Joomla is for the most part accepted as an award-winning content management system. It facilitates building websites and dominant online applications. Many features and characteristics including its ease of use and extensibility have completed Joomla as mainly well-liked. What really appeals to the masses about Joomla development is the low cost since this is one open source solution that is without restraint accessible to one and all.

Joomla development

The web-based system built using Joomla can include features just like these.

1. Page caching to improve performance
2. RSS feeds
3. Printable versions of pages
4. News flashes
5. Blogs
6. Polls
7. Website searching
8. Internationalization

Techliance has been using Joomla to command and control the variety of web applications of our clients. We have a lineup of professional programmers that are specifically committed and devoted to their work of Joomla development. So, we can undertake web-driven projects of all sizes for our clients globally and in the USA.

We can handle any kind and any sort of project in Joomla. From fundamental assimilation to conventional component development to customized work based on client requirements. Especially, Joomla development is perfect for companies who like the power of CMS for their websites.

The services our expert PHP/Joomla developers provide to our clients include the following.

  • Custom design templates
  • Design integration
  • Custom module development
  • Module Installation
  • Custom component development
  • Maintenance of Joomla portals
  • Plugin modification and customization

The ease of use and manageability of their sites with built-in components make them opt for Joomla. Techliance offers a perfect solution to its clients that is just the right fit for their online business needs. Subsequently, they can keep the content up to date on their websites.

You also get the full power of analyzing the performance of these content-driven websites. That too with the bare minimum or insignificant technical proficiency. The only thing you require is a basic familiarity with the management of such sort of thing.

Techliance specializes in providing open-source solutions in Joomla and other PHP frameworks. We craft custom websites that are table-less, entirely compliant, quickly reachable, and search engine optimized. Our programmers are skillful in content integration, hosting services, installation, and configuration.