Announcement of the new Laravel framework 5.3 release has brought up a wave of excitement amongst its developers. In this blog, we will explore some of the upcoming features in the latest release and their various benefits for the IT professionals who cannot wait to start working on projects based on this new release.

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Laravel Scout

We could not be any happier to announce release of this feature – this is a driver based full-text search for Eloquent. Most of all, it’s driver-based – meaning anyone can create their integration with various full-text search systems apart from Algolia.

You can sync the data with the search service like this:
php artisan scout:import App\\Post

After that you can search your models with:

You can even paginate:

And it even includes simple where clauses:
Post::search(‘Alice’)—>where(‘acount_id’, ‘>’, 1)->paginate()

Blade Foreach Loops
The Blade foreach loops gives you access to a $loop variable which allows you to do the following:

Do something on the first iteration.

Do something on the last iteration.

Laravel Mailable

Make emails customized with this new mail class that allows sending emails in a personalized way:
Mail::to(‘[email protected]’)->send(new OrderComplete);

Some other mail features include:
Mail::to(‘[email protected]’)->cc(‘[email protected]’)->queue(new OrderComplete);

Ability to Customize Simple Pagination

Laravel is bringing back the ability to customize simple navigation with views. You can also still use the pagination templates if you want, but this is an additional feature that you might want to try out for yourself.

Laravel Notifications

Want to make quick updates through services like Slack, SMS, or Email? Look no further than Laravel Notifications that even allows using a responsive transactional email template. Want to give it a try? Use this:

$this->line(‘Thank you for joining’)
->action(‘Button Text’, ‘’)
->line(‘If you have any questions please hit reply’)

Or if it’s an error:

$this->line(‘Sorry we had a problem with your order’)
->action(‘Button Text’, ‘’)

Multiple Migration Paths

Now you can load your own migration paths from a service provider:

Laravel Passport

Laravel Passport is an optional package that is a full oAuth 2 server. You can set your scopes, Vue.js components for token generation, revoking tokens, etc.

Rollback one migration

Why roll-back the whole batch when you can do the same just one migration through this feature:
php artisan migrate:rollback –step=1

First Or Create

Now firstOrCreate allows additional values/parameters:
return User::firstOrCreate([‘github_id’, $githubUser->id], [‘avatar’ => $githubUser->avatar]);

Query Builder now returns a Collection

Previously, Query builder returned arrays and now it’s going to change to return a collection. This will keep results the same no matter how you pull out the data out:
$collection = DB::table(‘posts’)->get();

PHP Laravel Framework

Laravel Echo

Laravel Echo is a new feature designed to be an improvement over the current event broadcasting system.

New Cache Helper

The cache() global helper can perform three functions: get, put, or return an instance of the backing service.

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