Speaking of 2020, Apple app store is not just an app store, but a paradise for mobile users.

As the world’s leading software company, Apple is always HUGE on user experience, no doubt.

Therefore, it even has the most awesome app store for its consumers.

Apple app store is a digital distribution platform for Apple users to explore iOS and iPad apps.

With it, smartphone users get assurance of downloading trustworthy iOS powered apps from verified mobile development businesses worldwide.

What is Apple App Store
What is Apple App Store

Apple App Store and iOS Statistics for 2020

In 2024, Apple’s digital distribution platform is among the most prevailing app stores, along-with Google Play globally.

Thus, stats don’t lie, and popularity of Apple’s digital Appstore is increasing in the decade of 2020.

  • As of April 2020, Apple app store is accessible in 175 countries. (Apple)
  • By May 2020, Apple Appstore contained 1.85 million iOS apps. (Statista)
  • Till January 2020, Apple had 1.5 billion active devices. (Apple)
  • By end of 2020, Apple is forecast to have over 1 billion active iPhones. (9to5Mac)
  • Until June 2020, about 91.9% of iOS apps on Apple app store are free, as compared to 96.4% of free android apps on Google app store. (Statista)
  • As of July 2020, applications make over 85% on Apple app store, while gaming apps are around 15% distribution. (42matters)

Overview of Apple App Store

Launched in 2008, Apple app store is digital distribution service by Apple, for apps on iOS and iPadOS platforms.

So, users can utilize apple app store to download apps on iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets, and iPod devices.

Moreover, users can also transfer some apps to Apple Watch and latest Apple TVs.

Nowadays, Apple’s official Appstore is the busiest hub for smartphone users and mobile developers to commune together.

Its user experience is so amazing, once you are on it, you’re like a kid in a candy store.

Advantages of Apple App Store

Advantages of Apple App Store
Advantages of Apple App Store

Now, let’s explore the benefits of Apple Appstore in detail.

Apple makes it cooler

iOS apps always have a higher user experience, and so does the Apple app store also.

It allows users exploring various categories of mobile apps through tabs.

This makes exploring all your options relatively easier.

Likewise, browsing becomes a smarter choice because you know which tab, you’re on.

Whether, it is today’s tab which makes you check apps that are trending for the current day.

Or, it is the games and apps tab.

So, each tab gives you various options to discover as per your choosing and current mood.

Customization along the way

Apple calls them Editors – the craftsmen behind the look and feel of the Apple app store.

Because of these people, all iOS apps get special attention in being thoroughly reviewed.

From reviewing the code, learning how the app works and what it’s about.

These editors take all the pain to make sure that the right apps get the proper exposure in 2024.

It is an extra incentive for mobile developers to craft iOS apps that are coded right.

So, if the apps comply with Apple privacy policies and deliver the essentials to users.

Then, they get featured on the Apple app store.

Therefore, it is one of the biggest reasons iOS apps are always most sought-after in the market.

This is because Apple endorses the quality apps, to make sure that they get buzz to make it big.

Editors give users lot of stuff in form of various contents, that are distributed in various sections or screens.

App Lists

Through app lists, editors break it down further by creating thematic lists.

For example, consider all cooking apps, or kids’ apps falling under same category listing.

So, app lists are easier to browse, and help you in getting to where you want to go.

Tips and Tricks

It is always cool to learn something new about an app that you have just downloaded.

So, these tips and tricks help you discover an aspect about iOS applications in your iPhone or iPad.

Therefore, you get to know about an unexplored feature about your favorite iOS apps of 2024.

App Details

Apple makes sure to provide thorough information about an iOS app.

It does so by giving you a detailed overview regarding iOS applications.

Furthermore, Apple also informs about app’s ranking (whether it is in the top ranked apps or not).

It even offers app videos (yes you read that right).

So, this way you can literally see how the app looks and feels, before you download it on your device.

Are you tired of browsing and looking through iPhone apps on the Apple app store?

Just get down to business and search for an iOS app by typing in some proper keywords.

Now, you get elaborate search results.


Editors can give out star badges to recommended iOS apps.

Additionally, it is further backed by ratings and reviews given by other iOS users.

This makes sure that you establish a sound opinion about an app even before you are downloading it.

The credibility factor is the main player how your app is perceived on the Apple app store.

Hence, make sure you comply to all Apple app store policies, before iOS app deployment in 2020.

Compliance is the key

Mobile application development is something that is held at high reverence.

Apple app store is guarding their business very seriously.

It provides the safest platform for users to come and explore apps without any concerns or issues.

Mobile developers must understand that Apple takes strict measures to ensure that only high-quality apps are approved in the system.

For instance, you have to ensure that the data input by users on your app does not reach third-party applications.

If this is the case, then before an app is downloaded by users – they are made aware of this concern.

Consequently, they may feel reluctant in downloading your app.

Whether it be iOS apps or iPad apps, editors make sure of conducting proper analysis of the submitted apps.

So, that the apps pass all tests of privacy, pornographic content, or any malicious content.

Because, Apple desires that iOS apps should not result in data infiltration or privacy invasion of mobile users.

Features of Apple App Store

The following are aspects of Apple app store, that make it a leader.

  • Apps offered on free, premium, in-app purchases and subscriptions distribution models
  • Curated lists of Apps
  • Tutorials and tips about prevalent Apps
  • Separate store for Apple Watch
  • Editorial Content regarding Apps in Today tab


There is no denying the fact that iOS programming is immensely popular in 2024.

This is because of the continuous demand for iOS apps and iPad applications globally.

Similarly, the competition between businesses to create niche for themselves in the market is increasing.

Apple app store has become the one-stop solution for smartphone users and mobile developers.

It enables developers to showcase apps, which are categorized in a proper way, that is easier for users to explore.

The growing demand allows Apple to remain creative and invent ways to keep mobile users engaged.

As a result, users enjoy higher creativity in browsing and exploring apps as per their requirements.

Planning to Develop a classy iOS App
Planning to Develop a classy iOS App

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