Every iOS operating system release always brings exciting news to the limelight. It becomes the talk of the town globally and in the United States. That’s why mobile enthusiasts want to know about iOS 15 advantages at the earliest in 2024.

Apple users get all charged up to check out what’s in store for them. They instantly want to try the new iOS version as soon as possible. Apple iOS 15 release is not different in any way.

Apple is always at the superior end of innovation. So, it brings more fun to the table with customer-centricity for its users. As well, Apple provides unparalleled opportunities to users, and businesses. Therefore, iOS application developers build high-performing mobile apps for quality seeker smartphone owners.

iOS 15 Advantages - Everything to know in Apple iOS 15
iOS 15 Advantages – Everything to know in Apple iOS 15

Best Inventive Features of Apple iOS 15 in a nutshell

The iOS 15 beta release was launched on 7th June 2021. It brought along similar feelings of excitement in the consumer market. Apple will launch the final iOS 15 release likely in September 2021.

Many iOS 15 advantages make this release noteworthy. Apple keeps no stone unturned when they introduce a major iOS update. So, the 15th major version of Apple iOS comes packed with the following features.

  • FaceTime SharePlay
  • Apple Wallet and Driver’s License
  • New iMessage Features
  • iPhone is Smarter
  • Option to block Messages or Notifications
  • Revamped Apple Maps
  • Improved Safari Browser
  • Translating Textual Photos
  • Enhanced Spotlight Search
  • Privacy Report
  • Secrecy in iCloud+ and Mail
  • Geared up Siri

Let’s discuss these iOS 15 advantages in detail.

FaceTime SharePlay

Right from the start, the iOS platform had been a chick. Currently, it is getting cooler with every new version. Why? Here is the reason.

iOS is extending the ultimate experience of sharing. Not just a face or a conversation, but the experience of watching a show/movie together. Yes, you read that right.

Now, you can watch all your favorite shows on Disney+, Hulu, TikTok, etc. with others on FaceTime video. And that too with extended features of pause, fast forward, or stay in sync. So, grab your popcorn and get into entertainment mode. Chat up through Message while sharing your screen.

The best thing is that it’s available on almost every Apple device. For example, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So, the whole Apple family offers this fantastic feature.

Apple Wallet and Driver’s License

Nowadays, we are reaching the era of having everything on our mobile phones. Why should we carry additional IDs with us when the same can be part of our phones? Sounds cool!

Sure, it is the case. Now, your Apple iOS 15 is allowing you to store your driver’s license in the Apple Wallet app. This feature is expected to be released in winter, so stay tuned for more on this.

Best Inventive Features of Apple iOS 15 in a nutshell
Best Inventive Features of Apple iOS 15 in a nutshell

New iMessage Features

iPhone developers have always been ahead of the game. All thanks to iOS dynamics on giving users enthralling changes with a new release every time. The iMessage can show and share relevant information to other apps.

In case, someone sends you a link to a news story. Then, you will see a Shared with You section of Apple News, as a reminder of who sent the link. This way you don’t have to dig your way around looking for the story later. Rather, you have a direct link to access it without any hassle.

iPhone is Smarter

Okay, we get it, that your device is already a smart one. But it just got smarter, and we mean literally. Now, your iPhone can also identify and give you information about animals, items, and plants in the photos.

All you need to do is tap on a small icon that displays on top of photos in your gallery. Subsequently, your phone will tell you some facts or details about the object. This is something already available on Android phones through Google Lens. Finally, iOS has caught up with Android to give this feature to users in this iOS release.

Option to block Messages or Notifications

Ok, we all have been there already. Putting the phone on silent mode means muting everything. How about we want to be selective on what to be notified about?

Now, that’s what you can do with the focus feature. It allows notifications from apps and people that you have preapproved at a certain time. So, this way you allow the senders to get to know you have Focus mode on.

Thus, they can decide if it is still important. Then, they can push a notification to you anyway. This is like you use to set Busy status on social networking profiles and online chat software.

Revamped Apple Maps

iOS 15 comes with the exciting redesign of Apple maps. This brings great improvement in driving directions, clearly marked lanes, crosswalks, and a whole lot more. Additionally, it has a 3D model that shows elevation and points of interest for major cities. Even, it has real-time alerts for when you need to get off the bus, train, or subway.

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Improved Safari Browser

Be it iPhone, Mac, or iPad, the iOS 15 has significantly upgraded the Safari web browser. It has a search bar at the bottom and support for saving groups of open tabs. Even, it has the option to search the web by voice.

This makes internet browsing of apple devices a wholesome experience with voice search. So, now you can search for anything through voice. This feature is now available on all iOS supported devices. Also, it supports plugins such as Honey to find discounts and promo codes while shopping.

Translating Textual Photos

Texts on photos can now be copied, pasted, or translated. Think of it in a bigger picture where you are reading a menu in Italian. So, you want to know what is being served today.

Well, just take a picture. Same thing for any address, restaurant name, or even tracking number through a courier service. Likewise, you can even pick up a phone number through a photo to call it right away.

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Enhanced Spotlight Search

Everyone browses through the spotlight feature on their iPhones or iPads. Because it gives you so much connection with whatever you want to search for. So, you search for a contact, to get all pictures or texts that person has sent you. iOS 15 extends the same concept to any show, music, or artist you search for.

Privacy Report

iPhone applications have always been developed with great emphasis on privacy. Hence, the privacy report is something that allows users to know what an app is doing on their phones. For instance, stats on mic location, photos, or camera access over the last 7 days. So, it allows users to keep tabs on their apps.

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Secrecy in iCloud+ and Mail

Following the same lines, iCloud from Apple now offers iCloud+ service with some new benefits. For example, hiding your online activity makes it harder for other people to see the websites and places you visit. This feature is called “iCloud Private Relay” which camouflages your activities online from others.

The same thing is even in the Mail through the Hide my Email feature. It protects your email address from access on forms where you must sign up. This way the recipient doesn’t know your actual email, but you can still receive emails at your regular address.

Geared up Siri

Furthermore, Apple Siri, our favorite personal assistant is faster on iOS 15 than before. Now, it can do more things than ever. For instance, setting timers, alarms, opening apps, controlling music, and turning on the flashlight.

In addition, it performs all that without an internet connection. Thus, it means more power to Siri that can run commands without any slight delay. Accordingly, now Siri is more pumped up as a virtual assistant than before.

Build an iOS App with right Execution
Build an iOS App with right Execution


Today, Apple iOS is a force to be reckoned with. It provides immense ammunition to the Apple users to continue using their Apple devices with greater agility and control. Apple is a pioneer in developing a mobile operating system that primarily focuses on wider usability and comfort.

Now, iOS 15 opens new doors for mobile users in the consumer market. This allows variations in the iOS application development, allowing iPhone developers to think outside the box. Hence, they can create cutting-edge apps that capitalize on iOS 15 advantages to engage users on a wider canvas.

Do you have an idea for an iOS app that requires vetting and a proper execution plan? Have your conversation with Techliance through a free discussion. Let’s work on your app idea today to make it a reality.