With the passage of time, the concept of product development has evolved. The old methodology of the Water Fall approach for products is now replaced by newer methods such as Agile. The conventional approach is no longer preferred because it emphasizes the need of completing each product phase before moving on to the next.

With the Agile approach, customers are provided quicker components because of the iterative type approach where all phases in the project are done in parallel together. Hence, newer features are developed in a jiffy to launch with a quick turnaround time. As more and more companies are adopting the Agile model, products launched through Custom Software Development Services are steadily increasing.

Custom Software Development

When we talk about the Agile approach, it is important to mention that there are many frameworks based on this methodology where each has the same structured method: break down tasks into smaller tasks and continuously evolve requirements and solutions on the basis of business priority and urgency. This makes Custom Software Development a relatively easier task. This approach allows simplicity, the inclusion of varied resources working together coherently as well as the flexibility of developing a product that is cost-effective.

However, before adopting this methodology – it is wiser on your part to evaluate its pros and cons to understand whether this approach is suitable for your project needs or not.

Advantages of agile software development

We now present the benefits of developing software using the Agile approach.

Keeping up with requirements

In an ever-evolving business market, change is the only constant which is why this approach allows you to quickly adapt to any new requirements with the help of shorter planning cycles.

Communication is key

An important aspect of any project is to involve all the stakeholders to be part of major decisions. With the Agile approach, you are able to allow various stakeholders to remain part of the project communication which helps in gauging whether the software is being built on priority and accuracy. Any deviance from the requirements is immediately spotted by saving valuable time, effort, and costs. Similarly, it also allows the project team to remain connected with each other so that everyone is on the same page regarding the expectations and delivery of requirements.

Continuous improvement

An important aspect of Project Management, the approach drives continuous improvement as lessons learned from one iteration are then applied to the next. Consequently, the project improves significantly on the basis of this principle.

Disadvantages of agile software development

The following are the drawbacks of making Software applications through the Agile model.

Constant planning takes time

Planning can be a little chaotic and at times mishandled because the Project Manager will have to stay ahead in the game and constantly communicate with the resources regarding the time and effort required to complete their tasks.

Custom Software Development

Need for highly skilled resources

You definitely need highly up skilled resources with exceptional communication skills to effectively work together on sprints and have the requirements delivered on the promised deadlines.

Sudden change in requirements

Often a pitfall to avoid, many stakeholders may propose deviation in existing requirements during meetings.


The information technology sector is witnessing continuing progress. Open-source software applications are increasingly going mainstream in the digital technology era. A software development firm embracing agile practices can use open-source tools to craft reliable intelligent software solutions.

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