The concept of hiring resources has evolved overtime. With continuous emphasis on outsourcing, many companies have now gradually shifted their focus on hiring remote resources. If you are a company looking forward to hire PHP developers for your PHP projects, then it is very easy to find talented resources that are located remotely but work as effectively as anyone hired locally in your organization. The concept of managing “Global Virtual Teams” is ever emerging – and has opened different horizons for employers and prospect employees alike. However, it is important to think of the fact that does outsourcing a project implies that you will be objective in decision marking pertaining to the resources involved in it?


Can Distance Affect Employee Relationships?

Let’s start off by assuming that you are currently about to hire PHP developers for a very crucial project. You opt to work with a composite team – some of the staff is hired locally while some resources are hired remotely. As you are a Project Manager who will be communicating with the entire team holistically, the chances of you being objective with the remotely located team are more than the ones who are available at your location. The reason is that the team you will be working with will be able to interact with you more and also develop some kind of personal relationship in comparison to the team that is working offshore.

Although from a distance this may seem like a disadvantage, but the other side of the picture presents another dimension – you will have amicable professional relationship with the offshore team that will enable you to make apt, effective and correct judgment about the overall health of the project and what you need to do to make it better.

Objectivity vs. Subjectivity

Time has again and again proven, good Project Managers are a mix of good leadership as well emphatic ruling. This means that you need to develop a sense of intuition regarding what front to put before your team. Sometimes, you have to act like a person who makes a ruthless business decision regardless of anyone’s emotions. For example, the project is going through a severe financial loss and you have to cut back on expenses – some resources will have to be let go or you will be short of investment causing the project to be shelved altogether. Whereas some instances, you will have to be considerate towards feelings of your resources; this is most important if you are working in multi-cultural/ethical work groups.

So, developing a keen eye on when to apply which aspect is the most important part of your job. The main thing is that outsourcing does lead to objectivity in overall decision-making which helps companies save on valuable time, cost and other resources.

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