Congratulations! You have finally worked on iOS app idea that can make you an instant market success. So now comes the part where you want to Hire Dedicated iOS app Developers so that your dream app can become into reality. Looking for a potential candidate can be an exhausting and a cumbersome task. You will meet many candidates who seem like the right choice but then they fall short because of one thing or the other. That’s why it’s a smart idea to work with a check-list to evaluate what you really need and what is absolutely essential in your quest to find “the one”.

Hire IOS Appliacation Developers

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should evaluate the candidates on as you make the most important decision Hire Dedicated iOS app Developers for your project:

So, tell me about your technical skills

That’s the most basic question to address and use as a filter for separating the experts from the crowd. Go for someone with a deep understanding of the latest happenings in the iOS platform. See what they have worked on in their past. Run a complete background check to see whether they are truthful about what they are mentioning in their resumes. Don’t go for someone costing way too less because you wanted to save money as it may cost you more in the long-run. A candidate who can back up their stories and have a credible market reputation would be an ideal choice.

So, let’s see How Good You Are

Any iOS app developer who is honest and upfront about their skill-set will not back out from taking an assessment or a test of their programming skills. Your safest bet is to test their knowledge of the iPhone SDK tool by giving them a small assignment and seeing how they fare in it. As your app is a precious idea, it’s also wise to have the candidate sign up an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) before discussing the idea behind your app. You should also contact their referrals and find out what they have to say about them. Also once the candidate has taken the test, you should evaluate their communication skills. Are they easy to talk to? Do they seem honest and flexible? You can short-list a few candidates and meet them a few times to see which ones you like better for your project. There is no rush in hiring the right fit, but also keep in mind not to waste others’ time by prolonging the decision for too long.

So, what are your salary expectations?

Here comes the exciting or not-so exciting part of salary negotiations. You can hire a resource based on an hourly rate or pay them weekly/monthly compensation. Often, many companies prefer hiring candidates that don’t cost a lot. But there is no hard and fast rule. A candidate who fits in the criteria like a glove should not be overlooked just because of the fact that their salary expectations don’t fall within your budget. This is where your negotiation skills should come in to the picture so that your project does not suffer by falling into wrong hands of resources who cannot do the job they are expected to.


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