unit of data exchanged can be encrypted effectively. Every developer must implement the data encryption process during the development of the mobile app. This controls the misuse of your developed mobile app.

If a hacker tries to breach the mobile application, then by the implementation of this feature, the data can’t get decrypted. Hence, it is an accurate idea to secure your mobile apps from hackers.

Write highly protected Source Code

In case, if a hacker wants to break into an application, the starting points are bugs and vulnerabilities. The bad guys will attempt to get hold of your source code and will temper with it. For this, they need an open copy of the application.

So, what can be done is try implementing the hard code which cannot be broken easily. Following the agile development model or working according to complete app development procedure can also prove helpful. This is the only way you can patch up and update your source code in time.

You can also build a security code that can be easily updated after use. The developers thoroughly get updated with the best quality code for helping their users to avoid security issues in their mobile apps.

Careful usage of Libraries

Third party libraries are extremely important for app developers for code building. Completely test the code of the chosen third-party library, before utilizing it for your mobile application, as they are not always secure.

The flaws in the libraries can allow hackers to use malicious code and crash the system. Developers should use regulated internal repositories and discipline policy controls during procurement. This will protect their mobile apps from vulnerabilities in external libraries.

Source Code access with least privileges

Source code of mobile app should only run with permissions. The code of mobile application should only be given to the limited number of people who are intended to receive it. Unless the minimum required, make sure that the mobile app should not request any more privilege for it to function.

If the Mobile Design & App Development firms want to access the galleries of users, then they must ask for that. Do not make unnecessary network connections ever. Trying to run the network as simply as possible will enhance security.

Want a Mobile App with Data Security feature
Want a Mobile App with Data Security feature


These are globally accepted security procedures that a versatile app developer must follow to have a completely safe and hard to-break mobile application. Throughout the years, cyber-security has demonstrated its significance. Customers are currently increasingly keen on making a progressively secure arrangement that can be effortlessly depended upon.

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