Nowadays, over 23 million developers are working relentlessly for creating technology that bedazzles users worldwide. Apple app store remains busy marketplace for users and developers that commune together on the platform. Talking of 2024, it is important to consider the developer’s perspective of Apple app store.

What makes the Apple’s digital distribution service even hotter is the incentive for developers to remain up-to-date.

In a recent announcement by Apple, an online app store lab is on the cards.

It will help developers in sharing their feedback about Apple app store.

So, this will improve the overall experience of the app store.

Things are constantly brewing up for Apply community, which is the reason it stands its grounding.

Thanks to technology advancement, mobile application development is inspiring programmers to get more creative in 2024.

Developer's perspective of Apple App Store
Developer’s perspective of Apple App Store

Resounding Success of Apple App Store backed by 2024 Statistics

  • As of May 2020, Apple app store has 1.85 million apps. (Statista)
  • By fiscal 2020 ending on 28th December 2019, Apple has over 1.5 billion active devices. (Apple)
  • Till August 2020, there are over 1.37 million app publishers on Apple app store. (42matters)
  • By 2023, annual user spending on Apple app store is forecast to reach $96 billion. (SensorTower)
  • As of June 2020, Apple app store has 91.9% free apps, while 8.1% are paid apps. (Statista)

Benefits of Apple App Store for Developers

Nowadays, the developers receive many ways to explore innovation with Apple’s app marketplace.

So, we highlight some of these features that Apple app store offers to the mobile developers.

Let’s discuss these advantages of Apple app store for developers in detail.

App Clips

These are visual indicators for discovering apps.

You can launch app clip codes within a few seconds.

App clips allow users to get a full-on experience of the iOS applications.

Moreover, these allow developers to get imaginative on how they want to present the app to potential users.

Privacy Transparency

One of the pain points for developer community is privacy.

The key to dealing with this concern is to make your privacy policies transparent to the users.

People using your app want to know that their data is safe.

They desire to rest assure that any third-party can’t use their information for their vested interests.

Apple app store builds a trustworthy relationship with users, by enabling developers to detail their app privacy practices.

Therefore, users can review all the information about what the privacy policy is, where is the data being used, whether it is shared with third-parties, and what are the implications of the sharing.

If users want to opt out of using the app – they can on basis of understanding the app’s privacy policy.

As always, Apple’s digital app store makes sure to stand by users and give maximum protection to their data.

Home Screen Widgets

With widgets on the home screen, users can experience the developer’s widget every time they look at their device.

Similarly, with a new SwiftUI API, developers can use same code to build a widget for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

Benefits of Apple App Store for Developers
Benefits of Apple App Store for Developers

Monetization with StoreKit

As a digital distribution platform, Apple app store is trying to accommodate all kinds of businesses.

Consequently, Apple offers StoreKit, a framework for in-app purchases and app monetization.

With it, developers can automate testing of purchase workflows.

Its time customer experience was enhanced by allowing notifications for subscription renewal and refunds.

Family Sharing

Are you the developer creating content for families?

Then, Apple app store provides you a treat by supporting family sharing for subscriptions and in-app purchases.

This is in addition to shared family app purchases.

SwiftUI Capabilities

Developers can now write an entire app in SwiftUI, and share that code across all Apple platforms.

Programmers who are already using SwiftUI, can easily add new features to their existing code.

Furthermore, a new Lazy API ensures that enormous data sets can deliver great performance.


Through 2024, Apple app store remains dominant force among the app marketplaces, together with Google play console.

So, there is increasing demand for quality mobile apps on iOS platform.

This requires constant churn of reliable iPhone apps that remain available on Apple app store.

The chain effect keeps developers busy in continuously developing, maintaining and supporting iOS apps.

Apple app store makes the overall experience worthwhile for developers.

It allows developers to create and showcase apps in various groundbreaking ways.

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Need flawless iOS Apps with quality industry practices
Need flawless iOS Apps with quality industry practices

Developers’ FAQs about Apple App Store

How does Apple App Store pay developers?

Free apps with in-app purchase allow developers 70% of sales, whereas Apple collects 30% commission.

Paid apps get developers 70% of sales, while Apple earns a 30% commission.

Free apps with subscription make developers 70% of subscription sales, in first year, and Apple gathers 30% commission.

Subscription sales distribution becomes 85% for developers and 15% for Apple for subsequent years.

Is the Apple Developer Program free?

Apple Developer Program costs an annual membership fee of 99 USD.

Yearly membership fee for Apple Developer Enterprise Program is 299 USD.

Newbie programmers can start development on Apple platforms, through tools and resources for free.

Eligible non-profit organizations, educational institutes, and government departments in selected countries; can request to waive annual membership fee.