facebook new Look
Facebook, recently got numerous updates that at first annoyed Facebookers, but later on when users got used to it, they started liking it, in some way if not completely. We all know that Facebook already has 750 million users and its primary target is not to gain more users. Its primary target right now seems to be as elegant and modern as it can be.

In the recent f8 conference in San Francisco, it took a giant leap towards achieving its modernization goal. Facebook’s new looks at first might confuse its user base but later on the new look becomes the icon. Even if the new looks are complex and a bit confusing, user base doesn’t care – according to one point of view. As users come to Facebook due to emotional attachment than the necessity.

On the other hand, another school of thoughts say that as Facebook has dedicated users who have heart affiliation with this platform, it should not lose its emotional resonance. Otherwise people will start hating it – however this school of thoughts even accepts that no matter people hate or no, they simply will not leave it because everybody is Facebooking!
However these new changes compelled Facebookers to react over other social media platforms recently. Blogosphere, Twitter, and Google Plus are some names to mention where people talked about the ‘Frictionless Sharing’ of the new Facebook design.

Though to survive in a rapidly changing environment, and specially in today’s web, social media websites need to stay up-to-date but Facebook is an exception – as we have noticed it. People disliked the latest Facebook looks, but still they didn’t say they will stop using it!

What about you? Do you like the Facebook’s new look, hate it, want to suggest something? Share your thoughts with us through comments.